Calling all skincare or wellness professionals who want to create effective natural products and start a thriving business!

Create a professional herbal skincare line that fits your client’s evolving needs so you’ll ALWAYS be their go-to (and you'll fast-track your business)!

The ONLY online herbal skincare formulation program specifically designed to help skincare and wellness practitioners turn your passion into profit with custom formulations

“Rachael gave me the knowledge, credentials and confidence to
take my business to the next level”

Terry N. Bailey, Owner of TENOBA Bodycare

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You want to create natural products AND a thriving business

A business that will provide you with:

Successful Skin Care Entreprenuer
  • The confidence to formulate recipes for individual clients so you can target their actual needs and always be their go-to skincare professional
  • The knowledge of why certain ingredients work together so you’ll never have to guess or experiment
  • The expertise of understanding skincare on a deeper level
  • The thrill of turning your passion into extra income for your family (and actually scaling it up) so you’ll never have to scramble for extra cash

But instead this is what you’re doing:

  • DIYing formulations and praying your client’s skin doesn’t react
  • Wondering how and where to start your own business?
  • Wondering if the FDA will be knocking on your door
  • Splashing out hundreds of dollars on lotions promising to be your new miracle cure when you KNOW there’s a better option out there
  • Wishing it wasn’t so complicated to formulate and preserve skincare without hiring a professional or needing a laboratory
acne on skin

It’s so hard to find the real answers online. Free resources and searching on Google will give you answers that barely scratch the surface of skincare formulation and natural ingredients.

You’ll eventually be able to piecemeal together answers but it will take you months. And even then, you’ll still have a lot of experimentation in front of you.

No wonder you’re lacking the confidence, knowledge, and expertise to formulate safe and natural skincare products.

Because you need ALL the pieces in place, not just part of the puzzle.

It takes expert knowledge, practical skills, AND business strategies to create a skincare business without a brick and mortar store or over-complicated supply chain

This is your opportunity to gain all 3 in one place, without painstakingly searching for the information, piecing it together, and testing.

Get the expert knowledge on skincare formulation, ingredients, emulsification and product preservation.

Gain practical skills to create products yourself.

Learn business strategies that will turn your passion into a profitable profession.


Create Your Skincare Pro...

The ONLY online herbal skincare formulation program specifically designed for skincare and wellness practitioners to help you build a thriving business with practical skills, formulation expertise, business strategies and certification

Get your Advanced Skin Sequencing® Certification and formulate custom natural herbal skincare for your clients’ individual needs

Our skin changes as we age, our environment changes, and our needs differ. So skincare that targets generic skin types isn’t effective enough to account for our ever-changing skin.

But in my proprietary Skin Sequencing® method, you’ll formulate skincare that works with the genetics of your clients’ skin.

  • Forget generic skin types. There’s no guesswork. It’s science.
  • Your products will always work for them and you’ll become their go-to.
  • Plus, you’ll be awarded with your Advanced Skin Sequencing® certification.
  • This advanced training comes with the Create Your Skincare Pro and Pro Master Intensive enrollment packages.

Get a sneak peek inside here.

Create Your Skincare Pro gives you everything you need to understand ingredients, learn formulations that you can customize for anyone, and then target your audience to build into a thriving business

Here's your step-by-step guide:

Level 1: Formulation foundations

We start with the basics. You’ll understand the ‘why’ behind using ingredients so you can create the right formulations for your clients and their specific needs.
  • Formulate two cleansers, a toner and an oil serum
  • Understand how different ingredients work together and their functions
  • Uncover your ideal customer
Create Your Skincare Level 2

Level 2: Ingredient experimentation

We’ll kick things up a notch so you can create your perfect texture and consistency. You’ll also expand on your knowledge, adding in different formulation techniques.

  • Experiment with heating and cooling
  • Know how to make your own herbal extracts
  • Learn about essential oils
Create Your Skincare Level 3

Level 3: Uncover preservation and testing

Formulate creams, lotions, and gels with the skills of natural emulsification, preservation, and testing. And you’ll start to market your business and make it uniquely yours.

  • Understand the importance of preservation (and how to do it)
  • Master messaging so your clients flock to you
  • Acquaint yourself with microbial testing
  • Learn how to formulate creams, lotions, and gels
Create Your Skincare Level 4

Level 4: Refine your skincare regimen and your business

Formulate masks, spot treatments, and additional herbal preparations. Refine your business model and brand, and learn organizational strategies to manage your time and money as effectively as possible.

  • Turn your ideas into an eye-tantalizing brand
  • Craft a message that magnetizes your customers
  • Know the simplest way to turn any cream or lotion into an exfoliant
  • Master your mindset and make sure your brand is on the right side of the FDA and FTC
Herbs and butters for skincare

Bonus module: Adding magic to your products

This module gives you everything you need to start your skincare business.

  • Use flower and gemstone essences to add magic to your products
  • Grab my entire Create Your Skincare for the Holidays course
  • Get words of wisdom from the pros
  • Learn more with skincare business resources
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Full access to every ingredient you need to succeed

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Here’s where you’ll be in 6 months...

  • You’ll have the business savvy to sell your products and turn customers into repeat, loyal, raving fans. Because if you don’t know who your audience is or how to target them, your business will go nowhere.
  • You’ll have implemented strategies to start your business.
  • You’ll have the confidence to expertly formulate skincare products that are natural, effective and safe.
  • You’ll have expert-level knowledge on mixing, preserving, emulsifying, testing, marketing, and branding your products.
  • You’ll master the Skin Sequencing® method (and earn your certification) meaning your customers will have customized products they can use for life with just a few simple tweaks from you.
Andrea de la Fuente, Piedra Caliza

“Create Your Skincare Pro was more than I expected, I truly recommend it. It helped me not only with my formulations, but with my business and mindset. It was very organized, complete, and well-paced so I could experiment with the formulas. Thanks Rachael for being so patient and answering all my questions!”

Andrea de la Fuente, Piedra Caliza

Dr. Ellerie Nagy, ND, L.Ac , Dr. Ellerie Beauty Medicine & Self-Care Rituals

As someone who is committed to holistic skincare, high quality clean ingredients, and has a big vision, I knew I needed help from a seasoned professional. I’ve had friends gift me handmade skincare gifts which have gone moldy and rancid. Gross! I needed someone with the same holistic values and knew could teach me non-toxic methods of preservation. When deciding to become a Create Your Skincare Pro Master Intensive student, I knew it was a commitment. It’s been worth every penny. Her course has so much information! That part alone is amazing–after all she has been teaching this course for years before the pandemic. As a Pro Master Intensive student, I have weekly calls with her. Rachael has been there every step of the process for me. She never ceases to impress me with not only her knowledge of formulating skincare but also her knowledge of sourcing quality ingredients, her business savvy, marketing and media knowledge, and her knowledge of EWG standards, Made Safe, and the other clean certifications. If you’re wanting to start making skincare for clients or launching a new skincare business, Rachael Pontillo goes above and beyond to help bring your dreams to reality.

Dr. Ellerie Nagy, ND, L.Ac , Dr. Ellerie Beauty Medicine & Self-Care Rituals

Vicki Parra, LE

“The Create Your Skincare Pro Master Intensive is just that-intense! It’s a good type of intense though. It will help you launch your products much quicker than if you were formulating on your own. Rachael’s knowledge of ingredients and how to combine them for the max results is unparalleled. I was able to get my products out there quicker than I thought was possible with her help. I have a level of confidence in my products that I would not have had without her help. Not only do my clients have high expectations, I do as well. My products have to be able to deliver the results we both expect. With Rachael’s help, I can build formulations that are able to deliver the results my clients are looking for. Custom skincare is one of the hardest things to do as formulations are constantly evolving. Rachael’s help allowed me to build my brand in months versus years it would have taken me on my own.”

Vicki Parra, Molecular Biologist, Licensed Aesthetician, Founder of Why Not You Skincare

Rachael Pontillo Create Your Skincare Founder

Hi, I’m Rachael, your instructor, mentor, guide, and biggest cheerleader.

I’ve taught 100s of licensed aestheticians, wellness professionals, and budding beauty entrepreneurs students how to custom make their own skincare products and create a successful business.

My mission is to help women fall back in love with themselves (and skincare) and create a thriving business.

I saw the power of natural skincare after my acne disappeared once I formulated my own products and adopted a healthy lifestyle. I had spent thousands of dollars on useless products and countless hours visiting dermatologists, and doctors who prescribed me various medications. But the custom skincare made the biggest difference.

When I started in the skincare industry, I realized how unregulated the industry is, which meant that companies often use toxic chemicals in their products. And they sell products for generic, outdated skin types, instead of focusing on our individual needs.

So I was determined to prove there’s a better way. A way to choose ingredients and design products for real people - not skin types.

I spent years investigating and my Skin Sequencing® Method was born. It’s the fast track to create products that meet your clients’ needs as their skin changes.

And inside Create Your Skincare, it’s all yours.

I’m so passionate about skincare because I’ve lived through the sympathetic stares, self-confidence lows, and hopeless solutions.

So I created Create Your Skincare to be the ONLY course you need to learn skincare formulation and the business strategies to turn your passion into a profitable profession.

Neda Lodato Create Your Skincare Student

“I benefited so much from this experience. I gained so much more confidence in my abilities as a skincare formulator and also learned to formulate many new products. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to formulate a cleanser! The support from Rachael was rather impressive. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. I was surprised by how fast she responded to all the questions I had. There is so much valuable material in this course. I know I will keep revisiting this course again and again. Thank you again Rachael!”

Neda Lodato, Neda’s Naturals


4 modules of expert guidance and teaching


Sit your Boutique Skincare Designer certification


Personalized support throughout the program


Turn your passion into a profitable profession with proven strategies


Feel supported and make connections with fellow hungry skincare pros


Go at your own pace or revisit anything you feel stuck with


Live instruction and coaching as you grow your skincare line


Nail your business branding, finances, website and more with targeted advice from the pros

Pro Essentials

  • 4 modules of skincare formulation and business curriculum
  • Webinar library
  • Bonus module
  • Bonus business accelerator modules
  • Lifetime access to course updates , bonus module and webinar library
  • Earn your Boutique Skincare Designer certification
  • Lifetime access to group support with CYS alumni group


  • 4 modules of skincare formulation and business curriculum​
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Webinar library
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook community for 6 months
  • Bonus module
  • Bonus business accelerator modules
  • Lifetime access to course updates , bonus module and webinar library
  • Earn your Boutique Skincare Designer certification
  • Lifetime access to group support with CYS alumni group
  • Two 1-on-1 calls with me during the course
  • Advanced Skin Sequencing® Course and certification

Pro Master Intensive

  • 4 modules of skincare formulation and business curriculum​
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Webinar library
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook community for 6 months
  • Bonus module
  • Bonus business accelerator modules
  • Lifetime access to course updates , bonus module and webinar library
  • Earn your Boutique Skincare Designer certification
  • Access to my "rolodex" of professionals and contractors
  • My personal assistance with formulation, ingredient and packaging sourcing, and manufacturing
  • Advanced Skin Sequencing® Course and certification
  • Lifetime access to students-only CYS FB group
  • In-depth assessment of your business plan
  • Monthly 1:1 goal setting and profit strategy calls
  • Weekly check in calls for accountability
Abby Mason Create Your Skincare Student
“I was blown away at how easy Rachael makes it for her students to create skincare, she lays everything out with detailed, easy-to-follow steps. One of my favorite things about the program is that Rachael is so hands on. Anytime there is a question posted to our Facebook group, she is right on it with a response. She truly cares about spreading the message that amazing skincare is all about learning what ingredients work for your unique skin and that you can make incredible products on your own. I feel like I have launched a spa experience right in my own home. I cannot recommend this program enough! Anyone who is fed up with trying to find ways (usually with expensive treatments and products) to have beautiful skin, needs to look no further. This course has you covered! ”

Abby Mason, Rain4est Essentials Skin Care

You’ll love Create Your Skincare Pro In fact, I guarantee it

I am dedicated to your success. So you’ll get a TON of support from me before, during, and even after the course. As well as lifetime access to all materials and the Facebook group.

But, if you’re not happy with your decision, you have 3 business days following your enrollment to change your mind.

Contact me and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

After those three days, refunds are not available due to the digital nature of the product.

About Create Your Skin Care Rachael Pontillo
Rachael Pontillo Create Your Skincare Founder and Instructor

You are changing the skincare industry, one lotion at a time

I want you to know, my fellow skincare professional, you’re already changing the game.

The fact you’re on this page.

The fact you watched my webinar.

The fact you’re considering earning more expertise and training.

All of these tell me you’re here to win.

And here's what I see for you.

Create Your Skincare Pro is perfect for you if...

Questions Create Your Skincare Pro students have asked before joining

Kim Handy - Create Your Skincare Testimonial

I signed up for Create Your Skincare because I wanted to get professional and high quality knowledge that I could use in creating my own skincare as well as for my clients. Before Create Your Skincare, I was really frustrated because I had taken skincare formulation courses in the past, but for some reason I did not have the confidence I needed to move forward with creating custom products for myself and others. I have never trusted the DIY recipes on beauty blogs and YouTube and I did not want to be a recipe follower. I wanted to create high-end and high performing products and I wanted to learn from a real expert.

Ultimately, I trusted Rachael to provide this information to me and she definitely delivered. I learned so much in this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who does not have a chemist or science background, like me. I was not intimidated by the course at all and it was not difficult to understand. I have gained the confidence as a professional skincare formulator that I was looking for. Now I sell my products to the public.”

Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

Hash it out with Rachael

My hopes for you

Hey there,
I am so excited you’re on this page. It gives me hope to see skincare professionals who are actively seeking safer alternatives to the mass-produced ineffective products in the market.

Together, we can create skincare products that are safer, more effective and targeted towards our individual needs.

I’m passionate about helping my students succeed, and I see a lot of abundance in your future.

The truth is… once we actively follow our dreams, that’s when we truly feel like we’re living.

I know because I’ve heard it time and time again from my students.

They put off pursuing their passions for years because of other responsibilities.

But when they realized they had an opportunity, they chased it down with everything they had.

This is what I want for you.

Chase the dream you’ve wanted for years.

Because in 6 months’ time, YOU could be the success story I’m sharing with the next round of students.

I wish you all the luck.

We offer a rolling enrollment with the option to go at your own pace with Pro Essentials, or follow our live schedule from September and through June, with scheduled breaks to give you time to learn, practice and implement. 

All products you’ll learn to make and sell in Create Your Skincare Pro are made from scratch.

We design products using all natural plant-based ingredients - oils, butters, waxes, essential oils, botanical extracts, clays and some powdered herbs and botanicals. We also use functional ingredients which are needed to stabilize and preserve the products (emulsifiers, preservatives, gelling agents) and we focus on using botanical and naturally derived ingredients as much as possible. For these though, we also teach about synthetic blends that are still considered appropriate for inclusion in organic skincare products by international certifying bodies. Not all of the products we make include these types of ingredients—we offer a wide variety of products that don’t require any ingredients in these categories—but we’ve taken great care to only use ingredients that we’ve researched and tested ourselves and are confident are safe to use. All products are easy to buy online.
While many of the natural ingredients we use in Create Your Skincare do have years of folk wisdom and both anecdotal and clinical evidence of efficacy against specific conditions, we do not claim that the product taught or made in Create Your Skincare prevent or treat any illness, condition, or disease. It is illegal to claim that an ingredient or cosmetic product that is not FDA-approved as a drug can prevent, treat, or cure a disorder or disease. Skin conditions are considered disorders or diseases that must be diagnosed by a licensed medical professional and that are treated with FDA-approved drug ingredients.

No. Sunscreen ingredients—even natural mineral ones—are regulated as drugs by the FDA. We only teach products that fall under the FDA’s definition of cosmetics in Create Your Skincare.

You will receive the full call schedule upon enrollment so you can plan ahead and schedule around calls. All Pro VIP calls are recorded, and you’ll have access to those recordings for the full 6 months of your program. You can ask your questions ahead of time and I’ll be sure to answer them during the calls or in our private student group. Pro Master Intensive calls are scheduled on an individual basis, based on your availability and may be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Call cancellations/reschedule requests with less than 24 hours notice or "no shows" are forfeited--they may not be rescheduled or refunded.

No. Live calls for Pro VIP students typically happen at 1:30pm Eastern Time (New York) on Thursdays. A complete course schedule is provided upon registration so that students can plan accordingly. All calls are recorded and questions may be asked ahead of time, and also answered in the Facebook group. Calls for Pro Master Intensive students are scheduled on an individual/case by case basis.

I’ve been teaching this course online for over 7 years, and I’ve structured the course carefully to help students with their time, and account for the fact that most students have jobs and other obligations. You’ll need 3-5 hours a week to watch the trainings, read the course materials, and complete the practical work. You’ll also have LIFETIME ACCESS to your course materials and downloads, as well as permanent access to our Alumni Facebook group, so you can revisit the course materials, re-watch the videos, and ask questions whenever you need to. If you need more guidance on whether CYS Pro will fit into your current schedule, contact me. I’m happy to discuss over a complimentary Skincare Business Consultation.
Yes you do. You’ll get a shopping list so you know exactly what to buy. I’ll give you recommendations for my favorite places to get your ingredients. We are so grateful to our friends at Infinity Jars, and Blossom Bulk for offering exclusive discounts to our students, as well as to our friends at Formulator Sample Shop and Shea Terra Organics for offering frequent sales and email promotions.
No worries! I made lots of mistakes at first when I taught myself how to create my skincare, and I’ve learned how to fix them. Each module has a Quick Fixes and Tweakables resource which tells you exactly what steps to take to remedy most skincare snafus. You’ll also have ongoing support from me, our student mentors, your classmates, and all lifetime members of the Create Your Skincare community to get your questions answered and help you troubleshoot.
Sure you can—but this course is about way more than just the recipes. Looking up recipes online is time consuming, and you never know if the recipes will actually be right for your skin or for the person you’re making products for. In Create Your Skincare, you’ll not only learn the master formulae, but you’ll also learn how to choose the right ingredients for different skin combinations AND how to make changes to the texture, consistency, fragrance, etc. to create customized products. You’ll learn how to actually formulate with intention with my proven methodologies, rather than just following recipes

You will learn to formulate using ingredients that are specific to the individual needs of your clients and ideal customers. However, it is not possible to guarantee that a product you create is "hypoallergenic" or won't cause a reaction, since allergic and irritant reactions are always possible with any ingredients--natural or synthetic--and new allergies can appear at any time. If you or your client have a known allergy like tree nuts or a specific botanical ingredient, we’ll work together to simply select an alternative ingredient that makes sense for the person, and for that particular formulation. If you have specific ingredient questions or concerns, please contact me.

You have lifetime access to the downloadable and video curriculum in Levels 1-4, the Bonus Module, and the Create Your Skincare Alumni Facebook group for life. You have access to the weekly live calls and their recordings for six months. After that time passes, if you would like to continue to have access to the weekly live calls and their recordings, you may purchase another six months of access for a reduced rate. If you are a CYS Pro VIP or Pro Master Intensive student, you also have lifetime access to the Advanced Skin Sequencing® Course.

If you are a Pro Essentials student and would like either group support or 1:1 support from me, please contact me to upgrade your account to either Pro VIP or Pro Master Intensive. As a Create Your Skincare Pro VIP student, you get two 1-on-1 mentoring calls with me during the school year. If you feel you need more support than that, I’m available to all Create Your Skincare students for additional consultations for a special student rate, or you can apply for the Create Your Skincare Pro Master Intensive program which offers weekly check-in calls and monthly strategy calls.

You have three (3) business days following your enrollment to change your mind, cancel your enrollment, and receive a full refund for Create Your Skincare Pro. Since this is an online course, you’ll receive instant access to the Create Your Skincare Homeroom, private Facebook group, and course downloads including your Course Planner and Master Formulary. Because these materials are delivered digitally, refunds aren’t possible after the initial three business days. I know you’re going to love this course and I’ve made great efforts to structure it in a way that ensures your enjoyment and success. Because I want you to be successful in Create Your Skincare, there’s a TON of support available from me before, during, and even after the course–plus you’ll have lifetime access to all materials and the Facebook group.

Though Create Your Skincare Pro teaches information that may be used to improve the appearance of one’s skin; as well as earn or increase income, we offer no guarantee for earning potential, nor are we responsible for lost income. All students are solely responsible for their own skin results, education, income, and career advancement.

No, but I can best support students from the United States and Canada in Create Your Skincare Pro. If you are outside of the US, please be aware that there might be certain limitations to consider. Though most of my preferred suppliers are in the US, some ship internationally and I can also connect you with other international suppliers outside the US if need be. It is important to note though that the course is taught in English, and all calls happen in Eastern Time. Also, any material taught about cosmetic regulation and compliance is primarily taught according to US FDA regulations. If you are an international student, you are responsible and required to obtain ingredients and supplies for the course, and while we can provide some guidance, we cannot be responsible for providing ingredient sourcing internationally. You are also 100% responsible to follow the national and local laws of the country in which you manufacture, as well as the countries in which you sell your products.

Create Your Skincare has been recognized by Mountain Rose Herbs as quality herbal education, and is currently pursuing other industry-specific accreditations and approvals from several different industry organizations. As that process progresses, course grads will be notified, and have the opportunity to test for CE credits if applicable.

There isn’t currently a single “official” organization that oversees and accredits online courses like Create Your Skincare. There are several distance learning organizations that offer their own accreditations for online courses in general, but they are not necessarily industry-specific and therefore do not guarantee that a course has high quality content. However, all Create Your Skincare Pro VIP and Pro Master Intensive students have the option to become certified as a Boutique Skincare Designer and also earn their Advanced Skin Sequencing® certification upon completion of the main Create Your Skincare Pro course, passing parts 1 and 2 of the exams, and meeting all certification requirements.

Create Your Skincare Pro is primarily for licensed aestheticians, health coaches, or other beauty and wellness professionals who work with skincare customers or clients in some manner. We also support skincare entrepreneurs and individuals who are in this to start or grow a skincare business.

Please email info@createyourskincare.com –I’m happy to support you and give you the info you need so you feel confident and ready to enroll in the course!

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