How to Position Your Brand to Attract Luxury Skincare Customers

How to Position Your Brand to Attract Luxury Skincare Customers

Are you worried about getting lost in the sea competition in the skincare industry, and the dominance of brands like Ponds, Olay, Clinique, or Eminence? Fear not! You don’t have to go head-to-head with brands like these to have a thriving, successful skincare business. As a natural, small-batch skincare brand, you can differentiate yourself by promoting your products as luxurious and exclusive to attract a whole new set of customers. Wondering how to attract high-end clientele to your online store? I’ve got you covered in this blog post. Discover what it takes to position your brand and charm luxury skincare customers.

Why focus on luxury skincare customers?

The benefits of positioning your natural skincare line to luxury skincare customers are immense. Not only will you be able to charge a higher price for your products (which means you might not be as limited when choosing ingredients for your formulations), but you’ll also have the opportunity to tap into a more affluent and discerning customer base.

Two women from chest down, dressed affluently, walking with shopping bags.

Luxury skincare customers have higher spending power, which means they’re more likely to invest in higher quality and more expensive products. They also value the exclusivity of a product, wanting something that not everyone else has access to. Furthermore, luxury customers may be more loyal than mass market customers, so they’re likely to return for more when they’re pleased with their purchase. With loyalty also comes more word-of-mouth referrals, so you can expect your happy customers to tell their friends about your brand.

What matters most to luxury skincare customers

It’s important to keep in mind that luxury customers have very high standards when it comes to quality and service. This means you need to ensure that every aspect of your brand – from product packaging to customer service – is top-notch, as even minor flaws can turn off luxury shoppers.

When positioning your product to a luxury customer, it’s important to remember that these individuals value experiences over possessions. Show them how they can enjoy a memorable skincare experience with your products while feeling confident and successful.

Give your luxury skincare customers a memorable experience

Having excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale is a great way to bring a human touch to your luxury skincare customers. This can be done in numerous ways, such as offering a chat box or even an online concierge that customers can interact with when they have questions about products or processes.

Woman with brown hair working as a virtual concierge

You can also offer personalized customer service experiences with things like product customization and personal consultations can help create a more luxurious, high-touch experience. You can even go beyond traditional customer service methods by offering special gifts for loyal customers (beyond the typical “gift-with-purchase,” or hosting exclusive events or activities that allow them to connect with your brand uniquely. Elements like these will help create an overall feeling of pampering and indulgence that resonates with luxury skincare customers.

Price your luxury skincare products strategically

Pricing is another important consideration– while it should reflect the quality of your product, it needs to remain competitive with other luxury brands on the market if you want these customers to come back for more.

Luxury skincare customers aren’t looking for low prices, coupons, or freebies–they are looking for quality and an experience and might look away from your brand if it’s priced too low. When something looks too good to be true, it often is–so if your beautifully crafted botanical products are priced like mass-market products, a luxury customer might worry that the ingredients are diluted or synthetic.

Craft chic copy

When marketing to luxury skincare customers, thoughtful copy and product descriptions are key. Ensure that your product descriptions are well-written with plenty of detail.

Many luxury brands focus on providing an aspirational experience rather than just advertising their products – this could involve using words like “exquisite,” “luxurious,” or “unparalleled” when describing your products and highlighting any superior qualities that set them apart from other natural skincare lines.

Words Have Power wooden blocks

When crafting copy for product descriptions, consider writing with a unique flair meant solely for affluent consumers who appreciate subtle nuances of language like “sophisticated” instead of “elegant” and “luxurious” instead of “expensive.” Speak to affluent customers’ needs and aspirations with inspiring, empowering, and motivating language.

It’s essential that you emphasize the quality of your ingredients and how they benefit the skin. Luxury customers prefer natural ingredients with proven results, so you must include this information in your copy. Also, avoid using too scientific or clinical jargon – luxury skincare customers are looking for products that feel indulgent rather than medicinal.

If you’re feeling stuck, watch a few episodes of shows like Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, or The Gilded Age before you start writing your copy if you need inspiration!

Focus on imagery and visual design

When promoting your skincare line, consider the imagery you use in advertising campaigns and product descriptions — use high-quality photographs that capture elegance rather than bright colors or cartoonish figures. You’ll also want to showcase the craftsmanship behind your product and emphasize any special ingredients that make it unique and luxurious. Make sure to communicate the luxuriousness of your product in your copy, overall website design, and in the styling of your product photos (learn more about DIY product photography HERE).

To attract luxury customers to your online store, start by ensuring your website looks and feels polished, timeless, and high-end. Use high-quality visuals, elegant fonts, and sophisticated colors to create an opulent shopping ambiance.

Product packaging is also a key factor for luxury customers, as it reflects the quality of their purchase. Invest in sophisticated and chic packaging to help them feel pampered, special, and indulged. Additionally, create gift sets or other collections so that shoppers can enjoy an even more luxurious experience. Do your competitive research first to make sure that you set yourself apart from other brands by offering something that no one else offers.

Focus on highlighting natural ingredients that appeal more to luxury shoppers, like rare floral extracts or ethically sourced materials, instead of synthetics or diluted natural ingredients found in mass-market items. Also, be sure not to focus too heavily on price when targeting the luxury market — emphasize quality over cost savings when making claims about superior performance.


Positioning is key when marketing a natural skincare line to luxury skincare customers. It’s important to tailor your messaging to this audience and understand their needs and wants. Don’t be afraid to showcase the unique qualities of your product line and emphasize what sets it apart from the competition, as this is often an important factor for luxury customers. Research what other brands are doing to target these same customers, and customize your approach accordingly. Stick with high-quality branding that conveys luxury, use visuals that evoke feelings of pampering and pleasure, ensure there’s clear value in all aspects of the buying experience, and include elements like gift sets or unique experiences.

Rachael Pontillo in an office setting

These are all key considerations when positioning your natural skincare line to a luxury audience. Remember to be consistent in creating a successful luxury identity for your brand, as this will keep customers coming back time and time again!

Ultimately, a successful skincare line will be one that understands what today’s luxury customer wants and offers them the top-notch quality they expect. Good luck making your natural skincare line become the luxurious go-to for all affluent customers! You got this!

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