Joyce Wheeler: A Create Your Skincare Story

with Joyce Wheeler of Heavenly Bodies Organic Skincare

Joyce Wheeler Create Your Skincare Student
Joyce Wheeler founded Heavenly Bodies in 2012. After her husband suffered from health issues she started educating herself on various products and their ingredients. She started to study herbs and while doing so learned how to create a salve. With her sense of curiosity she decided to put some herbs together to create her own healing salve, which is one of Heavenly Bodies’ most popular products. Joyce took Create Your Skincare in 2016, and is currently in the process of completing her Boutique Skincare Designer™ certification.

Watch my interview with Joyce to hear more about:

  • How Joyce’s mission to make health and wellness affordable has shaped her mission.
  • Joyce’s experience with taking Create Your Skincare — how learning about emulsification and natural preservation expanded her line, and how she was able to take what she learned to expand her line beyond skincare.

By the way, “Module 4” is now known as “Level 3,” as the course has been updated and restructured since Joyce and I did this interview.

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