Why Lemon Water is the Morning Ritual I Can’t Live Without

blank slateI like to consider each day a new beginning–a blank slate. It’s a great time to plan and set positive intentions for the day for anything from work projects to meal planning, and it’s also the perfect time to set the stage for feeling great physically all day long.

While we sleep, our bodies become acidic and dehydrated, so I Iike to start my day with a tall glass of room temperature water as soon as I open my eyes. I keep water next to my bed so it’s right there ready for me when I wake. Rehydrating first thing in the morning is an important wake-up signal to every system of the body, and also signals the body to release any fluid that was retained during sleep (puffy eyes, anyone?).

The next part of my morning ritual is something that’s fairly trendy these days–and it’s definitely one I can’t live without. I have a mug or two of warm lemon water. I take a large mug and squeeze juice from 1/2 to 1 whole lemon (or lime) into very warm water, stir, and enjoy as I continue with my morning. I was skeptical about doing this at first–but I’ve come to really enjoy the natural tartness and the warmth in my belly first thing in the morning, and I’ve experienced so many benefits from this, it’s remained a very simple permanent part of my regimen.

What’s the big deal about warm lemon water?

lemon waterIt’s everywhere lately…in books, health blogs, skincare blogs…everywhere! As I said, I was skeptical about it too, but this simple step really does warrant all the hoopla (yes I said hoopla). Trust me.

Here are some reasons why you should try starting your day with a mug of hot lemon water:

  • Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C–great to boost the immune system any time of year!
  • It balances maintain the pH levels in the body–while it contains citric acid, which may be irritant topically, once it enters the body it produces an alkaline ash which helps to neutralize excessive acid in the body.
  • Gives the body a burst of energy
  • Helps improve digestion and soothe the GI tract
  • Helps to detoxify the liver, kidneys, and colon
  • Helps reduce inflammation in the joints and other connective tissues, including the skin!
  • Helps reduce stress and soothe the nervous system
  • Its high levels of Vitamin C, inherent antibacterial properties, and alkalizing properties are highly beneficial to the skin, reducing inflammation, and preventing the formation of wrinkles and acne.
  • Helps reduce mucus in the body–this is great for cold and allergy season!
  • It helps control the propagation of unhealthy bacteria and yeasts (like Candida albicans) in the gut.

Once I began starting my day with rehydration and warm lemon water, I noticed all of these benefits in my own body. I began recommending it to my clients who reported similar benefits.

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle may seem overwhelming for some, so I like to provide as many quick and simple baby steps as possible to make it easier. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning (and also later in the day for an energy boost or as a digestive aid) is a remedy that is available to just about everyone at any time (even while traveling–few restaurants and hotels don’t carry warm water and lemons!), costs next to nothing, and delivers benefits you can feel quickly. Try it, you’ll see!

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