Why I Stopped Teaching DIY Skincare Classes in Person

I’m so excited that my online course, Create Your Skincare, is back on Monday!!! This is now the third time I’m running the 6-week course LIVE and the feedback I’ve received from past students about the format has been amazing.
The biggest question/concern I get from people is whether or not they’ll fall behind or not be able to complete the course during the 6 week period. They also worry whether they’ll actually be able to learn something hands-on like making skincare products online. So I wanted to address these concerns, starting with the latter.

I used to teach a series of in-person DIY skincare classes called “Make Your Own All Natural, Organic Skincare” here in the Philadelphia area.

DSCF9632The class grew very quickly from one class, once a year, in one location to three classes, four to five times a year, at five different locations. I taught in this format for 3 years, but stopped for two reasons. First, because the products I taught in some of the classes had to cool and cure for several hours before they could be used, I had to make all of the products for my students to take home with them ahead of time. It was fine at first, but as the class grew, it just became overwhelming and I was always afraid I’d get to class and have more students show up than I had made products for. And that happened once!
The bigger issue was that I’d get emails from my students telling me they loved the class and that the products were the best they’d ever used, but since they only watched me make them once, they didn’t feel confident that they could make them as good on their own. That made me really sad, because the whole reason I began teaching these classes was to inspire people that they could make their own products–that yes, there’s definitely art, science, and technique involved but it is NOT rocket science and not some mystery reserved for some secret club of alchemists. Anyone can do it. When I began to see the same people taking the class over and over again just to be able to watch me do the demonstrations more than once, I realized that even though I was teaching hands-on, that didn’t mean people were able to practice hands-on. That was a huge epiphany because I know that when I taught myself to make products, I did so by experimenting–hands on. Over and over again. Not by taking one class for 2 hours and then going home with a few recipes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 4.49.37 PMThat’s why I decided to put?my DIY skincare classes online…

So that students?can watch the lessons and demonstrations as many times as they feel they need to–heck they can even watch them on an iPad right next to their workspace and hit pause or rewind while making the products right alongside me. Create Your Skincare students get lifetime membership to the course, the private Facebook community to ask?questions and get answers anytime they have them, and they can repeat the course with me live everytime I run it. So there’s no need to fear falling behind, because if life happens within the 6-week course, no worries! All the content is there after, so they can catch up on their own time.

It’s really the best of both worlds…

The convenience of an online course with the support of a live instructor.
Create Your Skincare starts again Monday May 11 and enrollment will remain open until the end of week 1.

Click HERE to find out more about the course and to?get started for as little as $97 a month!

I hope you can join me–it’s gonna be a blast!


2 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Teaching DIY Skincare Classes in Person”

  1. This makes a lot of sense Rachael. People have asked me to teach face – to – face classes. I have been resistant to it but not really having a clear reason as to why. They kept asking. I began to look for space (other than my home) and I kept hitting a dead end because the space rental was too expensive ($50 – $85/hr) with a three hour minimum. It would be hard for me to guarantee attendance. I put the idea on hold and I am so glad I did. There is no one in my area, that I know of, who is teaching skin care on this level. I would like to be the first. I know it will take a lot of strategic planning. My confidence is growing stronger and I am so thankful and grateful that I found you and your course. It has been a tremendous blessing to me.
    Thank you ~ Kim

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