Enter the Create Your Skincare Professional Edition Spring 2019 Scholarship Competition!

Has your dream of starting or growing a successful herbal skincare business been placed on hold, because, some of life’s other obligations have taken financial priority?

Do you want learn how to make professional herbal skincare for your aesthetics, herbal, or health coaching clients…but you’re still a little strapped for cash because you’re a new grad (or you’re still a student)?

Well you’re in the right place, because the Create Your Skincare Professional Edition Spring 2019 Competition is happening now!

With not one but THREE fantastic scholarship prizes, NOW is the time for you to get the professional herbal skincare formulation education AND skincare business and marketing training you need to set yourself up for success.

Here’s a fact:

There has never been a better time to start an herbal skincare business or learn to make your own personalized products.


According to Forbes, entrepreneurship is boiling over in the skincare industry, with young, independent brands gaining in influence, and getting more support from traditional retail channels than ever.


Here’s another fact:

The global skincare market has grown steadily over the past several years, and is expected to reach $180 billion by 2024, with nearly $20 billion coming from the US market alone.


There is NO reason why YOU can’t have a big piece of that abundantly delicious pie.


Whether you want to start or grow your herbal skincare business, or give your clients professional strength custom products that WORK, the Create Your Skincare Professional Edition 2019 Scholarship Competition can give you the kick start you need.

My name is Rachael Pontillo, and I’m here to teach you how to make amazing herbal skincare products, and create a kickass skincare business.

Not only will your clients marvel at how decadent your professional quality, all natural skincare products feel, but they will be SHOCKED at how much faster they see the results they want. They — and you will never want to go back to the generic, mass-produced products every other skincare and wellness pro sells.

If you’re anything like me, then there’s nothing generic about you, your business, or your clients! Your clients deserve the custom touch that you can only get from making your own products, and YOU deserve a business that you can be proud of.

I created the Create Your Skincare Spring 2019 Scholarship Competition because I’ve been so inspired by how my students have used their skincare businesses not only to help people transform their skin, but also to give back to their communities and to the planet.

I am also conscious that there are many women who want to make just as big a difference, but just aren’t in the financial position to be able to afford the full cost of Create Your Skincare Professional Edition tuition at this time.

So this year, I decided I want to give back by awarding scholarship prizes to not one, but THREE deserving winners:

  • One grand prize of 50% off tuition ($2000 tuition credit)
  • TWO amazing prizes of 30% off tuition ($1200 tuition credit)

Create Your Skincare Professional Edition is a high touch, hybrid live online learning experience, which combines the convenience of online learning with the personal mentoring and small group attention you’d receive in a live classroom. You’ll receive top quality herbal skincare formulation education, plus entrepreneurial skincare business and marketing training all online, over 16 weeks. Our cutting edge new online platform offers more ease of use and interaction than ever, and you’ll learn exclusive ingredient selection methodologies that you can’t learn elsewhere. This course is worth more than double its full tuition.

But we also know that sometimes you need a little help to get off the ground.

This scholarship competition is that stepping stone to your success.

If you’re someone who is committed to learning, participating, and taking ACTION to advance your education and start or grow your business, please apply for this scholarship.

If you’re someone who wants to use your skincare business to support a cause that helps Mother Earth and ALL of her inhabitants, please apply for this scholarship.

If you’re someone who wants to use your skincare business to meet the needs of people who have been previously underserved in the skincare industry, please apply for this scholarship.

The deadline to enter the Create Your Skincare Spring 2019 Scholarship Competition is February 28 2019. Due to demand, late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted, no exceptions.

I can’t wait to learn about how your successful herbal skincare business will change your life AND change the world!

Good Luck!






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