Why would a seasoned artisan skincare maker take Create Your Skincare?

A Student Story by Jennifer Devlin-Waller, founder of Celtic Complexion

Jennifer Devlin-Waller is the creator and formulator of Celtic Complexion, an award-winning skincare brand based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a Master Esthetician, and long-time sufferer of rosacea, Jennifer already had her very successful skincare line before she became a Create Your Skincare student.

Watch the interview with Jennifer to hear more about:

  • The difference between artisan and mass-produced skincare – and why we should care about what we put on our skin
  • Tips for treating skincare as self-care, not something to just get through
  • How adding luxurious little details every step of the way is such an important part of how well your product works – whether you’re formulating for yourself, a friend, or for a client

Jennifer Devlin-Waller suffered from rosacea, an inflammatory skin disease which affects 16 million people, mostly of Irish, English and Scottish descent, from her early 20s onwards. Her journey to disguise and heal her condition led her to found the award-winning skincare company Celtic Complexion alongside her husband Steve (Mr. Celtic Complexion).

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