New Book Announcement…and a Salsa Recipe for You!

Love-your-skin-love-yourself-bookYou know how it is when you work super hard on a big project for a really long time and once it’s complete you wonder what the heck you’re going to do with all of your time? That’s kind of how it was for me once my book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, was published this past summer. I decided to take some time off creatively and just focus on catching my breath, spending time with my family, taking excellent care of my clients, and promoting the book.

That’s all still the case…but you know me, it’s never too long before my creative muse wants to start a new project. This time though, my muse got a little nudge from my publisher, Sennin Group. Sennin’s been really happy with Love Your Skin’s early success and, since they’re going through a huge growth stage themselves as a company, they asked if I’d be interested in publishing something else by the end of the year–specifically, a cookbook to be ready for the holidays. Yikes!

Why do they want a cookbook, you might ask?

Chef Joe PontilloWell, they don’t actually just want a cookbook from me. They know I’m married to an award winning chef (Holistically Haute’s Chief Culinary Officer, Chef Joe) and wanted to know if he’d be interested in joining the Sennin family as a new author. Now Joe’s an uber-talented chef–and I’m not just being biased–but he was a little hesitant about a book because:

a) He’s not a writer

b) He doesn’t cook from recipes. He just throws ingredients together and they magically taste amazing (I know, we should all be so lucky, right?).

So we decided to partner up on this book project together. We’ll create recipes together based on his creations and use some of my best tried and true multitasking recipes, and I’ll do the majority of the writing.

Since we’re on a bit of a time crunch, this will be launched first as an e-cookbook, and then will be available later on in print. This is our first real professional collaboration together–should be fun! Stay tuned for more details and progress on our cookbook.

In the meantime…

mango-fiChef Joe got a chance to exercise his writing muscles by contributing a post and recipe to Sennin’s online magazine for dads, Dad Men Walking. He shared his delicious mango salsa recipe, which is also going to be featured in our book since it’s delicious on savory dishes as well as a healthy veggie tip or compliment to chips for parties and games.

Click HERE to get Chef Joe’s Gameday Mango Salsa recipe.

You can also sign up HERE for cookbook updates and exclusive bonuses!


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