3 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt This Year

3 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt This Year

Ever wonder why some skincare business owners and wellness practitioners just seem to have an easier time getting sales and clients? Is it because they have more money to spend on things like advertising, an expensive website, and a publicist? Maybe. Is it because they started their business at a time in their lives when they had no other serious obligations and all the time in the world to devote to their business? Also maybe. But the truth is that the most successful people are successful because of their mindset. You can learn more about what kind of mindset habits are necessary for a successful skincare business here, but today, I want to talk about the one that was the most challenging for me to overcome personally. Let’s talk about self-doubt.

Self-doubt is that unseen force that impacts SO MUCH when it comes to making sales and getting new customers, whether you sell skincare products or treatments, or services. I get this more than anyone. A few years ago I really wanted to sell a new offer I put together–Create Your Skincare Professional Edition. It was super high-level, the most comprehensive program I’d ever offered, and the highest price I’d ever set for my programs. The program was (and still is) more than worth it, but I experienced what most people feel when they actually charge what their time and effort is worth–self-doubt.

Create Your Skincare Professional Edition

When you offer any product or service that involves a big investment of time and money, sometimes you have to actually get on the phone with potential customers and sell. I was really excited when I got my first request for a call from a prospective student. From what the person told me on her pre-call homework assignment, I knew she would be a perfect fit for Create Your Skincare Professional Edition.

The only problem was that I was SO NERVOUS that I could barely answer her questions. Self-doubt overcame me when it came time to go over pricing and payment plans, and I totally fumbled. She didn’t end up enrolling, even though I knew we’d work well together and my program would really help her get her herbal skincare business off the ground.

It was my self-doubt that totally tanked that situation.

If I had gotten on that call full of confidence and ready to go, I know I could have made that sale. Not only did I do myself a disservice, but I did HER a disservice too. Even though she did eventually enroll in Create Your Skincare Professional Edition and launch a brilliant herbal skincare line, she could have done it sooner if I had presented myself more confidently the first time around.

herbal skincare bottles

I share this story because I understand firsthand how self-doubt can do a lot of damage to your life, your business, AND affect someone else’s dreams.

That’s why I’m giving you 3 ways to ditch the self-doubt. This way, when it comes time to sell your products, high-end custom skincare services or packages, you don’t lose out on money as I did. Here we go.

1. Know your worth.

First, go get a journal, notebook, or open a Google Doc. Make a list of all the reasons why someone should want to buy from you or work from you. Do you offer an innovative formulation method that’s so unique that no one else offers it? Do you have degrees or professional training and experience that your competitors don’t have? Is how you work with your clients unique compared to your competitors? Have you overcome a personal journey with a skin issue in a way that changed your life that others can relate to? These are all things that have contributed to the qualified professional you are today, which is why someone should want to buy from you or work with you.

Rachael Pontillo on microphone

It REALLY helped me overcome my own self-doubt and tell myself “yes, you CAN do this and you ARE the right person to teach this course and help this person.” If you’re curious, you can read about my background here.

2. Create products and services that feel perfect for you, ones you feel uniquely perfect for.

Here’s a fact. You won’t be for everyone. Your brand won’t resonate with everyone, and your products won’t work for everyone. That’s just one of the truths about being in business. And that’s OK, because what that means is that your competitors’ products and services won’t be for everyone either. This is why we have thriving and ever-growing multi-billion dollar skincare and wellness industries.

herbal skincare products

Instead of letting self-doubt surrounding competition get in your way of starting or growing your skincare business or spa or wellness practice, get really clear on who your customer actually is. Who do you want to help? Why? How do you want to help them? How will your products and services fill a need of theirs that the current market is currently failing to fill?

Go back to the list you made in step 1, and come up with ideas for which products and services make the most sense for your ideal customers AND that go best with your unique qualifications and background. Why are you the right practitioner/maker/brand for your particular customers? Write all that down.

3. Make sure all your products, services, packages are top-notch so you can feel proud of them.

Doing this all on your own is tough, which is why I teach Create Your Skincare Professional Edition. We accept new students monthly, so you can dive right in without having to wait for an official “start date” like some other options make you do.

This year, I’m also offering my exclusive Create Your Skincare Masterpreneur Intensive program. This is a new hybrid option for Create Your Skincare Professional Edition, which combines our already awesome group learning experience with private mentoring from me for 6 months. I only work with three students at a time in this program. This one’s best for people who really do best working with someone one-on-one for strategy, instruction, and accountability.

Successful skincare business owner

Whichever option you choose, you’ll start your herbal skincare line and set it up for success from the start. Or, let’s take your existing brand or practice to the next level.

With Create Your Skincare Professional Edition or Masterpreneur Intensive, your products and services will look pro, and as a result, you will FEEL like a pro. If you want to get rid of some of that self-doubt and get your skincare business off the ground once and for all, let’s do this! Go here for more information, and to choose which option is best for you.

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