Lara Bokenfohr: A Create Your Skincare Story

Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, Lara Bokenfohr

Lara Bokenfohr is a holistic nutritionist and health coach practicing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Joyce’s reason for getting into skincare was a personal one–she herself studied with skin issues when she was a teenager, and when her teenage daughter also struggling, she knew that she needed to do something to help. In addition, Lara’s aging father was also experiencing discomfort from a skin issue, and she wanted to learn how–in addition to diet recommendations–she could help him get relief too.

Lara took Create Your Skincare Live in 2016 and is a lifelong member of our online student community.

Lara Bokenfohr - Create Your Skincare Testimonial

Watch Lara tell her story to hear more about:

  • How what she learned in Create Your Skincare helped both her daughter and father experience relief
  • How what she learned in Create Your Skincare helped her extend her desire to avoid toxicants in her diet into her personal care regimen
  • What Lara loved most about learning to make skincare through the Create Your Skincare course

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