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Launch Your Skincare Business Plus

This bundle includes the Launch Your Skincare Business course and the Custom Herbal Skincare Formulation course for one amazing price.

You’ll get the 8-week intensive online Launch Your Skincare Business course, which is designed to equip fledgling holistic skincare brand owners and professionals with a 4-step framework that has been proven time and time again to create bestselling products and extremely successful product launches. With this comprehensive course, learning the fundamentals of launching a successful skincare business has never been easier.

You’ll also get the self-paced Custom Herbal Skincare Formulation course, with 4 levels of professional herbal skincare formulation curriculum to help you learn to formulate (OR upgrade your current formulation skills with) decadent herbal skincare products for every skin type and every skin tone so your clients have luminous skin for life.