How the Sacred Feminine Can Save Your Life

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Like REALLY hit rock bottom–as in you seriously don’t know how your life can go on, or if it will ever be the same since everything you thought was your reality is crumbling apart? Maybe it’s a health crisis, a love crisis, a job crisis, an accident, or another type of tragedy. Moments like these bring even the least spiritual or religious people to their knees in prayers to God, Jesus, Allah, or another male “father” deity. I’m not saying that’s wrong to do–but have you ever prayed to the Goddess or sacred feminine?

I want to share my friend Zinnia Gupte’s amazing story with you.

Zinnia was going through a divorce. From the outside, it looked like she was losing everything: her husband of12 years, her house, her job, her city. Everything that made her life what it was, was falling away.?

Zinnia guiding women in Sacred Feminine dance
Zinnia leading a group of women in sacred feminine dance in Ibiza.

Despite being from a long lineage of priestesses (her mother, her mother?s mother, her grandmother?s mother?), it was a time where her faith was running on low. In one of those rock bottom moments, Zinnia got on her knees and asked the goddesses to ?show her.? Was there anyone out there? Because it felt like she was entirely alone.
Now, I don’t know about you, but if I ever find myself broken down and asking God, Goddess, or the Universe?to send me a sign or show me how I can move through my pain, I sure hope they give me the same answer that Zinnia got–to dance. Dance? Dance. She trusted it, and she danced.?
Moved by the voices she was hearing, Zinnia moved to Ibiza, Spain, where she was able to generate joy and heal herself by reconnecting with her love of dance. Subsequently, this spurred a whole new chapter in her life, characterized by living in love, creating from a divine place, and helping other women do the same.
Below you’ll find my interview with Zinnia, where we talk about how she helps women discover their sacred feminine power through her mentorship and through her Goddess Power oracle cards, which I have to say, I am a little bit obsessed with.

How?is?the feminine model different from the male?

We’ve been living in a certain reality for as long as we’ve known, conditioned into the masculine model of control, competition, and domination. In this model we have order–we have hierarchy and dualism.
The collaborative feminine model, on the other hand, is based on abundance–there is enough for everyone; the more we give, the more gain. This mindset allows us to break away from competition–feeling like someone else has to be wrong for us to be right, someone else has to have less in order for us to have more.
The abundance mindset is what allowed Zinnia to go from working at a job that left her drained and unfulfilled to becoming a mentor, a priestess, and a dancing her way through life. Her bravery came from knowing that the world wants to provide for her, and that she can be powerful through giving. And she’s working to help more women find their power through collaborative characteristics: Trust is power. Nurture is power. Strategy is power. Boundaries are powerful, too.
img_6723Last year I wrote an article talking about how DIY skincare can foster female empowerment (I know it seems like a stretch, but read it!) In the article I mention ?Lean in? feminism, the Sheryl Sandberg type of feminism that tells us we should be more like men if we want to succeed. Of course, this is an oversimplification of her message, but for many women, it doesn’t resonate. While it may seem in some ways to help level the playing field in the corporate environment, it may also leave women feeling unfulfilled, always wanting something more (though they can’t put their finger on what’s missing), or like they’re trying to be something they’re not–which in essence, is exactly what they’re doing. This calls for a more modern model of feminism–the sacred feminine model–which?celebrates the innate gifts and abilities of women as equally important and complementary to those of men, as well the feminine aspect of God and/or the Universe. In a patriarchal society, this approach is an excellent way to restore balance.
Zinnia?s?work?helps cultivate this school of the sacred feminine?that lets us live an empowered life gracefully, as women. Her?Goddess Power Card deck is an excellent tool both for beginners, and longtime practitioners of the sacred feminine.
In my interview with Zinnia below, we talk about her Goddess Power Cards, which help offer guidance in the mode of healing you most resonate with. Each card character presents?a Goddess, professes a mode of power, like trust or strategy, and also offers numerology, flower essence, tarot, and even herbal advice. So essentially it allows you to listen to the wisdom of the goddesses and interpret it in the modality of your choosing.

Watch my interview with Zinnia Gupte to learn more about the sacred feminine and why I have become a bit obsessed with her Goddess Power cards:

Click?HERE?to download the audio version of this episode free on my iTunes channel (and subscribe while you’re at it!)

About Zinnia Gupte:

Zinnia Gupte, sacred feminine leaderZinnia is an author, inspirational speaker, priestess and women?s leadership mentor who helps women embrace their sacred feminine power.
Her first book, Messages From Shakti was a #1 best-seller on Amazon women’s growth and development. Zinnia hosts the Shakti Power podcast on iTunes and offers mentorship, group coaching, free talks and workshops about her signature process Shakti Power. Her courses are designed to help women reimagine their lives and generate more power.
Zinnia divides her time between New York City and Ibiza, Spain and teaches sacred dance every year in Spain at the Ibiza Spirit Festival. Reach Zinnia at?www.shaktipriestess.com?and receive your free Shakti Goddess Gift! Click HERE to get your own Goddess Power Card deck–it’s really a wonderful deck and I know you’ll love it!

share-your-thoughts-2-150x150Is the sacred feminine part of your own spiritual and life practice?

And how did Zinnia’s message resonate with you??Tell me more in the comments below!
*Images of Zinnia are used here with permission from www.shaktipriestess.com
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6 thoughts on “How the Sacred Feminine Can Save Your Life”

  1. I just came from a Yoga Class that I have started with a group of my favorite men and women friends and was catching up on emails. I just watched your interview with Zinnia Gupta and was touched in so many ways. I have requested her free gift, but I especially look forward to learning more about my own sacred feminine powers through her website. Thank you so very much Rachel! B

    1. You are so welcome Barb! I am so glad it resonated with you, and wish you great joy as you rediscover your own sacred feminine power. Thank you for sharing! <3 --Rachael

  2. This gave me goosebumpsbumps!!! I have been on a mission to set up workshops for next few months to inspire women to find there inner goddess. Keep it up Rachael…you are meant to do great things. Will order cards asap. Can’t wait to connect.

  3. Beautiful interview and the message was so timely for me Rachael – Namaste – thanks for sharing again and again <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes–this is a message that seems to come at times when we most need the reminder, doesn’t it?

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