Summer-ize Your Skincare Regimen

The days are longer and the weather is getting hot and sticky, and since summer is almost officially here, it?s time to put away those heavy winter creams and lighten up your skincare regimen.


In the winter months, the skin tends to dehydrate quickly due to the cold, dry air (and with the warm, dry air you get inside with indoor heating systems) so many people need to use heavier creams with moisture-trapping ingredients to prevent water loss in the skin and maintain the integrity of the skin?s natural moisturizing factor.
In the warmer months, however, there is typically more humidity in the air (unless you live in the desert) so the skin tends to naturally retain its own moisture, as well as attract more moisture from the air. This doesn’t mean that people don’t still need to moisturize during the summer though. Some other adjustments in the skincare regimen are also necessary to account for changes in the climate as well as the amount of moisture in the skin.
Nicole already gave some tips on how to lighten up your makeup bag for the warmer months (and she will be contributing again soon), so here are some suggestions on how to change up your skincare regimen to have gorgeous, healthy skin all season long.


When it?s hot and humid out, many people?s skin tends to feel more oily and sometimes sticky or unclean throughout the day. This is not just from the extra moisture in the air, but also comes from inside. The body naturally detoxifies itself more in the warmer months and also naturally attempts to up its defenses against UV rays through increased perspiration and increased sebum (oil) production.
Many people mistake this for extra moisture for dirt and debris, and therefore over-cleanse their skin. What this does is strip the skin?s natural moisture barrier, which not only causes the sweat and oil glands to overproduce to compensate for the loss of moisture, but can also damage this barrier and dehydrate the skin which compromises its ability to protect the body from UV rays and other forms of environmental toxins like chlorine and poor air quality which results from heavy air conditioning and flying in planes.
For this reason, I still recommend to people to use gentle cleansers that contain beneficial, non-comedogenic natural oils and essential fatty acids like jojoba and argan oils and shea butter. The oils attract the oils and debris in the skin and help draw them out gently while retaining the skin?s moisture. Many cleansers contain harsh detergents and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which not only over-strip the skin?s moisture, but also make the skin more sensitive to the sun?s rays. I personally use a light lotion cleanser all year round. I make my own for the most part but I also really like the ones from Caudalie and Hylunia.


Although many people feel toner is an unnecessary part of the skincare regimen, I am a firm believer in toner, especially during the summer months. I prefer one that comes in a spray bottle so you can give yourself a light spritz throughout the day if you start to feel clammy. Again, I like to make my own from rose water and witch hazel, but I still love Hylunia?s Colloidal Silver and Lavender Floral Water and also love the bioenergized herbal toners from Elina Organics, and Clear Facial Conditioner by Osmosis.
Many companies now make on-the-go sprays that help to hydrate and balance out the skin throughout the day and can also be used to freshen up or reset makeup, although they are not really toners. I think these are fine to use, but I think that just using a spritz of rose water or a hydrosol is just as effective.


I’ve written extensively about the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, as well as applying it correctly and often enough especially if you are sweating, swimming, or are outside for a prolonged period of time. I’m not going to go into too much detail here about it, but I will remind you that I do prefer natural mineral sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide (because it offers safe, broad-spectrum protection). I also really like using dual purpose sunscreen/moisturizer products because it cuts down on the number of products I have to buy. You really have to read labels though with these products because a lot of sunscreen moisturizers contain more chemicals and additives than active, healthy ingredients. My favorite daytime moisturizer that contains a zinc oxide sunscreen is Shelter by Osmosis.
I also have come across a couple of great tinted moisturizers that contain natural sunscreen ingredients. These are great because they moisturize, protect from the sun, and offer light makeup coverage. The amount of coverage is fine for people who do not have problematic skin, but if you are trying to cover acne, scars, dark spots, or dark circles, then a concealer or mineral makeup powder might be necessary to meet your coverage needs. I really like Sun Shelter by Elina Organics which comes in a fairly neutral tone but can be adjusted by your aesthetician to match your tone exactly. I also like HydroPeptide?s SPF 30 Anti-Wrinkle UV Protection which self-adjusts to match your skin tone.
Nighttime moisturizer:
While I still like to use my serums and eye cream every night, I don’t like to use heavy moisturizers during the warm months. I find that I wake up puffy in the morning because my skin has so much moisture trapped in due to the heavy emollients in the moisturizers.
There are many lightweight lotions out there, but honestly I just use either argan, kalahari ootanga, or jojoba oils spiked with a cocktail of my favorite essential oils. When using oils, the trick is to just use the tiniest bit otherwise you will get the greasy feeling that makes people avoid using oils in the first place. If you use the correct small amount, it will absorb right into the skin and hydrate all night without feeling greasy.
These oils can be expensive if you buy the name brand ones. Take my advice and get them from a supplier like Mountain Rose Herbs (with the exception of the kalahari ootanga?you can get that from Shea Terra and they send out great discount codes once a month or so if you join their mailing list). You will pay a fraction of the price you would pay with the nationally marketed, celebrity-endorsed brands?especially with argan. And argan only comes from one place in the world from a select few women?s co-ops, so the stuff you are getting from Mountain Rose Herbs is the exact same stuff you get in the expensive little bottles from the popular brands.
So to summarize my summer skincare tips:
  • Cleanse gently and don’t overdo it
  • Use a toner and refresh throughout the day when needed
  • Use a sunscreen/moisturizer combo for daytime hydration and protection, or one of the tinted moisturizers with SPF
  • Keep nighttime moisture light and try natural oils instead of creams and lotions.
  • ?and don’t forget to drink LOTS of water and shower immediately after being in chlorine!
Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin
*For more information about or to purchase Elina Organics, HydroPeptide, or Osmosis products, please contact me directly.


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