potentially harmful skincare ingredients hiding in your skincare products

Are These Potentially Harmful Skincare Ingredients Hiding in Your Natural Skincare Products?

The terms “natural skincare,” “green beauty,” “organic skincare,” and “holistic skincare” might seem like sound choices in today’s increasingly conscious marketplace, in efforts to avoid potentially harmful skincare ingredients. However, these terms are still very loosely regulated by agencies like the FDA and Health Canada. What this means is that the definitions of what those terms mean is not clearly defined, and different brands, influencers, practitioners, and marketers use that ambiguity at times to make their products seem better/cleaner/greener than they actually are.

While many small batch and herbal skincare brands do strive to create products using ingredients that are as close to the whole plant as possible, or synthetics that have passed rigorous non-toxic screening from organizations such as Made Safe®, the truth is that many brands that position themselves in the “green beauty,” and “clean beauty,” space still contain potentially harmful skincare ingredients.

While it’s easy to identify some ingredients used by greenwashing skincare brands as toxic, other potentially harmful skincare ingredients aren’t necessarily known to be harmful.

I was happy to discuss this topic in detail in episode 24 of The Healthy Skin Show, with my good friend and colleague, Jennifer Fugo. Watch the episode below:

Episode 24 of The Healthy Skin Show with Jennifer Fugo--Rachael Pontillo is the guest.

In this episode, we not only cover what potentially harmful skincare ingredients you should be on the lookout for in your products, but also:

  • Why products at the drugstore for “sensitive” or irritated skin often make things worse
  • How effective mass-produced products really are
  • How to read and understand ingredient labels–my quick guide

You can read the full transcript of the episode, and download the audio here as well.

If you are a natural skincare formulator or brand owner…

greenwashing is a harmful marketing practice that covers up potentially harmful skincare ingredients

I urge you to take an honest look at how what ingredients are in your products, and how you’re positioning them in the market. Do your products contain any of the preservatives, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, or other ingredients that are on Made Safe®’s Banned List, or that have scientific studies linking their repeated use to skin allergies, irritant reactions, or other body burden-related health concerns?

Do your products produce an inflammatory reaction, or interfere with the skin’s natural processes rather than supporting them? If so, then I hate to break it to you, but your products aren’t green or clean, and shouldn’t be marketed as such.

Do you need help planning, formulating, or marketing your herbal skincare brand?

Rachael Pontillo

I can help! I offer professional consulting services to both new and established skincare businesses in the green/clean/holistic space. Click here to learn more and book your first appointment.

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