FREE GIFT: Your 4-Step Balanced Skincare Regimen

  • You’ve tried the medications…
  • You use high-quality natural products…
  • You do the diet and take the supplements…
  • But you still struggle with chronically dry, itchy, rashy skin.

Something’s still missing from your regimen: BALANCE.

Chronic skin rashes and super-dry skin require the right balance of hydration and protection to be able to heal, period. Most common dry skin and rash remedies only provide the protection. The good news is that you can achieve balanced skin moisture in 3 easy steps! Click below to download your complimentary 4-Step Balanced Skincare Regimen.

Rachael Pontillo relaxing

Dehydrated skin can’t heal.

If your skin isn’t getting the right balance of humectants and emollients, it quickly becomes dehydrated.

In order to absorb nutrients and perform its wound-healing process, the skin must be hydrated with a water (oils, butters, and salves don’t actually  hydrate the skin). And then that water must be sealed in with the right type of emollient (oil), so that it doesn’t evaporate.

I’ll teach you how to moisturize with both water and oil to achieve balanced skin moisture!

Click the button below to get the 4-Step Balanced Skincare Regimen that I share with my own clients and students, as my gift to you.