5 Ways to Repurpose Your Skincare Blog Posts

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Skincare Blog Posts

Nowadays when people hear the term “content,” they tend to think first about short videos/Reels on TikTok or Instagram, longer “how-to” videos on YouTube, clever or snarky comments on Twitter, pictures or infographics on Pinterest or Instagram, or longer post and articles on Facebook or LinkedIn. Years ago, these platforms were intended for personal interactions. However, businesses (large and small) quickly saw how creating content for these platforms allowed them to connect with potential customers and increase sales.

But then (and now), content is something that has become a commodity itself that influencers and dedicated content creators now make a living creating. While that’s great for them, the unfortunate side effect is that we now have social media channels that are so flooded with content, that it’s hard for the general public to decipher quality content produced by an expert vs. paid (and often biased) “fluff” content created by an influencer (who does not have any legitimate skincare education or professional experience).

social media influencer who is not an expert just because she has a lot of followers

Many skincare business owners in my community have told me that they feel extremely overwhelmed by having to compete with professional influencers and content creators.

It’s not just that they worry that their quality (because they are actually trained professionals in this industry) posts and videos will get lost in the sea of sponsored posts and well-meaning (but not well-informed) would-be influencer posts. They also worry about how they are going to come up with enough quality content to be able to post consistently, on a regular basis.

So what’s a skincare business owner to do? Go back to basics–go back to your skincare blog.

I’m not going to go into detail to sell you on why your skincare business needs to have a blog today (I wrote about that in detail in this blog post). Just trust me–even though it’s almost 2022–if you are an aesthetician, cosmetologist, dermatologist, acupuncturist, health coach, or skincare formulator, or anyone else who helps people with their skin–you still need a skincare blog.

social media overwhelm

However, it’s not enough to just publish a skincare blog post and forget about it. You do need to stay active on social media, share your posts with colleagues and other bloggers, and change up the content you’re offering. Take my advice–let your skincare blog be your home base, and just repurpose the content across those other channels.

Though it might seem like more effort at first to write out a blog post, you will ultimately end up with more branded, quality content to post across all your channels, which you can then link back to your blog.

Here are my top 5 favorite ways to repurpose your skincare blog content:

1. Create videos of the content

As great as blog posts are, most social platforms these days are prioritizing video content over written content in their algorithms. While creating video might be natural for some people, others (like myself and many other skincare business owners of my generation and older) prefer to create and consume the written word. I personally would much rather skim a blog post or article for the information I need than watch a video. But I know that’s not the case for many people. So I’ve had to adapt since I do depend on social media to get the word out about my skincare courses and consulting services.

Though I post the content first as a blog post, I also create video content from what I write. Some ways I’ve done this in the past are:

  • Literally read excerpts of the blog post on Facebook or Instagram Live and answer viewers’ questions about it throughout the broadcast
  • Have my far more video-adept teenage daughter help me create TikTok videos of the main points of the blog post, which we then turn into Instagram reels
  • Create Instagram Stories to give snippets of the blog post content to encourage people to read the full post
Rachael Pontillo with microphone and pop blocker

This works in reverse too, by the way. If your brain first creates content visually, and videos come naturally to you, do that! But then transcribe the video, edit it, and turn THAT into a blog post. You can embed the video in the blog post itself, and use the edited transcript as your blog content (which is a great way to make your video content more searchable).

2. Create infographics and carousel slides out of your skincare blog content

Many people are visual learners. This means that they process information best when it’s presented with pictures, illustrations, graphs, charts, or some other visual aid in addition to or in place of words. Pinterest really made the infographic–a graphic that educates about a topic using pictures AND words popular, but they also still tend to do well on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Infographics are great because they are able to deliver the main points of a topic in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to process. Infographics also tend to get reposted and shared more often than pictures alone.

Carousels are a newer kind of infographic in that they don’t typically use pictures or graphics, but instead, deliver “listicle” content (5 ways to do this…the 3 trendiest skincare ingredients of 2022, etc–this blog post is an example too) in a quick, interactive way. Carousels are a series of graphics that include one point (or list item) on each graphic, in order, and encourage the viewer to tap or swipe through each point in the series. The end graphic/slide often contains a call-to-action.

The Cons of Private Label Skincare (infographic)
Example of an infographic.

While small business owners used to have to hire a graphic designer to create professional-looking infographics and carousel-type visual content, that’s no longer necessary. Do-it-yourself design platforms like Canva and PicMonkey have a wide variety of templates and design elements that you can easily customize with your brand’s color palette and fonts.

3. Pitch your blog post topics to podcast hosts and media

Though having your own skincare blog is an important way for prospective customers to find you, so is being seen on other people/business’ blogs and social media channels; and being a guest on podcasts and in the media. Let’s face it–anyone can have a blog, YouTube channel, or social media account these days. While having your own platform is great, it doesn’t come with the same cache or social proof that getting featured on other people’s platforms does.

All businesses and content creators need content these days (so do I, and so do you!), and creating content does take time. Submitting a guest blog post to someone’s blog (as long as it is well-researched, well-written, edited/proofread, and follows their guest author guidelines), or getting featured as an expert on your topic on a digital publication or TV show puts you in front of THEIR audience. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to be seen by people who might not have otherwise found you and by a far greater number of people than you might be able to reach on your own.

Rachael Pontillo and Melanie Hastings Good Morning Washington skincare segment

It’s really a win-win-win. You win by getting your content featured on a larger or complementary platform, often with a link back to your website. The platform wins by having quality content produced by an expert to share with their audience (that’s less content that they have to come up with themselves), and by you sharing it with your audience. And the new audience wins because they get to learn from you, and in doing so, might find a solution to a problem they’ve been stuck with for a while.

4. Turn your blog post into good old fashioned, straightforward social media posts

Despite the fact that video, infographics, and live broadcasts have been dominating the social media algorithms of late, you still need good old-fashioned written posts (usually accompanied by a picture) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even if you have done video or other visual content, you still need a written caption. It’s super easy to pull written captions from your blog.

For listicle-type blog posts like this, you can choose one point and create a single post about that. Or you can take the introduction–turn THAT into the post–and then direct viewers back to the original blog post to get the points themselves. Or you can even create a series of posts where you start with an intro and then do one point per post over however many days correspond with your listicle.

5. Use your skincare blog post as a starting point for an email newsletter or campaign

Though social media marketing will always be a big part of content marketing and digital marketing in general, email marketing also needs to be a priority. On social media, let’s face it–your posts, as good as they may be–might never get seen by someone who is interested in what you have to offer. Algorithms are tricky and change often, and paid content will always be prioritized over organic content. However, when someone subscribes to your email list, you already know they are interested in your topic, and they’ll get your correspondence right in their inbox (of course they still have to be compelled to open your email, but that’s a subject for a different time).

There are many reasons to email your email community consistently, and many ways to do it–but the most important thing is to make sure you are providing valuable content. No one likes to read emails that are just sales pitches. Don’t get me wrong–it is perfectly OK to regularly tell your email community about your products and services, or promote a special sale or event. After all, you are most likely creating your valuable content for free, in the hopes that your potential customer will find it compelling enough to want to pay for your products or services. However, you still need to provide them something educational, helpful, inspirational, or entertaining to read when they do open your email.

A great way to do that is to post a snippet of your most recent blog post (you can also tell them if you’ve been featured on someone else’s blog, podcast, in a magazine, or on TV, and link to that), with some personal insights that you might not have included in the blog post. And then invite them to read the rest of the blog post to get all the information. It’s a simple way to stay in touch with your email community consistently, while also continuing to provide them with value.

Do you still feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting (or maintaining) your skincare blog?

Infinite Content Model Facilitator

Or by content marketing for your skincare business in general? I can help. I teach a 3-part workshop specifically for skincare entrepreneurs that will help you create a year’s worth of quality content, targeted for your ideal customer, that will help you grow your community and attract more of the right customers.

It’s called the Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs. Click HERE to learn more, and enroll today!

Did you learn something new from this blog post?

Share it with me below in the comments!


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