3 Ways to Turn Boring DIY Skincare Products into Sophisticated Gifts

shutterstock_183463514Do-it-yourself (DIY), or handmade skincare and bath and body products make fabulous gifts for every occasion, and for everyone on your list. But there’s a fundamental difference between putting a bow on a glass jar and actually giving a complete gift that your loved ones are delighted to receive.

I’ve given DIY skincare products as gifts in the past, and while they?were appreciated, I didn’t feel as good about giving them as I thought I would. Now I make fabulous skincare products (if I do say so myself!), but what was missing in the past is that all I gave was the product. And a product by itself is not a gift.

I have to admit, I was really bothered by this! I love giving things I make by hand as gifts, because when I do that, I feel that I’m giving part of me–because it’s my time, energy, and love that goes into the gift whether it’s a pair of knitted socks, an herbal tea or essential oil blend, or a handmade body butter. That’s the component that’s missing from store-bought gifts. Of course store-bought gifts must be selected especially for that person, but there’s nothing truly unique about them because someone else can always own the exact same thing. But giving someone a product alone just didn’t communicate that message. So I’decided to change things.

There are no two DIY skincare products that are exactly alike.

mountain teaIf you were to give?the exact same skincare recipe to several different people, instruct them to use the exact same ingredients, containers, tools and equipment; the products would still turn out a little bit different. That’s because handmade products contain a little something something extra–the human element–and since we’re all unique, anything we make is unique. We all have different ways we do things from the way we stir, pour,?or shake ingredients to the songs we hum while we create, the thoughts we’re thinking while we create, and even the energy of our environments in which we create. For example, a product created in a room with lots of fresh plants and light will have different energetic qualities from a product made in a room with children playing in the background.

That being said, your gift recipients will appreciate all your love and hard work more if you combine the essence of you from the product with the essence of them.

The perfect gift is a marriage of the qualities of both?giver and receiver. (Click HERE to tweet that!)

So how do you achieve this? Here are my top three ways to turn plain DIY skincare products into personalized gifts.

1. Choose ingredients based on your gift recipient’s preferences rather than just your own. For instance, I might love lavender and rose essential oils but if I’m making a shaving butter for my brother, I don’t think he’d appreciate it as much as I’d want him to. Though the lavender and rose might be great for his skin, especially in a shaving product, these feminine and floral scents just aren’t his thing. How would I choose ingredients? I’d think about what types of scents he chooses for himself in his colognes, hair products, shower gel, etc. I’d also think about what his lifestyle is–is he more outdoorsy or does he prefer being inside? If he’s outdoorsy, does he tend to enjoy activities like hiking in the woods or hitting golf balls on the green? Different herbs and essential oils fall into different categories like “green,” “earthy,” or “woodsy,”–and while all might be considered gender-neutral or even masculine, you can see how different types of men might be attracted to these different types of fragrances.

DIY skincare products
These products are great–but kinda boring on their own!

2. Add accessories to your products to create complete, personalized gift sets.?After you craft your handmade skincare gift using ingredients based on your loved one’s preferences and personality, think about how he or she will actually use the product. What items would he or she need to have the best experience using the product? Think about a foot soak. If you were to create a foot soak for someone who works on her feet all day in a department store (especially during holiday hours), consider what would feel amazing to her when she gets home. A relaxing foot soak would be just the thing, right? So, what would she need for that, besides the soak? Perhaps a beautiful soaking vessel? What about a towel? What about a scented candle to burn while she’s soaking her feet? And then some softening socks or warming slippers for when she’s done? Adding accessories turns simple products into meaningful experiences.

3. Presentation is everything! Sure you could just stuff your bottles and accessories into one of those premade gift bags and stick on a bow and gift tag sticker–but you’ve come this far already so let’s really pull out all the stops and present your gift in an appealing, sophisticated way that entices your recipient to reach for it and open it first! This is achieved by adding customized finishing touches–personalized product labels, gift tags, and package inserts–and packaging them using materials and items that fit your recipients’ tastes. Get creative and choose baskets, bowls, platters, and other items to proudly display your creations. You can create labels and tags on the computer, or you can make them by hand using simple paper-crafting techniques and materials. There are no limits to what you can create here.

smooth and simple shavingThe best way to share your love for handmade, natural skincare is to give it with love to the people you love. Not everyone is open to handmade skincare at first, but if you give them a personalized, luxurious, complete presentation, they’ll be excited to open everything, smell it, and try it out right away. The next thing you know, your fabulous products will be on everyone’s wish lists for next year!

Do you want to learn how to create?gorgeous, unique handmade skincare products for everyone on your list?

Join me in my online workshop, Create Your Skincare for The Holidays! In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to choose ingredients, products, packaging, and accessories for him, for her, and for the kids–PLUS, my friend Catherine Pooler (paper-crafter extraordinaire) and I will show you simple ways to create custom product labels and gift tags to take your gifts to the next level. Sound good? Get started right now! Register HERE.

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