Are Some People Just Doomed to Have Bad Skin?

Why does she get to have skin like that?
Why does she get to have skin like that?

Have you ever wondered why some people naturally have gorgeous, glowing skin while others have to deal with acne breakouts, rosacea, eczema, melasma, and other annoying conditions? There are many reasons why this happens–genetics plays a role to a certain extent but most of the other reasons have to do with factors within our control in our diet and lifestyle.
However, despite our best efforts, sometimes it may seem that nothing is working. What can we do?
Christine recently asked this great question on the HH Facebook page:

“What can you do when you have tried everything ( products, diet, supplements, medication) and you still get breakouts? Are there those that are just doomed?”

Christine, thank you for asking this question because I know there were times I felt doomed for sure with my bad skin as well as when I was overweight. I thought I was doing everything I was *supposed* to do based on books and articles on the Internet I read, advertisements in the media, what my dermatologist and other doctors at the time recommended, what I learned during my aesthetics training, what I learned at aesthetics trade shows and during continuing education classes–believe me, I tried everything!
What I realized later on was that while my skin “profile” matched that of countless others on paper, my needs as an individual matched no one else’s. We are all unique, and while all products, diets, supplements, and medications work for someone, they won’t work for everyone.
pustule-UrbaneWomanMagYou know I love my analogies, so here’s one that I think explains this well: Think about a combination lock. All locks will be unlocked by numbers, but each specific lock requires a specific combination of numbers to unlock it. If even one number is wrong, that lock is doomed to remain locked forever.

The same concept applies to us.

We each require a different specific combination of nutrients and other factors to have great skin and a healthy body. Some of us find that perfect combination early on, and others take longer to find theirs. That’s how it happened for me. It took time. Sometimes we start out one way–with great skin and an ideal weight–and then things change we age or have hormonal changes due to pregnancy or other factors. When that happens, it doesn’t mean that we are doomed to have “that” skin or be “that” weight forever–we simply need to find a new combination. I realize this can be frustrating! But I truly don’t believe anyone is doomed to have bad skin or have an unhealthy body forever. I’m living proof of that!
I’ve said here and I’ve also said in my very quickly approaching new book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself that my own “journey back to wellness” would have happened much sooner if I had a coach to guide me on my path and point me in the right direction. Instead, I ended up taking every back road and detour until I found my path. The scenic route might be pleasant while on vacation but not so much when you’re trying to lose weight and clear up stubborn skincombination lock! This is why I designed my 6 Month Full Circle coaching program the way I did–it gives you and I lots of time to try different proven combinations to see what ultimately will work best for you. If you’d like more information about this, please contact me or schedule a HH Hash it Out session today.

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