How DIY Skincare is the Ultimate Self-Care

A Student Story by Tisha Jill Palmer

Why DIY Skincare is the Ultimate Self-care

Tisha Jill Palmer is a former student of Create Your Skincare who uses luxurious, custom skincare products to introduce her clients to better self-care.

As Tisha’s friend, fellow health coach, and co-founder of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, I’ve seen Tisha Jill add customized skincare to her offerings, and seen first hand the difference it’s made to her business and her clients.

Watch the interview with Tisha to hear more about:

  • The importance of having support when making lifestyle changes or learning something new–because if something goes wrong, it’s so much better to have a safety net of teachers and colleagues so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board.
  • Tisha’s experience with taking Create Your Skincare — at first she was a little nervous about the idea of learning something so hands-on in an online platform. (Tisha Jill, like many, is a pen and paper kind of learner. Or, more specifically, a multi-colored felt-tip marker and paper kind of learner.) She talks about the importance of having something tangible to work with when learning something new–and how the format of Create Your Skincare really worked in a tangible way, while it also offered the convenience of a virtual experience.

By the way, this is one of the few interviews with students that I’ve had the opportunity to do in person! See our fun conversation below:

Tisha Jill is an Empowerment and Nourishment Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, focusing not only on nutrition, but also on the full picture of nourishment. After studying at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, Tisha Jill worked for 20 years in the medical field before completing her studies to become an AADP Board Certified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach and Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer™. Tisha Jill has her own company MojoMoxie; and also lends her services to The Decency Group, an integrative practice of service providers and consultants.

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Tisha Jill Palmer

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