Can More Intimacy Give You Glowing Skin?

It?s likely that you’ve read an article that talks about why having sex can make you more beautiful. I’m not the only one, right??The typical list items read something like this: lowering stress reduces premature aging, sex is exercise, and that rosy flush?

These aren’t wrong, per se, but I’ve been curious to see some really compelling research about how being intimate beautifies us.

It?s so interesting to see the evolution of wellness research. For the past several year there’s been a huge focus on gut health and how it connects to emotions and immunity, and now it seems as though sexual wellness is getting its time to shine. I spoke to Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author of the new book, Sexy Brain, who specializes in hormones and recently wrote a book that explains why having orgasms is good for us.

Get all the juicy details in?my interview with Dr. Lindsey Berkson:

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Meet Dr. Lindsey Berkson

I met Lindsey at a health and wellness event last summer and we connected instantly. When you watch her speak in the video below, I think you’ll find that her passion really radiates.

She’s been practicing and doing research since the 1970s. Several years ago, she noticed that her patients were showing signs of sexual disfunction. The real clincher: these patients were young, showing signs of these disorders far earlier they should be.

I’ve seen similarly premature issues with my clients as well –hyperpigmentation and melasma, even in those who are young and have never had children. Also rosacea, which tends to show up later in life, but which I have been seeing in younger clients.

These out of place symptoms were a big reason Dr. Lindsey decided to write a book on intimacy and how it is connected to our brain and overall health.

Sexy Brain

Sexy BrainAs Dr. Berkson continued to see trends toward age related disorders happening earlier in life, especially related to sex, she connected with other doctors who had noticed this change as well. One reported that for the first time, they were seeing a documented decline in testosterone among men in their twenties.

In our interview, she also talks about an interesting study that looked at data from 40 different centers spanning 14 years, including 94,000 women, and showed a correlation between sexuality and certain health symptoms. I won’t give it all away here. 😉

These and other findings made it clear to Dr. Lindsey that there was a hole in our medical perception, a hole where we should be thinking about sexual wellness as a pillar of health, but where thus far we have ignored it. Maybe it?s because doctors don’t want to talk about it with their patients. Maybe it?s because the research is only recently there.

A breakthrough book

Sexy Brain connects sexual health to overall wellness in a way that hasn’t been done before.

As Lindsey explains towards the end of our interview, we typically think of hormones as playing a role in our sexuality, being a part of pregnancy, menstruation, menopause? But what some people don’t realize is that whether you’re a man or woman, hormones are playing a role in your bodily function every day.

Our skin shows the signs when our hormones are out of whack. Sometime?s it?s acne, sometimes it?s hyperpigmentation… What Dr. Lindsey did was draw the connection between our sexuality and the effect on our brains and hormones. As a practicer of holistic skincare, I know that taking care of our whole body is important, but especially emotions and hormones can affect how our skin looks.

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About Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Dr. Lindsey BerksonDr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson has been in practice as a nutritionist since the mid 1970?s and as an integrative nutritional/gastrointestinal endocrine specialist since the early 1980?s. She specializes in complex cases, high-risk hormonal patients, and severe gastroenterologic cases trying to avoid surgery. Berkson knows how to connect-the-dots of cutting edge research and has a large background of personal clinical experience with success in difficult cases to pull from. Dr. Lindsey consults all over the world. She works remotely as a consultant, or in personal at two medical clinics and a personal home office. Berkson can also work with your own doctors and become part of your personalized health team.

Click HERE to learn more about Dr. Lindsey Berkson.

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