Like Beauty, A Successful Skincare Business is More Than Skin Deep.

Your beautiful skincare business starts here.

That dream you have of running a customized, boutique skincare business or adding your own skincare products to your current offerings? It’s totally doable.

You just need the skincare customization skills — and industry-specific business knowledge — to make it happen. And you’re in the right place!

Set your skincare business up for success.

This program is a great fit if you are a health coach, aesthetician, nutritionist, herbalist, aromatherapist, naturopath, or entrepreneur who wants to add add a custom skincare aspect to you practice or offer your own indie skincare brand.

We’re serious about skincare and your business — and we work with people who are serious too.

CYS Pro (as it is lovingly nicknamed) is for you if you…

  • Finish what you start—this program is NOT for people don’t go the distance
  • Learn well in a structured environment
  • Enjoy support and collaborative learning—CYS Pro students work together, so participation is essential
  • Are fully committing to taking the actions needed to start your business now

Let’s get your skincare business started right.

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It starts with customized, boutique skincare products.

Here’s a secret the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know: skin is unique — and it changes.

Do clients ever tell you: “I’ve been using this product for years, but I  just don’t feel like it’s making a difference in my skin.” or “I’ve been using this product for years, and I don’t know what happened, but my skin’s been feeling really dry and tight lately so I don’t think it works anymore.” or “My skin was doing really well with the products you gave me until I got pregnant, and now my skin’s a sensitive, broken out mess.”

Forget generic skin types. Forget the “right” solution for “dry skin” or “oily skin.”

Think customization. Think change and adaptation. The Create Your Skincare methodology goes way beyond teaching ingredients and formulations geared toward generic skin types. In Create Your Skincare, you learn the art and science of choosing the best ingredients and formulations to meet the ongoing needs of REAL PEOPLE. You can use these methods to give yourself — and your customers — luminous skin for life.

Every person is an individual with unique needs, and just like there’s no one diet that’s perfect for everyone, there’s no one skincare regimen that’s perfect for everyone.

How would it feel to NOT have to guess which ingredients are right for your client’s skin?

In Create Your Skincare Professional, I’ll teach you to create and customize boutique skincare that will be a perfect fit for you and your clients at EVERY stage of their skin using Skin Sequencing™, our proprietary custom skincare ingredient selection process, which eliminates the guesswork and maximizes the skin’s genetic potential.

How would it feel to be able to offer that customer a more personalized skincare solution, that would meet her needs when something about her skin inevitably changes?

Learning to create and customize boutique skincare products creates customers for life.

In CYS Pro, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create a boutique experience for your customers. There’s more to skincare than just science and numbers. Creating boutique skincare products is an art. I’ll teach you the art of how to design ALL-NATURAL skincare (sans icky chemicals) to fit each client’s current skin situation and their individual skin goals.

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Create Your Skincare: Professional Edition


In this 4 month experience, you’ll learn to formulate and customize all natural, boutique skincare products from scratch. You’ll also get certified as a Boutique Skincare Designer, AND start or grow your skincare business.

This program offers superior boutique skincare formulation and business instruction, support, and accountability for people serious about starting a skincare business who are ready to buckle down, and get it done.

Custom, natural, beautiful … and wanted

The trend of customization isn’t going anywhere. Generation X and baby boomer clients long for the days of high-touch customer service and human interaction in this digital world, and you provide that experience by creating customized products.

And as the purchasing power of the millennial generation grows, so does the demand for signature products and services, that are unique to their wants and needs. Customers are more interested in being part of their own experience, and forming a connection with their products and beauty experts (that’s you), than settling for generic solutions off a shelf. Plus millennial clients are ingredient savvy and value top quality, signature products and services–and will sing your praises from the rooftops (well…or social media) when they find something they love. Adding customized, boutique skincare products to your practice or brand will set you apart, and position you as an on-trend expert.


Ignorance is no longer bliss in the skincare and wellness industries.

With increased research and awareness about the dangers of toxicants in skincare products, and dishonest practices like greenwashing in the beauty industry, customers do their homework before they buy. They want to know more about ingredients, formulation, and sourcing, and they want to feel confident that their products are not just effective, but safe for their health and for the planet.

Create Your Skincare is a proud Made Safe™ Supporter, and our goal is to help you make products that are safe and non-toxic, as well as targeted for your customers’ bioindividual needs.

And let’s not forget beauty. Skincare is part of the wellness industry, but it’s also part of the beauty industry. I’m a firm believer that to feel beautiful, you have to create things of beauty. In Create Your Skincare: Professional Edition, I teach you how to make beautiful, boutique skincare products that are tailored to each customer’s skin. Your products will be customized, natural, beautiful, and wanted. CYS Pro will show you how to do it.

In CYS Pro you’ll get:

  • 4 levels of herbal and custom skincare formulation instruction (video lectures and demonstrations, downloadable workbooks and resource sheets, etc)- plus our skincare business and marketing curriculum ($2497 value)
  • Exclusive access to our fabulous Bonus Module (valued at $497)
  • Access to our Webinar Library (valued at $497 and increasing, as we add to it year round)
  • Access to the private Create Your Skincare Professional Edition students-only Facebook group – this is where you’ll ask questions and get support from me, connect with your classmates, and continue your learning. ($450 value)
  • Weekly group instructional and coaching calls with me to learn additional tips and techniques, get your questions answered in real-time. ($2250 value)
  • 2 private mentoring calls with me to focus specifically on your individual skincare business goals ($1000 value)
  • Bonus skincare business, marketing, branding, financial planning, website, and time management curriculum from special guest instructors (including Megan Flatt, Katrina Hubbard, Shenee Howard, Gineane Haberlin, Amber Dugger, Erika Tebbens, and more!) ($1000 value)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates in Levels 1 to 4, plus the Bonus Module and Webinar Library (priceless)
  • The ability to sit for your final exam and earn your Boutique Skincare Designer (BSD) Certification ($297 value).
  • And more! I’m full of surprises.

That’s more than $8500 in boutique skincare design and business instruction and course bonuses for just $3997!

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Hi, I’m Rachael Pontillo,

I’m the creator and principal instructor of both the Professional and Personal Editions of Create Your Skincare.

I’ve been in the natural beauty and health industries 23 years and counting. As a licensed aesthetician, as well as a Certified International Health Coach, I’ve successfully helped thousands of women heal physically, emotionally, and even spiritually from skin conditions and helped them maintain healthy, glowing skin long­-term.

And I’m also a businesswoman. I started learning about customized skincare products to heal my own skin, and once I did that successfully, I knew that other women needed to experience it too. So I brought customized skincare solutions to my clients, who experienced life-changing results of their own. There’s a lot to learn about creating all natural skincare—and about the business of skincare. I love bringing that together for people who want to thrive in their own business.

My own skincare and health education is rooted in ancient traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and herbalism in addition to plant and stone energetics and metaphysics. I understand the subtle energetic qualities of how ingredients from nature work with each other–and with the skin–that goes a bit deeper than atoms and molecules. But I’m also trained in cosmetic chemistry, genomics, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®. I believe that there’s room for both science and spirit in skincare.

I have the experience from my education, my own personal story, and my professional practice–PLUS–years of experience from teaching people how to make their own all natural skincare products both live in person, and online. I know what it takes to create amazing, customized products–and to sell them—and my teaching methods are proven.

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what some of my students had to say about Create Your Skincare.

“Before I found Create Your Skincare, I was really frustrated about not feeling confident in knowing if the sources of my research of handcrafted skincare products were reliable and factual. I wanted to be sure that the products I was making were safe and effective.

After signing up, I was excited to learn about making safe, effective, natural skincare products through the use of naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients. I was also very happy to have the ability to earn a certification in an area that is near and dear to me. Once the course started, I quickly saw that I would be learning so much more than I had hoped for. I knew my dollars were well-spent.

During the course I really loved Rachael’s knowledge, openness, accessibility, professionalism, and encouragement to all the students. Since the course I now have the knowledge, credentials, and confidence to take my skincare business to the next level!”

-Terry N. Bailey, TENOBA, LLC

“I benefited so much from this experience. I gained so much more confidence in my abilities as a skincare formulator and also learned to formulate many new products. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways formulate a cleanser! The support from Rachael was rather impressive. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. I was surprised how fast she responded to all the questions I had. There is so much valuable material in this course.  I know I will keep revisiting this course again and again. Thank you again Rachael!”

– Neda Lodato, Neda’s Naturals

I was nervous that the idea of creating skincare would be too complicated. I was blown away at how easy Rachael makes it for her students to create without frustration and in a relaxed way. She lays everything out with detailed, easy to follow steps. One of my favorite things about the program is that Rachael is so hands on. Anytime there is a question posted to our Facebook group, she is right on it with a response. She truly cares about spreading the message that amazing skincare is all about learning what ingredients work for your unique skin and that you can make incredible products on your own. I feel like I have launched a spa experience right in my own home.

I can not recommend this program enough! Anyone who is fed up with trying to find ways (usually with expensive treatments and products) to have beautiful skin, needs to look no further. This course has you covered!

– Abby Mason, Passionate Wellness

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Imagine a thriving skincare business

You’ve imagined a skincare business or adding skincare products to your existing business. Now imagine how it would feel to:

  • Never have to worry whether or not the skincare products you make or sell are safe
  • Feel confident in being able to make targeted products that work
  • Feel at ease knowing that if something changes—whether it’s the season or your customer’s skin—you won’t have to start over from scratch
  • Have the ability to use your knowledge to make products for anyone, regardless of their skin type or skin tone
  • Eliminate competition from online retailers and big box stores who sell professional products–because no one can sell the customized experience your customers can get from you
  • Increase customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals, because your customers’ friends will notice the improvement and want the same for themselves!
  • Market your products confidently, knowing not only that you create amazing, safe products, but that you are meeting regulations too

With Create Your Skincare: Professional Edition, you will:

  • Learn to create and customize complete regimens that feel and smell amazing, are safe, and really work for your customers
  • Stop taking advice from the big cosmetic giants who only care about the bottom line, and start having faith in yourself
  • Develop a deep personal relationship with your own skin, learn to understand its needs, and love it for the miracle it is–and this will carry over into your business!
  • Discover which ingredients your customers’ skin needs to look and feel its best now, and for years to come
  • Understand not only how to create skincare, but also how to run a successful skincare business

Already know CYS Pro is for you? Enroll in our next class now!

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Bring your skincare business dream to life

You could fumble around and learn a little here or there. You could waste years and a lot of money and not really get get closer to your dream. Or you can find the teaching and support you need to dive deep into skincare customization and the specialized skincare business skills you need all in one place.

Check out the Create Your Skincare Professional Edition Syllabus:

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn over the coming months:

Level 1: Foundations of Boutique Skincare Design

This month is all about getting acquainted with the course, your ingredients and supplies, and learning important foundational basics. You’ll also create and customize your Easy-Yet-Elegant regimen which consists of two simple, yet effective, cleansers, a toner, and a serum/moisturizer. These products stand fine on their own as a complete regimen, or can be part of the fully customized regimen that you’ll assemble by the end of this course. Regardless of how you use these products, they’re the perfect transition from theory to practice as they don’t require heating or many functional ingredients, and are simple–yet still offer plenty of options for customization.  

In Level 1, you’ll also begin with the building blocks for your skincare business setup, structure, and branding. Worried how you’ll have time for all this? We’ve got you covered with a primer on time management too.

Level 2: Balms, Butters, Soufflés and Body Scrubs

In Level 2, we build on what you’ve learned thus far, and begin to work with additional ingredient categories, as well as heating and cooling. The formulations are still very simple, and contain no water (therefore do not require a preservative or emulsifier), but the techniques require practice, and ingredient experimentation to get the textures and consistencies you want.

In Level 2’s boutique skincare business curriculum, we’ll dive into legal and regulatory considerations, identify and understand your ideal customer, and talk about money in your business.

Level 3: Exquisite Emulsions and Gels

In Level 3 you’ll make many people’s favorite types of products: emulsions (lotions and creams) and gels. These formulations and techniques are more complex, and involve more functional ingredients than the products in made in previous modules. They’re not difficult, but they do require close attention to detail, practice, and sometimes a little patience. At the end of Level 3, you’ll Create Your Core Regimen—this is a daily regimen-comprised of your favorite products from all modules completed thus far. You’ll also learn about natural emulsification, preservation, and product stability, and get an introduction to cosmetic regulations and testing.

In Level 3’s boutique skincare business curriculum, you’ll learn to assess and track your business wherever it’s at, and we’ll begin diving into your business website, brand image, and communication.

Level 4: Exfoliants, Masks, Spot Treatments, and More

In Level 4, you’ll create products that are used less frequently, but that make a big difference in the efficacy of an overall regimen. These products also give you and your customers opportunities to practice the important art of self-care. At the end you’ll take the Core Regimen you created in Level 3, add put it all together to create your complete regimen.

In Level 4’s boutique skincare business curriculum, we’re going to create (or refine) your business model, brand, and messaging. We’ll also cover more advanced topics in selling, money management, time management and organizational strategies.

Bonus Module

The Bonus Module is about both work and play. If you have the intention of starting your own skincare business or using your products in your aesthetics or wellness practice, this module has important information you need to know before you embark on that journey. It also provides many helpful resources for where to get continuing education on topics like herbalism, cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy, aesthetics, and more. It’s packed with fun too! You’ll get words of wisdom from already successful handmade skincare makers and entrepreneurs (some of which are Create Your Skincare alumni!), you’ll learn about using flower and gemstone essences to add a little magic to your products from Katie Hess, and of course, plus Create Your Skincare for the Holidays course. I know!

  • The entire Create Your Skincare for The Holidays course)
  • Words of wisdom from the pros
  • So you want to have a skincare business?
  • How to infuse your products with flower and gemstone power, with flower elixir guru, Katie Hess
  • Continuing education resources
  • Skincare business resources

You get lifetime access to the the content you’ve purchased and our private Create Your Skincare Alumni Facebook group. We have live training/Q&A webinars each week of the course. These are recorded in case you can’t be there live and are available in the Online Studio the following day. You’ll be able to ask questions ahead of time, in case you have to miss a call.

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Is Create Your Skincare Professional Edition right for you?

  • Are you ready to put in the time to learn? Getting to know your skin is like any relationship – it takes time. You’ll need at least 10 hours upfront to go through the course and experiment with the formulas.
  • Are you willing and able to spend money for your education, business setup, and ingredients and supplies? Create Your Skincare: Professional Edition is the absolute best value you’ll find online on how to make customized, natural skincare products and start or grow a successful skincare business. To be successful, you need to be willing and able to pay for the course, ingredients (at least an extra $50-100 each level), plus any costs associated with getting your business and website up and running. We regularly support our students by posting the latest deals & discount vouchers, and teaching you how to make your purchasing budget last; but ultimately you are financially responsible for all ingredients and supplies, in addition to your course tuition and business costs.

If you can say yes to both of these and one of the following, CYS Pro is perfect for you!

  • Have you tried to get your business started on your own, but stalled due to overwhelm, distraction, or because you didn’t have the tools, guidance, and support you needed?
  • Do you already have a skincare or wellness practice, but you’re losing business because your clients are getting their products online? You’re ready to to set yourself apart as an expert and give your clients something they can’t get elsewhere.
  • Do you want a legitimate at-home business, but you don’t want to do sell the same products your neighbor or kid’s friend’s mom is selling, and you don’t want to host parties or pressure friends and family to be your customers.

If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and get this thing started NOW, let’s do it!

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Here’s the bottom line:

If You Truly Want to Have a Skincare Business, You’ll Do What it Takes to Make That Happen.

You are an innovative, intelligent, amazing human being who is capable of achieving success, financial freedom, and happiness beyond your wildest dreams. You—your story and your vision—are one-of-a-kind. Skincare product manufacturers create products for the masses—for generic categories of people. But you want to create products to help actual individual people.

The skincare industry is unique, which is why it’s so important to get the right training and support from the right teacher, who’s already been there and knows how to help you get what you want.

You deserve to have a business that you love, and that allows you the freedom and flexibility to live your life the way you want.

In Create Your Skincare™ Professional Edition, you’ll learn in just 4 months what it took me years to learn and perfect—and more importantly you’ll have support and guidance from me throughout your entire process.

I’m so excited to have you join me!


I look forward to seeing you in class!

Get Started with Create Your Skincare Professional Edition Today!

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Create Your Skincare: Professional Edition


In this 4 month experience, you’ll learn to formulate and customize all natural, boutique skincare products from scratch. You’ll also get certified as a Boutique Skincare Designer, AND start or grow your skincare business.

This program offers superior boutique skincare formulation and business instruction, support, and accountability for people serious about starting a skincare business who are ready to buckle down, and get it done.


Though Create Your Skincare Professional Edition shares some of the same core content as Create Your Skincare Personal Edition, they are very different due to how much live support and mentoring from myself and guest experts is included, in real time. Live instruction and personal mentoring is not something that can be refunded. Students who have gotten the best results from this course have committed to going through all the material, make a point of attending the live sections, and work hard to follow the course guidelines. If you have put in all the work, made the products, and completed the assignments and are still having trouble within the first 30 days, please contact us for support, so we can help you troubleshoot and get you back on track.


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