Do you need a new successful skin care business mindset?

The Mindset You Need for a Successful Skin Care Business

I recently sent out a survey to my email and social media communities and asked one simple question: how can I help you in your skincare business right now? In this “Back to School, Back to Business” series, I’m going to address the six most common challenges that came up in the responses, and give my best mindset suggestions for a successful skin care business.

I’m going to start today with the one that really is central to every other topic in this series, and that is mindset. You have to have the right mindset for success if you want to start your own skin care line, or have any sort of skin care business. Period.

Watch today’s video to learn more about how to overcome the most common mindset issues that trip people up on their quest for skin care business success:

Let’s first dig into the fear of failure.

Society in general has done a very good job of conditioning people to believe that success is only for certain people. The truth is that success is an ongoing journey. Failure may seem like an end, but whenever you face an end, there’s always an opportunity for a new beginning.

When we’re afraid of failing, it’s often because we are shortsighted and don’t look at other possibilities towards success when something goes wrong. Whatever fear of failure you’re having now, ask yourself honestly: what’s the worst thing that can happen? You’ll lose money? You’ll lose a lot of money? Well, here’s the thing with money, it comes back. Money is another huge mindset issue, by the way.

There are many different roads that we can take to achieve that whole idea of success. So if one doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you failed and you’re done, and you can never have:

  • A skin care business
  • Comfort in your life
  • Financial freedom

All it means is that that particular path didn’t work. Time to try another one! Therefore, fear of failure is only a real problem if you let it stop you–if you let it end your dream.

Another important mindset topic is self-sabotage.

The funny thing with self-sabotage is that we rarely realize we’re doing it. It’s a subconscious behavior. One of the most common self-sabotaging behaviors I see and hear (and honestly, I sometimes do myself) is procrastination. When we run down our to-do list, if the top priority is something that we really don’t feel like doing, it’s really easy to just skip to a more fun item on the list. We fill our day with things that keep us busy, so we feel like we’re being productive, but that big rock–that big top priority task or project–is still not done.

What I want you to do is think about how much longer that big task is actually going to take by procrastinating. Think about it. When we procrastinate, we’re still thinking about that thing that we’re not doing, which means we’re still spending time and energy on it. But it’s not getting done. So the amount of time and energy that we spend on that task could end up being double or triple what it would have been, had we just buckled down and done it. People complain that they never have enough time for anything, or hours in the day. The truth is though, that procrastination eats up a lot of that time.

Another form of productive procrastination is saying yes to too many things.

Stop saying yes to too many things

This is what happens when you’re supposed to do something for your business. It’s often something that’s going to make you money to help you actually HAVE a successful skin care business, because subconsciously, many of us have deep issues with money, worth, and lack. So you say yes to other things that seem like great opportunities or noble acts.

Now I’m not saying tell your elderly aunt, no, she’s gotta find somebody else to do her grocery shopping. I’m not saying let the animals at the shelter fend for themselves. I AM saying be selective and prioritize what you say yes to and don’t be afraid to say no when you know there’s another project or task that you should be doing to grow your business at that time.

The final mindset topic I want to address today has to do with both self-sabotage and procrastination: worrying about things that really don’t matter right now. 

Whenever I run a promotion for Create Your Skincare Professional Edition, I get so many emails and comments on social media from people saying that they can’t have a successful skin care business because they can’t find the perfect packaging, or fancy boxes. They fret about what kind of labels to use; or if they should get this gadget, or use that particular ink, etc.

Don't worry about things that you really don't need to worry about right now!

Let me ask you this: why are you worrying about what you’re going to put the product IN if you haven’t finalized the actual formula yet? This is just one example, but seriously my friend, prioritize your worries. Don’t worry about stuff that really doesn’t matter for the stage that you’re at right now. Let those worries come at the right time in your process.

It’s great to kind of have a big picture, bird’s eye view of your skin care business, but don’t get caught up in things that are not yours to worry about right now. Many of these little worries have a fairly simple solutions when you get to it at the right time in your process, although it seems complicated now.

As Marie Forleo says, “everything is figureoutable.” I know that’s true because I’m here, writing this to you right now. I didn’t know how to do any of this business or marketing stuff at first. But I figured it out, and I got the right support at the right time.

When you’re working with me as a student in my Create Your Skincare Professional Edition online course, I can help you. Your classmates and student mentors can help you. The answers you need there., wherever you’re at in your journey.

Was this successful skin care business mindset lesson helpful for you?

share your thoughts

I would love to hear what you think so please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you find yourself caught up in any of these business mindset issues, and you’re able to overcome them when they arise, I would love to know what strategies you use!

And of course, if you would like help getting your own skin care line off the ground, or adding custom skin care to your spa or wellness practice, come on over to Create Your Skincare Professional Edition online course. It starts soon and we cover all of these subjects and so much more.

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*”Just Say No” photo by Andy Tootell on Unsplash.

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