Create Your Skincare 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The Create Your Skincare 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2020 season of giving (and shopping) has officially kicked off! I think we can all agree that to say it’s been a ‘heck of a year’ is the understatement of the century. Though everyone has been affected by the events of 2020 in some way, I think it’s safe to say that small businesses, and handmade businesses have been hit the worst. With shutdowns, layoffs/furloughs, reduced capacities, supply chain issues affecting sales, etc. many small businesses had to close. The ones who survived need our support now more than ever. As the memes say, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other giant corporations like that don’t need your holiday dollars. They will be fine. But when you buy products from small and handmade businesses, you are helping to feed someone’s family, pay their rent or mortgage, or pay their internet bills so their kids can do online school. So, this giving season, I bring you the Create Your Skincare 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Part of my commitment to anyone who chooses to invest in Create Your Skincare Pro education is my support during, and after their time in class with me. I love my students so much, and it is my honor and pleasure to share some of their wonderful creations with you in this curated guide! All the products you see here are formulated by current or former Create Your Skincare Pro students or my own private clients. They were selected for this guide either because they are offering a holiday or season-specific offer, or because the products are great for the needs of dry winter skin.

The Create Your Skincare 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Please shop this guide generously! I know personally how hard the women behind these products and brands have worked, and how much your business means to them. I’ve listed the featured products, a description, and the deadline for Christmas delivery below. Products are available while supplies last. Please contact each individual seller for questions and customer support. Click on the product images to learn more and purchase.

Doctor Ellerie Self-Care

Beauty tool and skincare product bundles are on sale, and individual tools and products are available at the regular price. Order by December 15 for delivery in time for Christmas. Ships to the United States only.

Silver Teishin and Comfort & Joy Hydrosol Bundle–on sale for $68!

Facial teishins, aka ‘beauty wands’, are used in Japanese acupuncture to move qi, move puffiness, and give you the glow. This sterling silver teishin is handmade by Dr. Ellerie. The Comfort & Joy Hydrosol is a blend of white rose, tulsi, neroli, and blood orange hydrosols; and sweet chestnut, gorse, hornbeam, and star of Bethlehem flower essences.
Jade Gua Sha and Gua Sha Oil Bundle–on sale for $58!

This beautiful jade Gua Sha tool is useful for moving lymph, de-puffing the face, and clearing toxins. It brings nourishing, harmonizing, and tonifying energies to the skin. Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil contains jojoba, tamanu, apricot seed oil, and camellia seed oil; with a hint of lavender and and lemon verbena.

Dr. Ellerie’s Ultimate Beauty Bundle–on sale for $189!

This will really get you glowing! The ultimate beauty package includes Copper and Silver Facial Teishin Beauty Wands, Jade and Rose Quartz Gua Shas, Qi Glow Gua Sha Oil, and Comfort & Joy Hydrosol Mist. 

Inner Sage Ayurveda

Our Holiday Gift Guide features Inner Sage Ayurveda’s decadent self-care holiday boxes, filled with products to awaken and soothe all 5 senses. Christmas delivery order deadline December 15. Canadian shipping only.

Inner Sage Ayurveda Rise & Shine Holiday Box
Rise & Shine Holiday Box $140.00

Rise and Shine (Awaken Your Senses) includes: Tongue Scraper, Mouth Swish, Nasya Oil, Ear Oi,l Rose Eyewash, Nourish Body Oil

Glowgirl Skincare

Glowgirl Skincare brings you her Love Your Face All-in-One Facial Oil! This product is a cleanser, moisturizer, and Gua Sha oil all in one. This oil is a blend of sea buckthorn oil, jojoba, vetiver, palmarosa , evening primrose oils.

Price is $59 + shipping. Canadian shipping only. Christmas deliver order deadline is December 11.

Tranquil Night Holiday Box $175.00

Tranquil Night (Grounding ritual for sleep) includes: Tranquil Scalp & Feet Oil, Head Wrap, Sleep Tea, Soy Wax Candle, Facial Steam pack, Face & Body Mister, Facial Serum


JuVaScents is all about proper cleansing for all skin types this holiday season. Buy any one JuVaScents cleanser, and get a FREE travel-sized Enriched Soothing Toner with your purchase! All JuVaScents cleansers are $28.50. Order deadline for Christmas delivery is December 10. Shipping within the United States only.

An Apple A Day Foaming Face Wash $28.50
Goat’s Milk Facial Cleanser $28.50

Fruity Enzyme Milk Cleanser $28.50
Rose-Calendula Facial Powder Cleanser $28.50


TENŌBA®, LLC is a husband and wife-owned personal and skincare company, specializing specialize in developing and formulating naturally-derived products, for men and women. Our Holiday Gift Guide features their Infinity Beard Oil, Hand Cleanser, and Whipped Body Creme. Continental United States shipping only, order deadline for Christmas delivery is December 15.

Infinity Beard Oil–$15.00

Infinity Beard Oil is made with organic ingredients that are naturally-derived and plant-based. The ingredients will nourish, condition, moisturize, and soften any texture of facial hair, help prevent “beardruff”, help keep hairs untangled to appear fuller, and help with itching. It can also be used on mustaches and the hair on your head and gives tons of benefits to the skin. Four scented options are available as well as an unscented option.
Hand Cleanser–$3.50

Keep your hands clean, protected, and refreshed with this plant-based hand cleanser/sanitizer spray. It is made with 62% natural alcohol derived from sugarcane, with added aloe vera, glycerin, and vitamin E. They come in five aromas using only organic essential oils. There’s also an unscented option. Containers are BPA-free.
Whipped Body Creme–$10.00-$25.00

Keep your body moisturized during these cold winter months with this plant-based body crème. Contains organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, distilled water, organic essential oils and/or natural fragrance oils, and a plant-based preservative. Numerous fragrance options to choose from (including unscented).


Developed specifically for chronically dry, sensitive, rashed, irritated skin, Quell® offers three products designed to soothe, nourish, and protect. Order deadline for delivery in time for Christmas is December 17. Shipping in the United States only. Flat shipping rate of $10 for orders under $149. FREE shipping on orders over $149.

Daily Butter–$24.97

Daily Butter is literally the perfect super light, refreshing blend of botanicals that quickly absorb and nourish your skin. It can be used as a facial moisturizer, on your body, or even for “lightly” dry patches that need a little love. It features skin-supportive ingredients such as calendula, aloe, and shea butter. This product has a very light, and fresh aroma.

Nourish Butter–$34.97.

Nourish Butter is Quell’s simplest formula with limited botanicals perfect for soothing and nourishing your skin. This rich, emollient salve is perfect for cracked and dried out rashes that need nighttime nourishment with hemp oil, shea butter, and St. John’s Wort extract! The consistency of this product is more of a nourishing, oily salve rather than a light cream that will quickly disappear. 
Z+ Rebuilder–$34.97

Z+ Rebuilder is a great option to support and rebuild cracked, angry and dry skin. With added zinc, this nourishing cream is made with a combination of skin-calming botanicals. This is amazing spot treatment with ZINC is an excellent addition to your routine to help support skin rebuilding along with jojoba oil, calendula, lavender and rosehip seed oil. A little goes a long way!

Kymberly’s Beauty Bar

Kymberly’s Beauty Bar specializes in custom skincare and aromatherapy blends, organic makeup, and more. Our Holiday Gift Guide feature Kymberly’s b.YOU.ty.full Serum and Try Me Cosmetics Kit! Order deadline for Christmas delivery is December 18. Shipping within the United States only.

b.YOU.ty.full Serum–$69.00

This highly concentrated serum supports targeting specific conditions or purposes, providing extra nourishment to the skin. Absorbs easily with no “greasy” feel.  This can also double for nourishment around the eye area…but NOT in the eyes! Please follow directions as a LITTLE goes a LONG way.
Try Me Cosmetics Kit–$89.00.

Kymberly’s put together an “awesome sauce” starter kit for you to try at a reduced rate!! You will receive FIVE full-sized vegan, natural, organic products to try and the colors chosen for each skin tone are timeless, enhancing, and our top sellers. If you would like a different color choice for Blush, Eye Shadow, and/or Lip Gloss PLEASE let Kymberly know in the “NOTES” section upon checkout, and she will customize it for you.

Rain4est Essentials Skin Care

Rain4est Essentials is offering a FREE Toner and Shipping with Serum Purchase in their 2020 Holiday Bundle! Rain4est Essentials products are inspired by the tropical and temperate rainforests of the world, where the plants are the lungs of the Earth! Enjoy a FREE, full Size Monteverde Hydrating Mist and free Shipping when you purchase the Canopy Radiance Serum for $58.00.

Order deadline for delivery in time for the holidays by December 20. Ships to continental US, Canada, and the EU.

Canopy Radiance Serum–$58.00

Monteverde Hydrating Mist–FREE with purchase of Canopy Radiance Serum

Nourished Holistic

Nourished Holistic is a skin and body wellness company that’s featuring two gift sets within their Minimalist Collection, Restoring Facial Massage Oil, and Calm Balm. Order deadline for delivery in time for Christmas is December 18. Shipping within the United States only.

Minimalist Line – Nourishing Gift Set–

Get everything you need to get started with a Nourishing (clean + minimal) Skin Wellness routine. Set includes: 1 bag of Skin Nourishing Tea (freebie), 2 oz Nourishing Oil Cleanser, 2 oz Nourishing Mist, 1 oz Nourishing Oil Serum.
Restoring Facial Massage Oil–$24.00.

Gorgeous, nourishing, and revitalizing massage oil. Infused with Balm of Gilead Buds that have antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties found in the compounds.

Minimalist Line – Balancing Gift Set–$78.00.

Get everything you need to get started with a Balancing (clean + minimal) Skin Wellness routine. Set includes: 1 bag of Skin Nourishing Tea (freebie), 2 oz Balancing Oil Cleanser, 2 oz Balancing Mist, 1 oz Balancing Oil Serum.
Calm Balm–$24.00.

Calming for the skin and the mind 
▴ Powerful, long-lasting moisture – creates a barrier 
▴ A little goes a long way  Good for most skins, excellent for sensitive skins.


NATIVE2NATURE is a nature based skincare brand that is tailored specifically for those who consider themselves ‘Outdoor Adventurers’. This means that each product was carefully created to help protect and restore your skin from the outdoor elements, in all seasons. 

We are featuring their Cool Weather Trio in our Holiday Gift Guide, which includes their Cool Weather Micellar Facial Cleanser, Cool Weather Facial Mist Treatment, and Cool Weather Facial Serum for $84 ($11 savings). Your order will arrive in 4-5 business days once placed. Shipping within the United States only.

Celtic Complexion

In a land far, far away from the hustle and bustle of N.Y. and L.A., Celtic Complexion is a small husband and wife, artisan skincare company located in Raleigh, NC, which creates bespoke luxury skincare using old-world traditions and time-honored techniques. Allow up to 10 business days for your order to arrive, shipment within the United States only.

Today, we feature Celtic Complexion’s Winter Skin Kit for $48.00.

This kit is to your skin, like what dressing in layers is to your body. The silky serum is like a pair of thermal underwear, the moisturizing cream is like putting on a sweater (but not one of those scratchy sweaters your aunt always gave you for Christmas) and the portable lotion bar is your winter coat providing barrier protection against the elements. Together they are no match for old man winter.

I hope you find wonderful skincare gifts for everyone on your list from our Create Your Skincare 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Be sure to browse each brand’s website for more ideas too.

If you’re someone who’s always wanted to have a skincare line, I hope seeing our students and graduates featured inspires you that you can do it! Create Your Skincare students come from all personal and professional backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether they had a big budget to invest into their brand, or started on a shoestring budget, they all showed up to class, did the work, and made their skincare brands happen. So if starting or growing the herbal or skincare line of your dreams is in the cards for you, then we have a place for you. Check us out and save your spot in our next class here!

Thank you for supporting our handmade and small business owners this holiday season! Happy Gifting!


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