For Love of Artisan Skincare–Interview with Jennifer Devlin-Waller

Celtic-ComplexionWe all have moments in life where things you’ve learned from different places come together and click–and you’re like “oh, I get it now.” That’s what happened for me when I first?experienced Jennifer Devlin-Waller’s Celtic Complexion artisan skincare product line.

Let me explain.

See, I was fresh out of aesthetics school, where I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who valued holistic products and treatments and taught us a lot about ingredients and how to distinguish among?different qualities of the same ingredients.?It was during this time that I began to teach myself how to formulate natural skincare products–and in these?early days I didn’t always come up with good formulations! Part of the reason was because I started with products (emulsions–creams and lotions) that were too complex for my knowledge at the time, and I knew it, but I did it anyway.
I had read that concentrated, plant oil-based products were very effective,?and could really simplify one’s skincare regimen–but?like many other brand new aestheticians, I was like a sponge with the professional skincare companies–absorbing as much ingredient and product knowledge as I could. And most of those companies taught that a skincare regimen had to consist of many different products?with very complex formulations?to be effective. Of course they did–they wanted me to carry and sell their products! So I did that, even though I didn’t feel good about telling people they needed 5 to 7 products in their skincare regimen in order to have good skin.?Part of my brain kept going back to what I had learned previously about choosing high quality ingredients and formulations rather than focusing on quantity. I wondered if something simpler could really be better if the ingredients were the focus rather than the number of products.
Jennifer-Waller-Celtic-ComplexionI happened to be perusing one of the professional aesthetics forums and noticed a thread where an aesthetics educator recommended an oil serum from Celtic Complexion. She said it was everything–it was soothing, nourishing–basically heaven in a bottle. So of course, I had to try it.
Long story short, the creator and formulator of Celtic Complexion, Jennifer Devlin-Waller and I connected over email after I ordered her product and wrote about how much I loved it, and the philosophy behind it, and thus began a wonderful like-minded and collaborative friendship. For me, seeing how a carefully crafted product made with extreme attention to detail and quality really manifested that what I had learned before–and what my mind kept leading me back to–was really true.

Celtic Complexion became my artisan skincare brand crush.

Jennifer’s product line has grown significantly since she and I first “met,” but unlike other product lines, her brand and ingredient philosophy and careful handcrafting process haven’t fallen to the wayside. Every new product she releases is just as beautiful and as well thought out and crafted as the last–so you might imagine my surprise when Jennifer contacted me and asked if she could take my online course Create Your Skincare!
I was totally floored! Honored, of course, but totally confused because here’s someone with a well-established and beautifully executed skincare brand–why on Earth would she want to take my course? What could she possibly learn from me since I feel I’ve learned so much from her?
Well, I decided to ask her! Jennifer graciously agreed to do an interview with me to talk more about the passion behind Celtic Complexion, and to share why she chose to take Create Your Skincare and how she uses what she learned in the course.?She also shares some great wisdom about ingredients and her process that you won’t want to miss! But what I love the most, is how Jennifer describes not only the difference between artisan skincare and mass-produced skincare, but WHY it’s important.?Jennifer?also talks about the importance of skincare as self-care–and how adding luxurious details every step of the way is such an important part of how well your product works whether you’re formulating for yourself, a friend, or for a client.

Watch Jennifer and I?talk shop below:

Create Your Skincare starts again soon!

Whether you’re a DIY skincare beginner or a seasoned skincare formulator,?this course will?serve you wherever you are in your process. I’d love to have you as part of the Create Your Skincare lifelong learning community–click HERE to learn more (you can even take a free class!).

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2 thoughts on “For Love of Artisan Skincare–Interview with Jennifer Devlin-Waller”

  1. Great article and interview with Jennifer. I am familiar with her and her line. I am more excited about the course now more than before.

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