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Hi, I’m Rachael Pontillo. Welcome to Create Your Skincare®.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place if your life’s mission is to help people fall in love with their skin through herbal skincare.
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Maybe your quest for safe and effective skincare has felt like an uphill battle until now. No more. This is the school where you’re validated for knowing that magic happens when you trust Mother Earth’s guidance toward botanicals and away from reaction-causing chemicals.

Congratulations for finally finding the place where you won’t be “the only one.” Instead, you’ll marvel that these are “People who get me! Who talk about skin the way I do!” Here’s where you’ll find a home of like-minded thinkers who speak the same language as you.

Welcome to the Family.
Welcome to the Community.
Welcome to the Sisterhood.

Welcome to Create Your Skincare®

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There’s so much more than formulas and sourcing resources when you embark on your Create Your Skincare education. You’ll not only join the blossoming natural beauty industry, but together with your heart-centered and like-minded classmates, you’ll also be a key part of its future.

Together, we’ll work to ensure ethical and sustainable practices, promote healthier and more inclusive standards of beauty, and support the skin as the whole, living, miraculous organ that it is.

That feeling of community–of being a part of something bigger than yourself–encourages collaboration and helps you build your product line faster. You’ll gain wisdom from sharing ideas and experiences and your connectedness stays with you–even after you graduate.

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Don’t waste another second Googling DIY skincare recipes! Most of them don’t work, and could actually harm your (or your clients’) skin. Instead, take my FREE online skincare class to learn the right way to get started making skincare products for YOUR skin.

“I signed up for Create Your Skincare because I wanted to get professional, high-quality knowledge to create skincare for myself and for my clients. I do not have a science background, but thanks to Create Your Skincare I have gained confidence as a formulator, and now sell my products to the public.”

Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

Kim Handy - Create Your Skincare Testimonial
Love Your Skin, Love Yourself

Love Your Skin, Love Yourself

Do you have a skin issue like acne, rosacea, melasma, eczema, or psoriasis? Whether you’re a teenager, a busy parent, or are going through other life changes, this book is your comprehensive guide to healthier and more beautiful skin, an improved self image, and a more joyful life. You’ll discover how to incorporate simple practices into your daily routine in order to heal fully so you can live your life with happiness and confidence · You’re not alone · There’s nothing wrong with you · You CAN get better! This book will show you how.

Rachael Pontillo Skincare

The Passageway

For those of us who trust plants to guide us, we understand the symbiosis of “We’re all in this together.”

That’s how the skin business used to work. Historically, women always supported women. It was inclusive and welcoming. I’m pleased to say CYS doesn’t have the catty competitiveness that some think is typical of the beauty industry today. 

Instead, it’s like a very supportive family unit: Students help each other find ingredients from international sources. They test each other’s products and give each other feedback. They mastermind together through the course, and on their own, and stay in contact over time. 

When you join CYS, you join a  truly divine feminine model of doing business where it’s all about collaboration, not competition. 

My students have become a sisterhood, a family, more than just classmates. And that’s the passageway to true success, both as a human and as an herbalist. I’m so proud to have attracted these amazing people into my course.

And it all started because Mama Earth knows what’s best for our skin!

– Rachael
Rachael Pontillo Signature


Richard Merrill Create Your Skincare Student

“I was an ingredient geek but only from what I could find on the internet. I  anted to learn more. I didn’t want to just buy products from somebody else, stick them in a jar, and sell them.

My biggest concern was being able to understand what I was asking for in a product. You really need to understand the ingredients.

The conversations, the charts, and the tools Rachael provided really gave me the ability to create synergistic blends that work well and get results.”

Richard Merrill

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About Rachael Pontillo

Herbal skincare has always been my passion and my career. As you’ll see from my credentials, whether you want to go deep or wide in your skincare journey, I’ll be here to support you all the way.

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“Mass-marketed products are made very quickly with a machine with an hourly worker who’s there to pick up a paycheck. When artisans work on their products, it’s about the love in the hands, it’s about the intention.

I’ve taken some courses where I felt like I had to have a PhD in cosmetic chemistry to learn but Rachael makes it very approachable.”

Jennifer Devlin-Waller, founder of Celtic Complexion

Jennifer Devlin Waller Create Your Skincare Student

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