How The Law of Attraction Made Me Fall Flat on My Face…Literally.

You know how there’s book learning, and then there’s life learning? Sometimes these methods of learning never coexist or coincide; whereas other times, you read something and then life happens and tells you “yup, that was true.” That happened to me late last week.

Thought creates reality.

Let’s back up a bit. You may already know I’m a student of metaphysics (I just got a second bachelor’s degree in metaphysical science…high five for me!), and one of the main teachings of metaphysics is that thought creates reality. If your thoughts are positive, then positivity will be reflected back towards you and if your thoughts are negative, then negatively will be reflected back towards you. There’s more to it than that, but essentially it’s a version of the Law of Attraction–like attracts like or the Law of Karma–what you give is what you get.

51A+qi-XyfLMost people think of the Law of Attraction only in terms of Rhonda Byrnes’ The Secret or Charles Haanel’s The Master Key System which are geared towards helping people attract financial abundance and success, but these spiritual laws definitely apply elsewhere in life, especially to one’s health, self image, and wellbeing.

As I wrote in my own book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, I wasn’t able to improve my acne or?weight and health issues until I broke out of my own pattern of negativity and choose to see myself in a positive light (in addition to cleaning up my diet and making my own safe, all natural skincare products. It wasn’t easy, and it took a great deal of practice in front of the mirror and mindfulness to develop the ability to intercept and reframe my own negative thought patterns, but sure enough, it happened. I lost 80 pounds, my acne cleared up, and I was able to reverse chronic health conditions I had developed while overweight. I began to develop my own meditation and visualization exercises, spiritual skincare affirmations, and teach these?methods to my private clients,?who have also benefited from this work.

Love-your-skin-love-yourself-bookI even built some of these methods into my Create Your Skincare? online course, because I firmly believe that when you create something for your own self nourishment using positive energies and intentions, it automatically works better. It’s the same theory as blessing food before you eat it.

Back to how the Law of Attraction made me fall flat on my face.

I had a serious car accident 11 years ago that I was lucky to survive. I was extremely fortunate to come out of it with minimal injuries, but I did experience damage to my spine and nerves that’s been rather bothersome over the past several years.

Having a daily yoga practice, using my inversion table, applying essential oils, and getting periodic massages helped me significantly, but I have to admit that?I’ve been off the happy wagon a bit lately. There’s no excuse–I could say my work schedule and my kids’ schedule makes it difficult, but I truly believe we always make time for what we value. Over the past several months my non-mommy-time energy has been devoted to getting The Sauce Code published and Create Your Skincare? created, in addition to supporting?my wonderful clients. Days often run into nights and sleep hasn’t been lucid (because I keep getting all these ideas!)–so needless to say, all that has taken a toll on my body.

I had a neck spasm a few months ago (while sitting in a lawn chair on my daughter’s?lacrosse field in the rain), and my neck didn’t quite snap out of it. It got very stiff and I started feeling other nerve symptoms again, so I decided to see a chiropractor. I had some tests done that revealed that there was more damage done to my spine than I had initially thought, and it kind of put me in a funk.

Fast forward a few weeks of traction, chiropractic adjustments, electric stimulation, and while I did experience some improvement in my symptoms, I still had a lot of pain, numbness, and stiffness. I had my re-evaluation with my chiropractor, and I’m not going to lie–I kind of had a meltdown. I was sad, mad, fearful–I basically felt every negative emotion towards myself at once. I was sad that I wasn’t feeling better, mad that my body wasn’t responding as quickly as I thought it should (knowing full well that my lack of movement and sleep weren’t helping matters at all), and fearful that this wouldn’t work and I’d continue to get worse. I used the term “fragile” to describe how I felt about my body, and said that I felt failed by my own body.

My chiropractor said he felt I was being overly hard on myself and reminded me to follow my own advice to choose to love myself?as I am, like my book says. He was right, of course and it was a good reminder.

My Facebook status right after the fall.
My Facebook status right after the fall.

Apparently the Universe felt I needed a stronger reminder. I took my girls to ride bicycles in an empty school parking lot late last week. My younger daughter’s newly off training wheels and is still a little wobbly on the two wheeler, so I was jogging alongside her as she pedaled. Well, she started to wobble a lot, and started to head for a curb and go down. Well my mommy reflexes kicked in and I dove to break her fall–which I did. However, I landed on my chin and right palm on the pavement and my left shin either hit the curb or got hit by the bicycle–I have no idea. I was maaaaad!

But when I got home, I started laughing, because I realized that this negative situation was reflected back to me as a result of all the negative thoughts I had allowed myself to wallow in last week–but also that it was confirmation of what I’ve been taught and a reminder of what I already knew to be true–that thoughts create reality. I said a quick prayer of gratitude for the lesson, and of course that my daughter wasn’t hurt at all, and what do you know? I immediately felt better. I felt more positive, more focused, and also have set reminders for myself to take breaks for self care throughout my work day and to start and end each day with gratitude and positive intentions.
Do you need help?learning how to use positive intention to improve your skin??Book a Spiritual Mind Treatment or request a customized Spiritual Skincare Affirmation today.

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