If You Keep Making That Face it Will Stick…

Your face will stick like this…

If you keep making that face it will stick that way…how many times have we heard that one from Mom and Grandma?? Well your face certainly won’t be stuck in that expression in an eternal freeze frame…but there is some truth in the overall concept; that making certain faces repeatedly causes expression lines and wrinkles by training the muscles to stay in that position.? Maybe that’s why we now have Botox…to paralyze those muscles so they can’t “stick” when we frown.

I’m sure you have also heard or read it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.? The exact number of muscles it takes to produce the smiles and frowns is undetermined, as it varies from quote to quote…but it is a fact that muscles can be trained.? Otherwise bodybuilders would be out of business.

So if you want to prevent premature frown lines from popping up on your face…make less Maude Faces.?

I was first made aware of the Maude Face by one of my favorite blogs, Rants From Mommyland.

I know there are plenty of situations that require the use of the Maude Face.? Sometimes, we don’t even know when we are making the Maude Face.? In school, Ms. B pointed out that I was making a Maude Face while I was cramming for an exam and I didn’t even know it.

Let’s try to be more aware of our expressions…frowns, giving the “evil eye”, furrowing the brow when in deep thought, or making crazy faces during workouts.

Save those faces for Maude, and for Hans and Franz and you could just save your forehead from frown lines.? See?? I know it’s not an exact science, but I think it is very logical.? Give it a try…all you have to lose is lines!

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2 thoughts on “If You Keep Making That Face it Will Stick…”

  1. You know how we respond to impending wrinkles on our faces? We MaudeFace them into retreat. If only we could perfect that one eyebrow thing-y…
    Love this! Love you! Love the blog…
    xoxo K&L

  2. I got the one eyebrow thing-y down…I may have to post a photo…but then maybe I would get half a wrinkle? Hmmm…I guess I’d only need half the botox in that case. Love you Ladies! Thanks for reading and responding!

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