5 Reasons to Make Your Own Skincare Products–They’re Not What You Think!

watercolorsI’ve always been a creative person. I loved art class in school, took plenty of design classes in college, and always enjoyed hobbies like sewing, knitting, and painting. I grew up in a household that valued the idea that anything created by hand, from scratch, was infinitely better than anything store bought.

However, as a teen and young adult with acne, my mother?s homemade skincare remedies which consisted of powdered vitamins, vitamin E oil, yogurt, and oatmeal just didn’t cut it. In an effort to heal my acne, I later went on to work for different cosmetic and skincare companies and then became an aesthetician. That’s when I learned to value professional-grade ingredients and formulations over lower-grade, diluted drug store and department store products.

This is what my first attempt at a gel emulsion looked like--scrambled eggs. Thankfully the consistency is perfect now!
This is what my first attempt at a gel emulsion looked like–scrambled eggs. Thankfully the consistency is perfect now!

I finally found relief from acne using professional products, but I still wasn?t content; so I decided to take a crack at making my own products. It wasn?t easy at first, and it took quite some time (and several science lab-style explosions in my kitchen) to create the right formulas, but I did it, and my is clearer, softer, and healthier today than it was while I was using professional products.

I know what you’re probably thinking?that one of the reasons I decided to?make?my own skincare products was to save money.

Professional-strength products are expensive!?But if you’ve ever had acne or another skin condition, I’m sure you’ll understand that the desire for clear skin far surpasses concerns about expensive products. No, I don’t make my own products to save money.

There are other, more significant reasons.

  1. I want to avoid toxic chemicals. Manufactured skincare products?even some so-called natural ones?contain additives and ingredients that are known to irritate the skin (which people with skin conditions certainly don’t need), and are known endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, and even carcinogens. I’ll pass on those, thank you very much.
  2. Manufactured products are highly diluted. You’ll notice that water is the most common ingredient listed first on skincare labels, which means it comprises the majority of the product. It keeps manufacturing costs down, but also requires more preservatives since water provides a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms. Besides that, it means the product is less concentrated and likely less effective. If I want to put water on my face, I’ll go to my sink. My products are highly concentrated with potent, natural ingredients, and many of them don’t contain water at all. Since I’m making them at home in small batches, my products need minimal preservation.
  3. I want to know exactly what’s in my products. I don’t eat or feed my family packaged or processed foods from the grocery stores and we keep eating out to a minimum. Why? Because those foods are loaded with salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, preservatives, dyes, and lots of other ingredients we’d rather not have like pesticides and GMOs. I cook at home because I want to know exactly what’s in the food my family eats. This is true for skincare too. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs up to 66% of what’s applied topically?so like with my family?s meals, I choose the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for my skin.
  4. I want customization. I’ve tried a LOT of skincare products, and while some were better than others, most products always left me thinking ?I wish?? I wish it smelled differently?I wish it was a little thicker?I wish it felt a little silkier?I always wished I could tweak something. The products I make aren’t just created for my unique skin type, they’re also created to my exact preferences?AND if those preferences (or my skin) change for any reason, all I have to do is make some minor adjustments to my master formulas and we’re all good.
  5. My sacred Create Your Skincare space.
    My sacred skincare space.

    I wanted to make my skincare regimen a more sacred experience. When I eat a home-cooked meal, whether it?s something I made or something made by another family member, I always feel more nourished by the food. It?s not just about taste?it?s about the love, blessings, and positive intentions infused into the meal by the person who prepared it. We all need to feel loved and nourished, and a skincare regimen should be an extension of that. No love or nourishment comes from products sitting on shelves that were fabricated by machines and underpaid workers in factories. It?s hard to love a product you have no connection to.

I firmly believe that the products I create using ingredients I love, infused with my own healing and rejuvenating intentions, in the peace and comfort of my own home not only heal and nourish my skin, but also my mind and spirit.

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