My First Encounter with Detoxification

Detoxification is a word we hear a lot in any wellness center, holistic healing facility, health food store, or spa.? Detoxification, sometimes referred to as ?internal cleansing? is the process of removing built up toxins from the body.? It can be achieved in many ways: cleansing diets, cleansing supplements, fancy machines that pull the toxins out of your body through your feet, colonics, body wraps, etc.

Why is Detoxification Important?

Detoxification is important to help keep all of the organs and systems of the body functioning properly so that the body can properly eliminate toxins.? Due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and poor lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive alcohol use, the body accumulates more toxins than it can eliminate on its own.? These toxins build up in the body and cause many serious problems, such as illness, disruption of essential body functions like digestion, and skin problems.? It is widely believed that most skin disorders like acne, rosacea, dermatitis (eczema), and psoriasis are manifestations of a toxic body.


When I first was introduced to detoxification, I didn’t even know I was being introduced to detoxification.? I was on a cruise with my husband for our honeymoon, and I was looking for something to do while my husband was off on some excursion.? So of course I picked up the spa menu, and decided to try something I had never had done before.? I saw the word ?Ionithermie? on the menu, and was intrigued.? It looked like a fun word, so I decided to go down to the spa and see what it was about.? Essentially, Ionithermie is a treatment that uses electronic stimulation on problem areas to break up and flattens the cells that store toxins so the body can eliminate them.? The stimulation also causes muscle contractions, which give a toned appearance to the body.?? This process produces measurable and noticeable inch loss in the areas treated, and also improves the appearance of cellulite and saggy skin.? The results are temporary, but, when combined with the cleansing home care program, it is an effective method of detoxification.

So I decided to try it.? I had a sexy evening gown to wear that night for dinner, and a bikini to wear the next day, so I figured I could stand to lose a few inches and look more toned.? My problem areas were slathered with blue clay, several electrodes were placed on the areas, and I sat back and got zapped for 30 minutes, and then was prescribed a home care cleansing regimen and told to drink lots of water.? Not really my idea of fun or relaxing, but fascinating nonetheless.? Well I lost 13 inches total from my problem areas, and did not have to wiggle into my dress that night.? My husband said he definitely noticed a difference, and he is not one to say something if he doesn’t mean it.

The inch loss lasted a few days, but I did follow the home care regimen and drank lots of water like I was told to.? I have to admit that even though the inch loss didn’t stay that long, I felt great.? I felt less tired in the morning than usual, and kept up the energy throughout the day.? After a couple of weeks on the home care I noticed a visible improvement in my skin as well.

Ionithermie is still a very popular spa service on cruise ships, and the brand has expanded considerably since I first encountered it.? The actual treatment procedure itself is the same as what I experienced, but the home care product line has grown significantly.? They are paraben free, and they do disclose their full ingredient list (on the Time to Spa website, not on the company website) which I appreciate.? There are a few ingredients in some of the products that I could live without, but overall I would consider the line to be fairly safe.

It is important to note that detoxification programs can dehydrate the body.? While toxins are eliminated, water and important minerals also get eliminated.? It is imperative that you drink large amounts of water and take the home care supplements as directed.? These supplements will not only aid in the internal cleansing process, but also will replace any minerals and nutrients that were lost during the process.

Detoxification is not for everybody, and not all detoxification programs are safe or effective.? Before starting any detoxification program, you should consult with your healthcare provider, and get as much information as you can.


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    1. I’ve had two sessions on different cruise ships but can’t find any therapists on land. Do you know where they are?

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