More Reasons to Give Up Sugar and Soda

sodasI recently wrote a post about sugar addiction and how it has drug-like effects on the body which contribute to toxic build up, systemic yeast overgrowth, weight gain, diabetes, and a whole slew of other health problems.

Soda is one of the most common sources of sugar (and the artificially sweetened ones might not contain actual sugar or high fructose corn syrup but those sweeteners actually make the body crave real sugar–so they still contribute to the health problems mentioned above, and many are potentially carcinogenic) and is probably the most over-consumed beverage in this country.

As I’ve written in the past, I am a former soda addict, and once I kicked the habit my excess weight started to come off and my health immediately began to improve. So in order to encourage the soda drinkers and sugar addicts out there to either get rid of soda completely, or at least considerably reduce consumption of it, I thought I’d share this great infographic with you.

Check out these facts about soda:

Soda Infographic

I hope you are inspired to reduce your consumption of soda and other sugary beverages and foods. And if you would like some personalized support to get you through the process, I’d be happy to walk you through it. Schedule your HH Hash it Out session with me today.

*Image 1 credit: Emilian Robert Vicol


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2 thoughts on “More Reasons to Give Up Sugar and Soda”

  1. Wow this is a great post. Most people are not aware of the effects of sugar and sodas in particular. I personally, stopped drinking soda years ago with the exception of the occasional ginger ale or Italian soda and was never really a big fan of soda all to begin with. I am lucky in that sense that I unconsciously avoided a bad addiction. Thanks for spreading the word about this seemingly harmless fizzy beverage!


  2. Thanks Whitney! I agree–so many people are under the false assumption that soda and sugar are not “that bad”; it’s especially hard because of all the soda ads and commercials everywhere and the fact that soda is marketed and offered to children. My mom seriously limited our soda intake as kids, and then I got addicted to it in college which I believe greatly contributed to the health problems I developed. Once I quit, those problems started to go away. Thanks for your comment!

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