Reiki: How My Journey Began

If you’ve ever checked out my About Me page, or come across any of my online bios, you may have noticed that I am a certified level II. reiki practitioner.? Reiki is something I came across (like many things) by accident.

I happened to be window shopping in one of my favorite ?new age? (I don’t like that term, someone needs to come up with a better one) bookstores, Garland of Letters, in Downtown Philadelphia.? This store has books about everything from religion, to meditation, to psychology, to healthcare practices from many different cultures, to herbs, to yoga, and to crystals and Tarot cards.? They even had some natural homemade skin care and body care products.? I always make a point to stop at this store whenever I happen to be in the neighborhood.? I just love it there.

So I happened to stop in, although I wasn?t looking for anything specific.? I browsed around for awhile, and then happened to glance over at a table of books.? A book with a bright purple cover, called Reiki: Hands That Heal by Joyce J. Morris, MS, CADC with William R. Morris, OMD caught my eye.

Other than its brightly-colored cover, the book didn’t have any fancy graphics or anything else that jumped out at me. While there are black and white photographs and illustrations (a few colored diagrams at the very end) throughout the pages, it?s not one of those books that you can browse through and get an idea what it?s about by looking at full color, glossy images.? The book begins with a few simple, yet inspirational letters about reiki from people who receive and practice it.? I didn’t want to just stand there in the aisle and read it (the store is small and is usually very busy) so I figured, what the hey, just take it home.? I don’t do this with every book, mind you (although my husband might disagree with me), but for some reason I felt that I needed to own this particular book.

Once I got home, I started reading it and couldn’t put it down.? Not because it was a compelling work of fiction and I needed to know the end of the story, but because reiki just seemed so different from anything I had ever learned about healing.? And it is.

Finding a master teacher

Reiki can be learned by anyone, but it cannot be learned simply from reading about it.? It is a gift that is passed from master teacher to student.? That very day I started searching for reiki practitioners and reiki master teachers in my area because I wanted to learn more.? This was nearly a decade ago, and there were nowhere near as many reiki practitioners practicing and teaching in my area as there are now, so I really didn’t have too many choices.

I found site called Universal Healing Systems, run by Karen L. Scheel, that wasn?t too far from where I lived at the time.? In addition to other methods of healing, Karen practices and teaches reiki.? I contacted her, and we connected right away.? It was like having a conversation with an old friend.? She wanted me to check out other teachers, to make sure I felt she was the right one for me; which I did, but I knew from that first conversation that Karen was the teacher for me.

My level I. certification

I went to Karen’s studio, Frog Hollow, which is on a beautiful nature and wildlife preserve outside of Philadelphia, and began my level I. training.? I received my first attunement, and began practicing.? After I completed and documented my hours, I became certified.

After my first attunement and certification, I used my reiki in my own self healing and meditative efforts, and on my family members and friends.? I even used it while pregnant and during the delivery of my two children, and had two beautiful and uncomplicated labors and deliveries.? I used it to soothe my children as babies, and continue to do so (even though they have no idea I’m doing it.).

My level II. certification

Years later, I obtained my level II. certification, which gave me a much deeper understanding of reiki.? Since I moved further away from Karen?s studio, I received this certification from a different master teacher (who has since moved).? I could immediately feel how much stronger the energy now was, and how much easier it was to access.? I felt much more of a connection with the reiki after obtaining this certification.

The next step

When I began school for aesthetics, I always imagined that reiki would be a great addition to facials and other spa services.? I know it has grown in popularity, and several spas and wellness centers now offer it as its own separate service.? Although it is perfectly fine to practice reiki with a level II. certification, I have decided to pursue master level certification, so? not only will I have the ability and knowledge to offer clients (as well as my family, friends, and self) the most benefits reiki has to offer, but also to finish what I started and learn the rest of what can be taught by a master teacher (the rest is learned by practice, meditation, and spirit).

My next post will be an overview about what reiki is, where it came from, and how it works.? I hope you check it out, and learn more about this beautiful healing art.? It changed the course of my life for the better.


3 thoughts on “Reiki: How My Journey Began”

  1. I never formally learned this practice but did study the Sylva Method in the 1980’s. I still use these techniques which sound like they are related to reiki healing and other similar practices. I also used them to heal all of you with my “mommy hands” when any of you was sick and still do. Have a Blessed Day! Mommy

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