How to Use Art for Healing and Manifestation

I want to start by saying I believe everyone is an artist. I’m not saying everyone can paint like Monet, dance like Misty Copeland, or sing like Celine Dion but I strongly believe that you don’t have to be someone who creates art or expresses creativity for a living to be an artist. The suffix “ist” really just means “someone who does this thing that the -ist is attached to.”

I remember first being introduced to this concept years ago, when I attended my first IIN mega conference (5000 high-vibe health coaches and healers in one room? Heck yeah.) in New York City. During this amazing event, I got to hear incredible speakers including Deepak Chopra, Sally Fallon Morell, and Dr. Mark Hyman all in one weekend. Kathy Freston was also one of the speakers (quite the contrast to Sally!), and was there to talk about her book. Veganist. During her talk, she explained that she wasn’t an expert in veganism, and doesn’t really go by the term “vegan;” rather, she prefers “veganist” because she happens to study and practice veganism.

Years later, Rosemary Gladstar, at the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Herbal Conference, made the important point to the crowd (not as large as the IIN crowd but 200 equally high vibe herbal women talking sisterhood and preserving herbal tradition under one tent? Double heck yeah.) that you don’t have to practice clinical or medical herbalism to consider yourself an herbalist. You just have to have a relationship with the plants in your regular life, and constantly study their uses. For me, that was such a relief! Because I’ve loved herbs for the majority of my life, and work with them often–I also teach how to use them to make skincare–but for the longest time I didn’t call myself an herbalist because I don’t have a clinical or medical herbal academic background. But from that day forward, I began to refer to myself as an herbalist, and that felt so empowering!

It’s the same with art, and in today’s episode of the Rachael Pontillo Show, herbalist, mama of 5, and artist, Jenel Schaffer offers the same perspective–you don’t have to teach art or do art for a living to be an artist–you just have to do art. She also debunks the myth that artistic talent is innate; as an art teacher herself, Jenel believes that art is a learned skill.

I’m down with all that, but that’s not why I invited Jenel to be on the show. I invited her, because of her amazing experience of how she used art for healing and coping through hard times in life–and get this–she also used it to manifest a smooth pregnancy, peaceful homebirth of her fifth child, and healthy post-partum recovery. In fact, at the time of our interview, Jenel had only given birth two weeks prior!

Learn more about how to use art for healing and manifestation from Jenel below:

Click?HERE?to download the audio version of this episode free on my iTunes channel (and subscribe while you’re at it!)

How does this relate to art?

Jenel spent her pregnancy working with an Art Journal. As a visual person, she likes to write and draw pictures together. She did numerous drawings of myself pregnant, celebrating the beauty of pregnancy and the glow she felt as a pregnant mom. This was not something I relished in any of her other pregnancies. She truly tried to embrace herself, and love herself- for her own sake and for her child.

Jenel also shares my belief that beauty is more than skin deep. It comes from within. What Jenel does and teaches as an artist also celebrates what is within, and by doing so, she was able to manifest the birth and recovery experience she had only dreamed of in the past.

In Jenel’s own words:

“I am giving credibility to my gifts, and the joy I feel using them is reflected on the outside. There was a time where I wore a lot of makeup to hide myself. Then there was a time where I wore none, in protest. Today, I believe in a balance. I believe in lovingly taking care of your body and your appearance- and that includes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature.”

About Jenel Schaffer:

How to Use Art for Healing with Jenel SchafferJenel?Schaffer is a certified Art Teacher K-12 as well as a certified Family and Nutritional Herbalist. She has been teaching on herbs, nutrition, and art for over 10 years. Her work began in public schools, then she moved to the private sector as an herbalist and currently as a homeschool teacher and contract art teacher at various locations in eastern Pennsylvania.? Locations include the GoggleWorks in Reading PA, libraries, coffee shops, private homes, farms, and wellness centers. Her website is?www.jbschafferartist.weebly.com.

By the way, one of the books Jenel mentioned, The Artist’s Way?is one of my absolute favorites–I highly recommend you check it out! Oh and I also wanted to share that the artwork on my wall is by Julia Watkins. I adore her work and have several of her prints and pieces of jewelry!

Did Jenel’s story resonate with you as much as it did me?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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