Victim Mentality: How to Break Free

The Objectification of Women Through Myth and SocietyVictim mentality. It happens to all of us at some point or another. Sometimes we’re aware of it, and other times we’re not. Victim mentality is when we tell ourselves that we can’t have something or be something because someone or something is preventing us from doing so.

“I can’t move ahead in my job because my evil boss sabotages my every move.”

“I can’t eat healthy because I was raised eating fast food.”

“I can’t approach that hot guy because I have acne and he’ll think I’m gross.”

“I can’t quit smoking because my boyfriend smokes.”

And so on.

Victim mentality prevents us from living happy and balanced lives.

That’s because it gets in the way of our ability to ever achieve personal freedom. In my most recent sermon at the Unitarian Society of Germantown, I spoke about how we can never achieve justice and freedom on a larger scale–be it in our local community or the global community–unless we truly believe within ourselves, that we are already free.

The sermon was titled “Freedom from the Chains We Choose,” and provided examples of common chains we accept from society (in this case the examples I gave had to do with race, creed, sexual orientation, or class), but also those we wrap around ourselves. The examples I chose for those were a bad job, a bad relationship, or a health condition–and I shared my own experience with how I allowed acne to negatively affect my life for years, until I chose to let it go and break that chain. In the sermon, I share my recommendations for how to identify and break your own chains–whatever they are–and snap out of victim mentality to clear the way for personal freedom.

One method I recommended for breaking free from the chains we choose that wasn’t in the video was to use positive thought programming affirmations. Read more about how affirmations work HERE.

If you want me to craft a personalized affirmation specifically for you, click HERE.

The specific affirmation I taught the congregation during this service was called:

I am already free, abundant, whole, and healed.

I am One with the infinite wholeness of the Universe–the source of all creation, regeneration, and abundance–and therefore I am free, whole, and healed this day and every day. I have more than I need, because I am One with my infinite source of supply. For this I am grateful, I let it be so, and so it is.

We are all free because we are all One. Whether you believe we are all children of God, specks of stardust from the Universe, or part of the great Circle of Life–we all come from the same One source–the same spirit of life.

What are your thoughts?about victim mentality and?Share your thoughts-2achieving personal freedom?

Especially in relation to skin, self-image, or health? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, or come on over to the private Spiritual Skincare Sundays group on Facebook and chat with us there!


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