Little Known Ways to Use Superfoods to Get Great Skin

Cassie Brewer
Cassie Brewer

Today’s post comes from guest writer, Cassie Brewer. I love how she tells it straight, and offers lots of delicious and nutritious options for adding superfoods into your diet and skincare regimen?to enhance the skin, and one’s overall health. Check out her amazing?infographic below too!

When it comes to beauty, skincare, and health, the old idiom holds true; what you put in is what you receive.?If your diet is full of nutrient-dense, hydrating, fresh, organic whole foods, then the cells that form will be strong, hydrated, healthy, and well-functioning. However, if your diet is lacking–full of sugar, processed food-like substances, and other–well let’s just say it–garbage; then the cells that form will reflect that–they’ll be weak, won’t function properly, and might even mutate. Let’s face it,?garbage in leads to garbage out.

It?s important to know that no amount of expensive moisturizers or intermittent cleanses can undo habitual unhealthy eating. Cookies, fried foods, and alcohol might be?comforting and delicious for some; however, too much will wreak havoc on your complexion and waistline. Conversely, nutrient-rich, tasty, antioxidant-packed foods translate to glowing skin and fewer unwanted pounds.

When you first begin transitioning to filling your fridge with less processed foods and more fresh produce-packed, you might encounter some resistance. It might even seem boring at first; but soon you’ll be able to rewire negative thought patterns and banish old?cravings.

When I’m running low on time and energy, it?s easier to give into emotional eating than make smart nutritional choices. That’s why I’ve compiled a handy list for you to consult while grocery shopping. Here are my favorite super foods, as well as some easy tips for implementing them into your meals. And remember–this doesn’t have to be a complete fridge overhaul all at once, and please don’t consider this ?dieting;? it’s a delicious ?lifestyle change”–a new adventure in eating. As a bonus,?I’ve added some easy ideas for creating DIY beauty treatments using the healthy foods in your pantry. Enjoy!

Yogurt: Breakfast (and grooming regimen) of champions

There’s a reason experts are always reiterating the value of a healthy breakfast. Skipping the most important meal of the day might save you time, but it also encourages you to overeat later in the day. Plus, running out the door on an empty stomach can contribute to fatigue and even mood swings.

3604928038_4e76a107bb_bBreakfast really can be light, delicious, and supply you with important nutrients. Try starting your morning with greek yogurt! Add blueberries, chia seeds, and a small splash of organic maple syrup or honey. The greek yogurt provides vital protein and contains probiotics to keep your digestive tract healthy.

The blueberries are packed with Vitamin C, fiber, and additional antioxidants. Finally, a spoonful of chia seeds has more calcium in a tablespoon than a glass of milk! Pair your refreshing breakfast with a cup of tea to prevent free-radical damage, and you’re off to a fantastic start. Don’t tolerate dairy? No problem–enjoy the same benefits with unsweetened almond or coconut milk varieties.

If you have any left over, consider using yogurt as a beauty treatment. The yummy staple also makes for great at-home hair and skin care. Use it to achieve shiny, healthier strands, as an acne-fighting agent, and even as a weekly facial mask. Click here and here for recipes and tips.

Healthy, inexpensive lunchtime superfoods

One of my favorite mid-day meals is avocado toast. I keep a loaf of organic bread in the freezer at work and a small jar of coconut oil stashed in a nearby cabinet.

During lunch, I toast a piece of whole-wheat bread (gluten-free and sourdough?varieties are great too!), smear on some coconut oil, and chop up half an avocado. I pair it with the chilled quinoa and have a filling, inexpensive, and healthy lunch. The quinoa contains?magnesium and can ward of headaches, and the avocado is a great “good fat” for your hair, skin, and nails.

You can also use avocado as a deep-conditioning hair mask and a facial pack. (Big brands like Kiehl’s even sell avocado under-eye treatment.) Make your beautifiers at home for a fun, inexpensive alternative.

Other Foodie, Beauty Buys

Use coconut and almond oil in cooking and as a moisturizer! Both are great when applied to hair to soften dry ends or employed as a leave-in shower mask. And you can use them for oil pulling and as shaving gel.

Consider strawberries and baking soda for all-natural teeth whitening. And if you aren’t vegan, egg whites make a great skin-firming facial mask. Get creative and nutritious with what you put in and on your body! You’ll look and feel like a brand new you!

Check out this infographic for more great ways to use superfoods.


Comment BelowHow do you use superfoods in your own diet or skincare regimen? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

About the author:?

Cassie Brewer is a journalist in Southern California. She is passionate about helping others look and feel their best and finds that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the foods that we eat. You can follow her on?Twitter.


**Image 2, “Fruit, Yogurt, Honey” credit Celeste Lindell


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