For beauty and wellness professionals curious about creating top quality herbal skincare products

Discover the trend overtaking the skincare industry - and how you can utilize it to serve clients better (and make more money)

(Even if you don’t feel ready)

In this 90-minute training, you’ll learn 3 business-changing secrets:


The rarely-disclosed fact the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know

And you’ll learn how it profits off outdated scientific studies to back up their claims.


How you can give your clients exactly what they’re looking for

Consumers are getting smarter and more empowered about what they’re putting on their skin.


The fastest way to increase customer loyalty and your profits while creating a meaningful difference

You’ll learn what service you need to incorporate into your business – or create a business from – to get new clients rushing to you.

Richard Merrill Create Your Skincare Student

What previous students say about my teaching

“I was an ingredient geek but only from what I could find on the internet. I  anted to learn more. I didn’t want to just buy products from somebody else, stick them in a jar, and sell them.

My biggest concern was being able to understand what I was asking for in a product. You really need to understand the ingredients.

The conversations, the charts, and the tools Rachael provided really gave me the ability to create synergistic blends that work well and get results.”

Richard Merrill

This is a must attend if you’re an aesthetician, health coach, herbalist, aromatherapist, or wellness practitioner who is…

  • Tired of hiding away due to your own skin concerns
  • Craving to make a real life difference for your clients
  • Curious to learn more about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind why certain ingredients work (and why others don’t)
  • Desperate for a new revenue stream you can easily bake into your business
  • Worried that big name competitors will steal your customers
  • Annoyed at wasting hundreds of dollars on generic products that don’t work
Rachael Pontillo - Create Your Skincare

A personal invitation from Rachael Pontillo

When I’m not homeschooling my teenage girls, I’m helping skincare and wellness professionals create the customized and natural skincare business they’ve always dreamed of owning.

I’m against using toxic chemicals and encouraging consumers to buy expensive products that don’t work.

For over two decades, I struggled with acne until I formulated my own skincare products and adopted a healthy lifestyle.

And due to my personal battle with skin concerns, I developed the Advanced Skin Sequencing® certification course using a method I invented after two years of research to prove my theory.

Jennifer Devlin Waller Create Your Skincare Student

What previous students say about my teaching

“Mass-marketed products are made very quickly with a machine with an hourly worker who’s there to pick up a paycheck. When artisans work on their products, it’s about the love in the hands, it’s about the intention.

I’ve taken some courses where I felt like I had to have a PhD in cosmetic chemistry to learn but Rachael makes it very approachable.”

Jennifer Devlin-Waller, founder of Celtic Complexion

Consumers are wising up to the lies of the beauty industry.

Now is the best time to give your clients what they really want – safe and effective skincare products that actually work.

Don’t be left behind!

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