The Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs

Plan and Implement A Year’s Worth of Content to Get Fiercely Loyal Skincare Customers!

Did you know…

  • You are only one email away from a sale.
  • You are only three social media posts away from finding that perfect customer.
  • You are only one blog post away from inspiring that lurker to finally hit the buy button.

Your marketing is the fastest (and easiest) path to consistent and predictable sales in your skincare business. The only problem is that even though you KNOW marketing plays a massive role in profits for your business, content creation often takes a backseat to all of the other things that need to happen in a business.

  • You get stuck working one-on-one with clients and don’t have time for much else.
  • You are in formulation and manufacturing mode constantly trying to perfect your products.
  • You are in hustle mode…trying to keep everything together.
  • You struggle to figure out how to stand out in the seemingly saturated skincare industry.
  • You get overwhelmed with what the heck to write about on your blog or post on social media.

WHAT IF….2022 ends up being the year you made more money than you’ve ever made before?

Creating Skincare

What if life could still happen? You could run your business, and do everything you’ve been doing...but make more money than you’ve made before?

I know what you are thinking:

Can I do that? Is that something you can CHOOSE? Yep, you sure can.

I’m going to show you exactly how to build a content marketing plan for your skincare business for the whole year in just a few hours.

Introducing – The Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs.

Infinite Content Model Facilitator

This proven system will take you from having no idea what to post to enough content to fill your calendar three times over. 

By the end of our work together, you’ll finally have content you can consistently share and post about your business and NEVER run out of things to say.

The Infinite Content Model teaches you not only how to create content instantly, BUT also how to build out content pieces that will also meet your customer’s objections, questions, and doubts about your offers.

So you don’t have to work so hard for each sale. 

You can put together a solid list of content for the whole year in about 6 hours. And you won’t do it alone. 😉


Here are all of the platforms you’ll be able to create profit and relationship-building topics for quickly:

  • Social media content
  • Instagram/Facebook stories
  • YouTube
  • Prompts for paid or free groups
  • Newsletter content
  • Blog posts 
  • Podcasts
  • Launch content
  • Book topics
  • Webinars/Workshops
  • Live Videos

You know how you have that one customer who is so awesome that you think, “if all my customers were like that, then my business would be a breeze?

Your content will act like your personal sales team, calling in way more of those perfect-for-you clients.

The best news? It will only take a few focused hours to do. That’s right — by the end of the workshop, you’ll have a marketing plan and a go-to map for creating great content each week of each month for the next year.

Here's How It Works

You’ll attend three virtual workshops that will each guide you through the process, one step at a time. You’ll also get downloadable worksheets with each part, which make each part of the process happen intuitively.

This way, you’ll have the benefit of the workshop’s structure and live support from your instructor (to help you actually get it DONE, but the convenience of virtual learning. 

Here are the dates of our next LIVE workshops:

  • Workshop #1: June 3 at 11:30am EDT
  • Workshop #2: June 10 at 11:30am EDT
  • Workshop #3: June 17 at 11:30am EDT
  • FREE BONUS CALL: June 24 at 11:30am EDT
  • All workshops last approximately 90 minutes, and are recorded.

You will also get access to a private Facebook group that you can use for questions and support anytime.

Here’s Our Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs Agenda:

Day 1

Workshop #1:
Customer Mindreading

  • Get to know how your ideal customer thinks in ways you didn’t even think about. This process is worth the price of admission and a GAMECHANGER for most business owners. Get in-depth insight into your customer’s mindset that will help align every part of your sales process.
Day Two

Workshop #2:
Clarify Your Star Results

  • There are “results” and then there are RESULTS
  • Get to know what RESULTS are really what your customer is after, and how you can deliver them with your gorgeous skincare products and services

Workshop #3:
Infinite Content Map

  • Design your big-picture skincare business content strategy map and editorial calendar in realtime
  • Leave this workshop with at least 30 fleshed out content ideas designed to actually SELL–not just for “posting.”

Here's What Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs Grads Have to Say

Jodie Pappas, Founder and Skincare Chef of Clean Kiss

Vicki Parra, LE

“I was blown away by the Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneur’s impact on my business. I’ve taken sales and marketing trainings in the past. However, this workshop showed me huge gaps in my marketing that were limiting my ability to make an authentic connection with my customers. Mapping out content and strategy in real time allowed me to leave with a full year’s game plan. This included social media posts, videos, blogs, and newsletters. I now know exactly what needs to be done each week to provide my clients with value, and show them how the skincare solutions I offer will lead them to the results they’ve been longing for.”

Vicki Parra, LE – Why Not You Skincare

What you’ll leave this experience with:

  • Your Infinite Content Model Map will be your guide to content for the next year.
  • You’ll never run out of things to write.
  • Your 2022 Content Marketing Marketing Schedule, with enough content topics to create one blog post or video and email per week, every week; and have a clear focus for all your social media content for the whole year. 

Who this experience is for:

  • ICM Workshop participants are primarily licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, skincare formulators, skincare brand owners, dermatologists, allergists, nutritionists, health coaches, herbalists, aromatherapists, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. However, anyone with a skincare business, brand, or practice who helps customers/clients with skin-related issues will benefit from this workshop.
  • The skincare business owner who KNOWS they want 2022 to be their Money Year but also knows they struggle to make the time and have the energy for marketing throughout the year.
  • The skincare business owner who gets SUPER EXCITED about the new year and wants to use that energy to propel their business to the next level–not just for plans and vision boards that get left in January.
  • Skincare business owners who want to make sure their content CONVERTS and isn’t just content they are sending out into the ether and not getting anything out of it.
Rachael Pontillo

Here’s the bottom line:

By the end of the Infinite Content Model Workshop for Skincare Entrepreneurs, you’ll know precisely how to endlessly create profitable content ideas for your business, and never worry about how to talk about your skincare philosophy, products, or services again.

I know that you invest a lot of time and energy into all parts of your skincare business and life (because I’ve done that too). You are a hustler, and you are passionate about the work you want to do.

Invest in your overall well-being and peace of mind. Make 2022 THE money year for your skincare business.