Holistic Nutrition

The Detox Toolbox: Salt Baths

From the mythical Fountain of Youth to healing hot springs in some exotic location, to vichy shower treatments in a spa, to a relaxing baths before bedtime in your own home, using water to relax, revitalize, maintain, and restore health is a holistic method that has been practiced and enjoyed by most cultures and societies …

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Vitamin A Overview

Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin A Overview

Vitamin A is considered by skincare professionals in virtually every modality of practice to be the number one most important nutrient for the health of the skin. Vitamin A is also considered by healthcare practitioners, allopathic and holistically-minded alike, to be one of the most essential nutrients for total body health and disease prevention. There …

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What do your eyes reveal about your health?

What Do Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health?

  When I first told family members and friends I was going to school to become an aesthetician, I was surprised with this common response:  Good, then you can help me fix the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.  More than any other concern (acne and acne scars coming in at a close second), …

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Is Your Diet Affecting the Way Your Body Heals?

Most people have a scar or two that they wish would just go away. Some people have used products to improve or reduce the scar?s appearance, while others have sought more drastic and invasive measures to get rid of the scars such as laser treatments, deep chemical peels, or painful dermabrasion. All of these medical …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin D

When we think about the vitamins that are most beneficial to the skin, Vitamins A, C, and E are the most popular.? They are all known for their antioxidant benefits, as well as their importance in cell renewal, collagen production, and strengthening the skin?s lipid barrier. Vitamin D is possibly the least acknowledged vitamin in …

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