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About Create Your Skin Care Rachael Pontillo

You know what’s crazy?

When Rachael Pontillo first started teaching people how to make natural skincare products, there weren’t many options. There were small neighborhood workshops here and there, and maybe a DIY video or blog here and there. Today we have a myriad of DIY skincare blogs, books, YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, and other ways to learn how to make skincare.

Why such rapid growth?

It’s because there are many serious issues with the skincare industry:

  • Lack of regulation
  • Constant presence of toxic (even cancer causing) chemicals in skincare and personal care products
  • Greenwashing and dishonest marketing
  • Exorbitant costs of organic skincare
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Individuals and skincare practitioners alike now want to know exactly what’s in the products they use on their own skin and recommend to their clients.

A Different Way to Approach Skincare

In Create Your Skincare, you’ll learn about ingredients and formulation techniques for a wide  variety of skincare products. 

But what you’ll also learn is how to choose ingredients and design products for real people—not types. A person’s skin is the result of a combination of different factors and is constantly in flux. Needs can change with the change of season, change in diet or health, with pregnancy, and with age, and it’s important that a product line is able to meet that person’s needs through those changes. If not, the product hasn’t done its job—and you know what they say:

“The most expensive skincare product is the one that doesn’t work.” (Click to tweet that!)

That’s why Create Your Skincare focuses strongly on accurate skin typing and ingredient selection through the cutting edge Skin Sequencing® method, in addition to other proven holistic methods.

Different Approach to Skincare

About Your Instructor

Rachael Pontillo is a multi-disciplinary functional nutrition practitioner, AADP and IAHC Board Certified International Health Coach, licensed aesthetician, herbalist; and skincare formulator and educator. She is a true expert when it comes to achieving and maintaining healthy, clear, vibrant skin, the natural way.

She can be seen as a regular on-air contributor speaking on holistic skincare, plant-based beauty products, and skin-healthy lifestyle choices for Cheddar News, ABC’s Good Morning Washington, ABC’s Good Morning CT at Nine, ABC’s Outside the Classroom, PHL17’s Morning News, Fox’s Good Day NY, and more. She has also been featured as a skincare expert in articles on,,, Byrdie, Yahoo Beauty, and more. 

Rachael is also proud to serve on the Advisory Boards of organizations such as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and Made Safe®.

Hash it out with Rachael
I was nervous that creating skincare would be too complicated. I was blown away at how easy Rachael makes it for her students to create without frustration and in a relaxed way. She lays everything out with detailed, easy to follow steps. One of my favorite things about the program is that Rachael is so hands on. I feel like I have launched a spa experience right in my own home. I cannot recommend this program enough! Anyone who is fed up with trying to find ways to have beautiful skin, needs to look no further. Rachael has you covered!
Abby Mason

Rachael’s passion for skincare developed after years of teenage trauma from being stared at by strangers, judged only on her looks, and told by her parents she’d “grow out of” her bad acne. Sadly, her breakouts persisted well into her thirties because her body didn’t respond to conventional products, fad diets, or generic adult advice or sympathy.

When she realized that so many others had lived the same experience, she took matters into her own hands. First she earned an aesthetics license, deepened her study of herbs from Western, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous backgrounds, and then earned certifications in Integrative Nutrition® Health Coaching, Functional Nutrition, Chinese Facial Diagnosis, and Ayurveda just to name a few.

And that’s when Rachael discovered the truth:

Conventional wisdom about nutrition and skincare is a lie.

When she changed her diet and began making her own organic skincare products, Rachael was able to reclaim the skin she was born with, and the self-esteem she thought she’d lost. She would never have believed what happened next…

“I changed my whole world because I was empowered to upgrade my lifestyle to fit my needs. I began studying metaphysics, which led me to understand that there’s nothing flawed about me. 

“I come from the same source that created everything else that exists in perfection in nature and this Universe. I’m a part of it and it’s a part of me; and as perfect as the smoothest petal is on the reddest rose, so perfect am I. Once I embraced that, everything else fell right into place. Through working with plants to care for my skin, I rediscovered my connection to Nature, and to myself.”

This is why Rachael’s mission is to help women fall in love with themselves and with the Earth through herbal skincare and self-care.

Today Rachael is a highly sought out plant-based skincare formulator, consultant, and educator. She leads Create Your Skincare® Pro, the only online skincare formulation course specifically designed for skincare and wellness industry professionals, featuring her exclusive Skin Sequencing® Method. She also facilitates the Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs, which is a proven content marketing method. She is Co-Founder and President of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance and creator of its Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program, for which she wrote the Foundational Curriculum Textbook for The Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Course. She was the producer and host of the wildly successful Herbal Skincare Summit in 2018 (which people still purchase and rave about today).

Rachael is also the bestselling author of Love Your Skin, Love Yourself and co-author of The Sauce Code. Those who wish to become familiar with her philosophy and her work can read her popular blog, Holistically Haute™.

Kim Handy - Create Your Skincare Testimonial

“I signed up for Create Your Skincare because I wanted to get professional, high-quality knowledge to create skincare for myself and for my clients. I do not have a science background, but thanks to Create Your Skincare I have gained confidence as a formulator, and now sell my products to the public.”

Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

Not your average skincare course

This is NOT your average skincare formulation course.

Create Your Skincare Pro combines the best elements of live instruction with the convenience of online education in an interactive, supportive, and fun multimedia platform. You get constant support whenever you need it before, during, and after the course is over, and have lifetime access to all purchased materials and the Create Your Skincare online community.

Create Your Skincare Pro is available in three versions.

Create Your Skincare Pro Essentials is a 4-month online program which is taught live, with multiple start dates throughout the year. This course is for aestheticians, health coaches, and wellness practitioners; as well as budding skincare entrepreneurs who dream of starting or growing their own skincare business, or adding a custom or signature range to their practice. 

CYS Pro VIP includes live instruction via group live lessons and coaching sessions, plus 1-on-1 mentoring; and also includes Rachael’s exclusive Skin Sequencing® method, your Boutique Skincare Designer exam and certification, PLUS specific training in compliance, business, branding, and marketing so at the end, your skincare business is ready to go! 

The CYS Pro Master Intensive includes lifetime access to group calls and all of the curriculum offered in CYS Pro VIP. The difference is that Pro Master Intensive offers the most 1-on-1 mentoring from Rachael, with weekly private calls for business analysis, goal setting, strategy, and accountability over 6 months. 

All versions of Create Your Skincare offer ongoing support and lifetime access to the content you’ve purchased, because we know that sometimes, despite our best intentions, life gets in the way and we have to take a break from what we started. The natural skincare ingredient industry is also one with constant new breakthroughs and advances. As new technology and ingredients become available, Rachael wants ALL Create Your Skincare students to have the ability to benefit from them.

I believe in lifelong learning, and when you work with something as ever-changing as the skin, your learning must continue in order to be of best service to yourself and your customers. –Rachael Pontillo

Sound good?

Click below to learn more and choose the Create Your Skincare experience that’s best for you.
Virgin Milk

Vintage Beauty Club

Humans have worked with herbs (flowers, fruits, stems, roots, seeds, nuts, barks, plant essences, and resins) to create beauty and wellbeing longer than modern science has been documented.

In the Vintage Beauty Club, you’ll learn how to create luxurious, vintage-inspired beauty products that nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin in a way that’s affordable (each class is just $37 plus cost of ingredients), customizable, simple, and FUN to make!

Create Your Skincare Pro Edition

Create Your Skincare Pro

Learn to create and customize all natural, boutique skincare products for every skin type. You’ll also take your Boutique Skincare Designer exam and earn your certification, AND get expert skincare business training. You’ll get weekly group training calls, plus private calls–and more! This is for people serious about starting a skincare business who are ready to buckle down, and get it done.

Rachael Pontillo


Do you need help formulating a new skincare product or brand, improving an existing one, or amping up your business or marketing plan? Do you need help improving your own skin problems? I can help! I offer private consulting services on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.

Let’s start with a 60-minute Hash It Out Session. During this Zoom session, we’ll dive right in, and you’ll leave with an action plan.

Free mini course


Don’t waste another second Googling DIY skincare recipes! Most of them don’t work, and could actually harm your (or your clients') skin.

Do this instead: take my FREE online skincare training to learn the right way to get started making custom skincare products (that actually work).

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