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Meet the Create Your Skincare Alumni

Our Create Your Skincare students come from all walks of life – we have had skincare formulators, health coaches, and soccer moms take the course.

Check out some of their stories and their creations below:

Student Stories

Tasha Hetke Create Your Skincare Student

How natural skincare entrepreneur, Tasha Hetke from Native2Nature Skincare, overcame common business challenges by getting the right support, taking calculated risks, and following her own intuition.

Joyce Wheeler Create Your Skincare Student

How wife and mother, Joyce Wheeler, took her family’s health–and her own into her own hands, and created her dream skincare business.

Kymberly Keniston Pond Create Your Skincare Studdent

How renowned aromatherapist, essential oil author, reflexologist, artist, and formulator Kymberly Keniston-Pond took what she learned in Create Your Skincare to offer top quality, totally custom skincare to her clients.

Richard Merrill Create Your Skincare Student

What Aestheticians Should Know About Choosing Skincare Ingredients

Jennifer Devlin Waller Create Your Skincare Student

Why would a seasoned artisan skincare maker take Create Your Skincare?

Tisha Palmer Create Your Skincare Student

How DIY Skincare is the Ultimate Self-Care

Lara Bokenfohr - Create Your Skincare Testimonial

How one nutritionist used custom, boutique skincare to help her ailing father and teenage daughter find relief for their individual skin issues.

Create Your Skincare Students Featured on Cheddar

Segment from Cheddar News Today  features not one but TWO CYS grads’ skincare products!

Praise for Create Your Skincare

Picture of Dr. Ellerie Nagy, ND, L.Ac , Dr. Ellerie Beauty Medicine & Self-Care Rituals

Dr. Ellerie Nagy, ND, L.Ac , Dr. Ellerie Beauty Medicine & Self-Care Rituals

Working with Rachael was the best decision I made for my skincare business.

As someone who is committed to holistic skincare, high quality clean ingredients, and has a big vision, I knew I needed help from a seasoned professional. I’ve had friends gift me handmade skincare gifts which have gone moldy and rancid. Gross! I needed someone with the same holistic values and knew could teach me non-toxic methods of preservation. When deciding to become a Create Your Skincare Pro Masterpreneur student, I knew it was a commitment. It’s been worth every penny. Her course has so much information! That part alone is amazing--after all she has been teaching this course for years before the pandemic. As a Masterprenuer student, I have weekly calls with her. Rachael has been there every step of the process for me. She never ceases to impress me with not only her knowledge of formulating skincare but also her knowledge of sourcing quality ingredients, her business savvy, marketing and media knowledge, and her knowledge of EWG standards, Made Safe, and the other clean certifications. If you’re wanting to start making skincare for clients or launching a new skincare business, Rachael Pontillo goes above and beyond to help bring your dreams to reality.

Picture of Terry N. Bailey, TENOBA, LLC

Terry N. Bailey, TENOBA, LLC

Before I found Create Your Skincare, I was really frustrated about not feeling confident in knowing if the sources of my research of handcrafted skincare products were reliable and factual. I wanted to be sure that the products I was making were safe and effective.

After signing up, I was excited to learn about making safe, effective, natural skincare products through the use of naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients. I was also very happy to have the ability to earn a certification in an area that is near and dear to me. Once the course started, I quickly saw that I would be learning so much more than I had hoped for. I knew my dollars were well-spent.

During the course I really loved Rachael’s knowledge, openness, accessibility, professionalism, and encouragement to all the students. Since the course I now have the knowledge, credentials, and confidence to take my skincare business to the next level!”

Picture of Jennifer Devlin, Founder and Formulator of Celtic Complexion Organic Skin Care

Jennifer Devlin, Founder and Formulator of Celtic Complexion Organic Skin Care

“As the owner of an artisan skincare business, I am always seeking out ways to increase my knowledge of creating beautiful, safe skincare. I invested in Rachael’s class because we share the same philosophy when it comes to making products. I was NOT disappointed! Her style of teaching is fun and concise, and it was easy to comprehend and follow. The knowledge and expertise she shares make the course invaluable. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take their skills to the next level.”

Jennifer shares more of her Create Your Skincare experience in a video interview! Watch it HERE >

Picture of Abby Mason, Passionate Wellness

Abby Mason, Passionate Wellness

I was nervous that the idea of creating skincare would be too complicated. I was blown away at how easy Rachael makes it for her students to create without frustration and in a relaxed way. She lays everything out with detailed, easy to follow steps. One of my favorite things about the program is that Rachael is so hands on. Anytime there is a question posted to our Facebook group, she is right on it with a response. She truly cares about spreading the message that amazing skincare is all about learning what ingredients work for your unique skin and that you can make incredible products on your own. I feel like I have launched a spa experience right in my own home.

I can not recommend this program enough! Anyone who is fed up with trying to find ways (usually with expensive treatments and products) to have beautiful skin, needs to look no further. This course has you covered!

Picture of Katie Stehura, Dancer/Choreographer, New York

Katie Stehura, Dancer/Choreographer, New York

My main goal in starting this course was to learn how to be self-sustainable in terms of my skincare products, and I achieved that goal beyond my expectations. This course was truly amazing, and Rachael is awesome and extremely knowledgeable! I loved the idea of only having to rely on myself for all products I use in the future, eliminating toxic ingredients from my regimen, learning about natural/nontoxic substitutes, and being able to customize products to MY skin! You can’t get that at the store! Thank you so much, Rachael. 🙂

Picture of Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

Kim Handy, Owner and Founder of GlammGirl

I signed up for Create Your Skincare because I wanted to get professional and high quality knowledge that I could use in creating my own skincare as well as for my clients. Before Create Your Skincare, I was really frustrated because I had taken skincare formulation courses in the past, but for some reason I did not have the confidence I needed to move forward with creating custom products for myself and others. I have never trusted the DIY recipes on beauty blogs and YouTube and I did not want to be a recipe follower. I wanted to create high-end and high performing products and I wanted to learn from a real expert. Ultimately, I trusted Rachael to provide this information to me and she definitely delivered. I learned so much in this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who does not have a chemist or science background, like me. I was not intimidated by the course at all and it was not difficult to understand. I also would recommend this course for anyone who wants to move beyond duplicating recipes that are on the internet…yuck. I have gained the confidence as a professional skincare formulator that I was looking for.

Picture of Neda Lodato, Neda’s Naturals

Neda Lodato, Neda’s Naturals

I benefited so much from this experience. I gained so much more confidence in my abilities as a skincare formulator and also learned to formulate many new products. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways formulate a cleanser! The support from Rachael was rather impressive. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. I was surprised how fast she responded to all the questions I had. There is so much valuable material in this course. I know I will keep revisiting this course again and again. Thank you again Rachael!

Picture of Andrea de la Fuente, Piedra Caliza

Andrea de la Fuente, Piedra Caliza

Create Your Skincare Pro was more than I expected, I truly recommend it. It helped me not only with my formulations, but with my business and mindset. It was very organized, complete, and well-paced so I could experiment with the formulas. Thanks Rachael for being so patient and answering all my questions!

Student Creations

Student Skincare Brands:

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Passionate Wellness Logo
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Heavenly Bodies Logo

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