Readers Recommend: Top 10 Picks for Health and Wellness Android Apps


Last week I shared my favorites out of the health and wellness-related apps for Apple products. As I mentioned, I also have an Android device (my phone), so I also got to check out your recommendations for health and wellness-related apps for these devices. While there was some overlap (although I am surprised there weren’t more apps that were both Android and Apple compatible that were both free?some of the free Droid ones had a price tag on Apple and vice versa), I was able to find some great free picks for Android apps in the topics of health and wellness, with a little beauty and natural skincare thrown in.
Here are my top 10 favorites out of the recommendations you gave on Facebook and Twitter last week as well as a few of my own:
These are in no particular order…?

    1. Daily YOGA: This yoga app really stood out to me because it demonstrates the different asanas (poses) in slow motion so you can not only see how the asana is supposed to look but also how you are supposed to enter into the position and leave it. It also offers free daily series? for different target areas such as abs, the back, hips and butt, etc. in addition to tips for how to breathe correctly and what to expect if you are a yoga newbie.


  • Yoga for All: This yoga app is different from the Daily YOGA in several ways, but I like it just as much. It also lets you explore the different asanas by giving illustrations and descriptions of them, but it also tells you the different benefits each one has. There are also options which I thought were really cool. You can search under Diseases or Body Part and find recommended asanas to remedy/benefit each one. Of course the information is basic and for the general population and is not meant to cure or prevent any disease or ailment, and of course is not a substitute for proper medical care or formal yoga instruction (I am getting so sick of writing that disclaimer), but I still think it is good information to have.



  • Cessation Nation: If an app can get my stubborn 5 year old to eat more fruits and veggies, then an app can definitely help a stubborn adult (and definitely stubborn young adults who have picked up the habit) quit smoking. Cessation Nation helps keep people motivated to not give into cigarette cravings by tracking the time since the last cigarette, the amount of cigarettes not smoked since the last one, the amount of money saved since the last one, and the time saved not taking smoke breaks since the last one. It also tracks how as the time passes since the last cigarette grows, so do your health benefits. For example, after a mere 9 hours without a cigarette, that person?s heart rate and blood pressure decrease, the carbon monoxide level in the blood has nearly returned to normal, the senses of taste and smell have already improved by nearly 20%, and more than 10% of nicotine has been eliminated from the body. The more time you go without smoking, the more health benefits you achieve. There are also fun little free in-app games you can use as a distraction if cravings strike and more fun ones unlock the longer you go without smoking. I think this is a FANTASTIC app.



  • Water Your Body: There are lots of apps out there to help you make sure you drink enough water every day but this one is the most user-friendly in my opinion. You enter your weight to calculate the general amount of water you should consume daily, and then you set the default glass/cup size (you can change this if you happen to have water from a different-sized container). You enter in each time you drink that serving of water, and it keeps track of how much you have consumed towards your daily goal. It also has a little audible reminder in case you get too busy and forget to have your water?it makes the sound of running water to remind you it?s time to re-hydrate. Good to know ahead of time so you can silence your device before going into a meeting, or movie, or class. Anyway, I am usually really conscientious about drinking enough water but it?s nice to have the reminder on busy days.



  • Juice Rx: This app was recommended by many of you and I can definitely see why. It offers free juicing recipes and, like the yoga app above, you can search for juicing recipes by ingredients and by health condition (I am not going to repeat the disclaimer again). For example, if you have acne, try juicing some apples, carrots, kale leaves, and parsley. There are many different blends and recipes for each condition, which is good because different foods work better together than others not just in terms of taste, but also in terms of food energetic and synergy. Once you pick the recipes you want to try, you can add the ingredients to a handy grocery list by tapping the shopping cart icon. It?s a great idea and helps take some of the confusion out of juicing.



  • Home Remedies for You: There are lots of home remedies apps too, but I like this one (by HomeRemediesforYou.com) because instead of just suggesting herbs and spices that no one?s ever heard of, it gives suggestions for everyday whole foods to eat to combat different ailments. It lists the food and tells you what to do with it. For example, if you have an insect bite, this app says to ?try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana peel to reduce swelling and irritation.? Who knew?



  • Vitamins Minerals: This is a great little cheat sheet for vitamins and minerals. It tells you what it does, in what foods they are found, some symptoms to look for that may indicate a deficiency, the recommended dietary allowances (this may vary from person to person), and whether it is water or fat soluble which is important for absorption.



  • Natural Beauty Recipe: This app offers many DIY skincare recipes, as well as recipes for bath and body, eye care, oral care, nail care, and much more. The recipes are free, and include food ingredients, as well as herbs, spices, and essential oils. The instructions are very thorough and easy to follow, and it also tells you how best to use each recipe.



  • Map My Walk + GPS Walking: This is much more than just a pedometer app. It tracks your distance, your route, allows you to set your profile with goals and provides tracking statistics. It also offers basic nutrition and calorie recommendations and offers a food journal option. I like that it lets you track not only regular foods, but also has a lot of information about the nutritional content of popular restaurant menu items so it is easier to track on the go.



  • Makeup Tutorials: This is a really fun app that offers a collection of different makeup tutorial videos from different makeup artists to help you achieve different looks. You can get step-by-step tips for just about any look from Vintage, to Bollywood, to Gothic; as well as Classic and Natural. You can then set your favorites. I like this because sometimes you might be traveling or you happen to be out already and your plans change and you don’t always have time to plan a whole new makeup look. This is great to check in with to get some quick inspiration wherever you happen to be.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as well as the one I did about the Apple apps. I definitely had ? ? a lot of fun testing out all of your recommendations! Thanks again to those of you who

? ? participated.
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