Clearing Up Common Myths about Skin Health

Rachael Pontillo-NeoCell-Expo East 2013I had the privilege of attending the Natural Products Expo East trade show last month, as a spokesperson for NeoCell, and to give a talk about my book Love Your Skin, Love Yourself and do a book signing. It was the most amazing show I’ve ever been to…Steph Hendel came with me and we both agreed we could just pitch a tent and live there. Everywhere we looked were the very best in all natural and organic foods, supplements, and beauty/wellness products. I was honored to be there with my friends at NeoCell and talk collagen and hyaluronic acid with other health professionals and attendees.

Not only did I have a blast giving my talk (not going to lie…I love speaking in front of large audiences, especially about topics I’m so passionate about) and sampling all the natural goodies, but I also met some amazing people and left with new brand partnerships (more about that soon) and new opportunities to contribute to awesome websites and magazines.

Today’s post is all about my new writing outlet, L.E.A.F Lifestyle.

LEAF LifestyleL.E.A.F stands for “Longevity. Energy. Athleticism. Function.” and began as a small wellness studio just a few short years ago in 2010 (know what else started in 2010? Hint: you’re reading it!). It’s grown rapidly since then and is now a fantastic online wellness and lifestyle community providing resources and support for anyone looking to live a healthier and happier life. When L.E.A.F. Lifestyle Coach, Luke Sniewski contacted me after the show and invited me to contribute the answer was an easy yes! I feel L.E.A.F.’s philosophy is very much aligned with Holistically Haute’s, and I’m so happy to be a part of the L.E.A.F. family now.

My first original post on L.E.A.F is called The Top 5 Myths and Realities about Skin Health.

Why this topic? Luke and I both felt that with all of the different products, marketing campaigns, scientific studies, and information available now online, came a lot of misinformation about what’s healthy for the skin in the long-term, and what may seem healthy at first, but actually may actually compromise the health of the skin and speed up its aging process.

skincare_01 (1)Here are the skin health myths:

  1. Squeaky clean skin is healthy skin
  2. Skincare products from the spa or doctor’s office are always good for the skin
  3. Higher SPFs prevent skin cancer better than lower SPFs
  4. Drinking alcohol has no effect on the skin
  5. Exfoliating regularly is necessary for healthy skin

To learn more about these myths and read the realities (in my professional opinion), click on over to The Top 5 Myths and Realities about Skin Health on L.E.A.F.

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*Image 2 from L.E.A.F. Lifestyle, image 3 from Spa Pantry


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