Plight of the Holistic Parent Part 2: Holidays

Though Valentine?s Day has been over for about 6 weeks, I have to admit that I got really excited when my kids complained that they just ate the last of their Valentine?s chocolate from their school parties. Excited that the candy was finally gone?and I gave myself a smug little pat on the back for stretching out the candy for 6 weeks. That candy was mostly just chocolate?I had confiscated everything else that fell into the categories of rainbow colored, jaw breaking, gummy, pourable sugar, etc.

You see, this is one of the compromises I make as a holistic parent.

I let the kids keep the least offensive of the candy and stretch it out as long humanly possible. That way, my kids don’t think I’m a mean, horrible mom that won’t let them have any fun candy like their friends? parents do. So, yeah, I was very excited that the Valentine?s candy was gone until I remembered that EASTER is this coming weekend. Ugh.
Even though most of our extended family respects our wishes in not giving the kids baskets full of kid crack?AKA sugar?they still end up with more candy during Easter than they do for Valentine?s Day. Except instead of red gummy, sticky crack they get pastel colored crack in the form of bunnies, jelly beans, and candy eggs. And let’s not forget the chocolate bunnies?although last year I was able to repurpose the chocolate bunnies by melting them down and making them into Holistically Haute? Chocolate Mousse.


So in a few short days, I’ll be back to square one. I’ll sort through the Easter baskets, make piles of negotiable and non-negotiable candy, and hope to be out by July 4th.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some fun non-candy, super-pastel-istic Easter basket ideas. Here are my top 4:

1.????? Beanie Boos. Yes you heard me. Beanie Boos are kind of like jazzed up Beanie Babies. They are made by the same company and are very cute, plush, wide-eyed versions. They are equally as collectible as the Babies, and they come with their own names and birthdays. When my daughters became interested in Beanie Boos, I was afraid that the same hysteria would hit like their late 1990s predecessors had. They are very popular, and some are already considered ?rare? and are more expensive?but fortunately inflation has not hit the Beanie toy market as much as one would think. Most Beanie Boos range from $5 to $7. They perfectly sized for Easter baskets.
2.????? Actual pastels. Like real ones. To draw with. Pastels are really fun for kids to draw and color with because the colors are intense and the kids can use their fingers to blend them. It?s like coloring and finger painting all in one. What’s more fun than that?
3.????? Money. I know?so boring. Or is it? The other day, my younger daughter found a penny on the floor at a restaurant. She held it up triumphantly and exclaimed ?A penny! I am getting so rich!? She then put it into her pocket and brought it home to ?feed her pet pig? (piggy bank, of course). The point is, kids love money. So fill those plastic eggs with coins?you can even get some gold dollars for the older kids?and let them feed their pet pigs.
lip balm4.????? Lip balm. Everyone loves lip balm, including kids. Of all the Easter baskets I received as a kid, the most memorable was the one that contained a banana flavored lip balm. I kid you not. Health food stores have plenty of fun and natural lip balm flavors, or you can use my recipe and make your own. You can flavor it with pure vanilla extract and honey, or essential oils?my favorites for lip balm are peppermint, Citrus Bliss, and Wild Orange. You can order empty tins or tubes from Mountain Rose Herbs and even design labels with your kids? names using regular blank address labels.
So as you plan this year?s Easter egg hunt and baskets, try these suggestions and think of your own ways to enjoy Easter with your kids without the added sugar rush and crash. These ideas can easily be translated to other holidays too?stocking stuffers, birthday party goody bags, you name it. Have any non-candy holiday ideas of your own? Please share them in the comments below.

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