Clear Skin One Day at a Time: Interview with Jolene Hart

You’ve done it–you’ve made the decision that you’re going to finally get clear skin. You’re going to get rid of acne, rosacea, eczema, melasma, or whatever other skin struggle you’ve been living with for too long. You’re ready to commit to a healthy new skincare regimen and get regular facials from your local aesthetician. You’ve gotten some great nutrition books, found great smoothie recipes, and are ready to move forward with cooking fresh homemade meals every day. You’ve decided to give up sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol for good. You’ve also just started a daily fitness challenge, and decided it’s high time you started meditating and then journaling about it.

You are SO ready for this.

By the end of Day, you’ve done OK. You’ve taken some supplements, followed your morning skincare regimen religiously, attended a yoga class, and cooked not one but two meals. You feel pretty good–but worry that you didn’t get to everything on your list.

stressDay 2 arrives, and you start your day with a smoothie and your skincare regimen, but then something happens and the rest of your healthy skin goals don’t happen–maybe a meeting runs long at work, or your kid’s home sick from school–and you feel totally deflated. You look at your pile of nutrition books, at your fridge full of fresh produce and just want to curl up and take a nap.

Day 3 arrives, and you just can’t bring yourself to even make quick salad–because what’s the point? You’ve fallen off the wagon before you even really got moving, and this is just too hard. There’s just too much stuff–too much to do, too much to plan, too much to worry about–and too many opportunities to fail.

Has that ever happened to you?

If so, you are SO not alone. I promise you. Getting clear skin isn’t always easy, and with all the information now available online, it can be extremely overwhelming. I see it all the time in my coaching practice–people start off with the best of intentions, and then they find themselves getting stuck in analysis paralysis, overwhelm, or self-sabotage. Of course my job as a coach is to help my clients navigate through these issues–but even the best coach needs a great set of tools, and while some books out there make things more complicated, others really do make things easier.

Small wins add up to?clear skin.

Eat Pretty book series by Jolene HartJolene Hart is my friend and is one of the amazing women who helped me co-found and build the Nutritional Aesthetics? Alliance. She’s also a beauty editor-turned-health coach, and accomplished author of the books Eat Pretty, Eat Pretty Live Well, and her newest (and my personal favorite), Eat Pretty Every Day.

Eat Pretty Every Day: 365 Daily Inspirations for Nourishing Beauty Inside and Out is an absolutely beautiful and colorful book that I really feel takes the overwhelm out of the transition to a clear skin lifestyle. It offers a healthy skincare, self-care, nutrition, or lifestyle habit you can do every day, so that even if you just do one thing, you’ve already succeeded. While one thing may not seem like much, remember: small steps add up fast, and the more small successes you experience, the more motivated you’ll become to add something else the next day, or the day after that. But regardless, if you’re doing one positive thing for clear skin (and for yourself) every day–that’s often enough to give you beautiful results over time.

Eat Pretty Every DayThis isn’t just a clear skin “book of days” though–because Jolene’s added a beautiful seasonal aspect too. The format of the book provides inspirations also by season, so whatever season you’re in when you start is your day 1, and the advice you get helps your body work in harmony with the cycles of nature, and when you have that alignment, things tend to more easily fall into place.

Watch Jolene and I discuss how to get clear skin with Eat Pretty Every Day below:

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About Jolene Hart:

Jolene HartJolene Hart is a Beauty & Health Coach, certified by the world?s foremost school for holistic health, NYC?s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I’m also the co-founder and Director of Education of the?Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, an educational organization formed to advance an integrative approach to healthy skin. Jolene’s mission is to?teach women to become their healthiest, most beautiful selves inside and outside by addressing beauty and health concerns ranging from acne to weight gain to low energy and nutrition for healthy aging.

Here’s how to connect with Jolene:

Get Jolene’s books HERE.

share-your-thoughts-2-150x150What part of my interview with Jolene resonated with you the most?

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