Rachael Pontillo and Skincare Ingredients

The #1 question I get from clients and students is…

What ingredients are best for my skin?


You’re ahead of the game, since you already know your Synergistic Skin Combination!* (If you don’t, click HERE)

Typically when people ask me this question, they don’t really have a clear understanding of what to look for since they’re still stuck in outdated “what’s your skin type” mentality.

You already know that if you want the best skin results for yourself and your customers, you need to look beyond types at the big picture in order to really understand where the skin’s been, its current state, and where it’s going.

Holistically Haute Book

Finding your Synergistic Skin Combination was Step 1.

Now that you have such a clear picture of what your Synergistic Skin Combination is, and how to determine your customers’ combinations, it’s time to take that knowledge and apply it to choosing the best ingredients.

It’s time for step 2…

Discover Your Ingredient Profile.

In this step-by-step digital workbook, you’ll learn:

  • What roles different types of ingredients play within a skincare formulation.
  • Which ingredients most benefit different inherent skin types and skin goals in an easy-to-digest format
  • How to use your Synergistic Skin Combination to choose the best ingredients.
  • Which ingredients to start with if you want to make your own products…OR…which ingredients to look for on product labels to best benefit your skin
  • How to use Ingredient Profiles whether you already make products for your clients, or work with an existing skincare brand
  • And more!
skin combination represented as colorful dice
Glowing Skin

When you use the best ingredients for your skin, you get the best results.

It’s as simple as that.

By the time you complete the workbook, you’ll have your Ingredient Profile, and will have the knowledge and confidence to choose the right ingredients for products you make, or in pre-made products you carry in your practice.

It’s so important to have a clear understanding of how different ingredients work and what benefits they have whether you’re trying to improve your own skin, or your customers’ skin, and Discover Your Ingredient Profile is the perfect tool to give you that information.

Discover Your Ingredient Profile Today!

*It’s best to have completed Find Your Synergistic Skin Combination before purchasing this book, as this book utilizes information that you gain from completing the exercises in the first one. Click HERE to download it if you haven’t already!

Holistically Haute Book

Buy both books together and save!

skin combination represented as colorful dice
“Rachael’s skincare is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before…and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I actually look forward to using her moisturizer every night because it feels so dreamy. Now that I’ve experienced skincare customized to me and my skin, I’ll never go back to department store brands!”