Rachael Pontillo's Top 3 Natural Skincare Business Building Resources

My Top 3 Natural Skincare Business Building Resources

What does it take to have a successful natural skincare business? Is it amazing products? A great website? Killer social media posts? A talented team supporting you? Sure, those are things that will help you achieve success–but believe it or not, they’re not the most important things. What matters most–and also often determines whether you have all that other stuff–is the mental game you need to play in order to win at creating a natural or organic skincare line that sells, and a business model that’s sustainable. That mental game has many key players–fear, self-doubt, lack mentality, self-sabotage, overwhelm, and you. Who’s going to win? Fear or one of those players? Or you?

I focus a great deal of curriculum in Create Your Skincare Professional Edition helping my students gain the skills they need to win at this mental game–because if they can’t do that, then honestly, it really doesn’t matter how great their products are. Today, I thought I’d share three of my favorite resources for building up your natural skincare business. These are some of the same resources I share in Create Your Skincare Professional Edition, so if you’re not a student yet, you can get a jump start by using some of this great tools.

Get your head in the game and rock your natural skincare business with these 3 resources!


Piggy bank

YNAB stands for You Need A Budget, and is literally the tool that helped me take control of my money, and make smarter decisions. I’ll be totally honest with you–money management is not a skill that came naturally to me. I grew up in an environment with a lot of lack mentality, and a scarcity mindset, and had a long-term struggle with debt. Budgeting and tracking my spending (other than a manual checkbook register) are not something I was ever taught to do either in my household while growing up, or in school.

It wasn’t until I began studying about the Law of Attraction, abundance mindset, and other topics like this in my metaphysical science education that I learned of the importance of giving my money a purpose as soon as it came in. I had tried a written ledger, other expense-tracking apps, bookkeeping software, books, and online courses to help me get my mindset right about money–but it wasn’t until I learned YNAB that I was able to make it work and turn things around. It’s an amazing online software, and they offer many free webinars to help you learn how to use it correctly.


Rachael Pontillo on microphone

Zoom is the platform I use to teach all of my live lessons in both Create Your Skincare and the Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program. I also use it for the majority of my private client calls, and calls with my team and colleagues. It offers a free option, as well as a range of paid options, and is super easy to use both for me, and for whoever I’m talking to. What I love the most about it is that it’s pretty reliable compared to Skype (which I used to use) in terms of connection and video/sound quality.

You can use it to meet with your clients virtually, have video conference calls, screenshare, record high-quality videos to promote your natural skincare business, do Facebook Live broadcasts, and even webinars with some of their options. Zoom gave me the confidence to teach more classes live. Since it’s so easy to use, and I didn’t have to worry about as many tech glitches as I experienced with some of the other platforms. In Create Your Skincare, I recommend that my students use Zoom to meet with their study buddies, to study, support each other, brainstorm, and help keep each other accountable.

Megan Flatt’s Weekly Workflow

Planning and time management also are not things that came naturally to me. And I’ll be honest again–I did not have these skills in place for the first few years I was in business. I truly believe that is one of the biggest reasons why my business took longer to make money (that I was actually able to KEEP). We all have the same 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and we are all busy. The majority of my Create Your Skincare students and CNAP students are working professionals, and many of them also have children.

I myself am a parent of two very busy teenage girls, one of whom does school at home. Going through my week blindly, without any structure other than my kids’ schedule and client calls led to me feeling like my schedule was running me. I was constantly running behind, procrastinating, taking on projects at the wrong time (this is still a work-in-progress), working late nights and weekends because I HAD to, not because I chose to, and worst of all, not having enough time for adequate sleep, movement, healthy foods, and other important self-care practices.

Megan Flatt's Weekly Workflow

Megan Flatt is a business coach I’ve worked with in different capacities for the past several years who specializes in planning and time management for busy entrepreneurs and “Mama CEOs.” I’ve benefited from many of her offerings (love her planner!), and she’s also taught two classes for my Create Your Skincare students, but the one tool she offers that helped me get out of weekly overwhelm and take control of my schedule is her Weekly Workflow. This template is a way to plan your week so that you have enough time to work in your skincare business, work on growing your natural skincare business, family obligations, downtime, self-care, and most-importantly, overflow time for when life happens and something extra pops into your calendar. The Weekly Workflow is currently available as a free resource on Megan’s website–I highly recommend you download it!

This is just a sneak peek into my “black book” of resources I share with my private natural skincare business clients and Create Your Skincare Professional Edition students, who are all learning to formulate amazing natural and organic skincare products; and build, brand, market, and sell their products locally, online, or both.

Want to know more about how to start or grow the natural skincare business of your dreams?

Create Your Skincare Professional Edition

Start HERE with my free Skincare Business Crash Course, or if know you’re ready to dive right in, enroll in Create Your Skincare Professional Edition today.

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