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Rachael Pontillo - Create Your Skincare

Greetings and salutations– I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Rachael Pontillo, the creator and principal instructor of Create Your Skincare®. I’ve been in the natural beauty and health industries for a long time—22 years and counting, in fact—and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my various roles, but this…THIS…is by far my favorite of all that I’ve created.

Create Your Skincare® is a step-by-step, interactive online course that teaches you to design and customize boutique skincare products using top quality natural and organic ingredients for any age, skin type, and skin tone–today and for LIFE.

You’ll learn a better, more sustainable approach to skincare.

Whether you work in skincare already as a formulator, aesthetician, health coach, herbalist, or aromatherapist and want to raise your expertise and grow your business —or whether you simply want the boutique skincare experience for your own skin in your own home, Create Your Skincare gives you what you need to succeed.

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Katie Stehura Create Your Skincare Testimonial

I wanted sustainable, natural skincare for MY skin. My main goal in starting this course was to learn how to be self-sustainable in terms of my skincare products, and I achieved that goal beyond my expectations. I love being able to customize products to MY skin!

– Katie Stehura

Lara Bokenfohr - Create Your Skincare Testimonial
My interest in skin didn’t start until my daughter started having acne at age 14. Having had terrible acne myself as a teenager, I knew how awful that felt, and I didn’t want her to go through the same thing. Thank you Rachael for helping me to create products for both my daughter and myself.

– Lara Bokenfohr

Kim Handy - Create Your Skincare Testimonial

I signed up for Create Your Skincare because I wanted to get professional, high quality knowledge to create skincare for myself and for my clients. I do not have a science background, but thanks to Create Your Skincare I have gained confidence as a formulator, and now sell my products to the public.

– Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

Not your average skincare course

Create Your Skincare, you’ll learn to design products for real people—not types

Create Your Skincare takes the guesswork out of ingredient selection. You’ll learn to how to choose the right skincare ingredients in a holistic and bio-individualized way, using the cutting edge Skin Sequencing® method, in addition to other proven methods.

We combine the best elements of live instruction with the convenience of online education in an interactive, supportive, and fun multimedia platform. You get constant support whenever you need it before, during, and after the course is over–and best of all, you get lifetime membership to your course materials and the Create Your Skincare online community.

You get to decide how and when you want to learn and how much support you need.

Create Your Skincare Pro Edition

Create Your Skincare Professional Edition

In this self-paced experience, you’ll learn to create and customize all natural, boutique skincare products for every skin type. You’ll also take your Boutique Skincare Designer exam and earn your certification, AND get expert skincare business training. You’ll get weekly group training calls, plus private calls–and more! This is for you if you seriously want to start your own skin care line and are ready to buckle down, and get it done.

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Don’t waste another second Googling DIY skincare recipes! Most of them don’t work, and could actually harm your (or your clients') skin.

Do this instead: take my FREE online skincare class to learn the right way to get started making skincare products for YOUR skin.

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