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Vintage Beauty CreamLong ago–way before parabens, phthalates, and Ulta, Sephora, and Influencers told us what to buy–our ancestors “shopped” for botanicals from their gardens to make natural beauty products.

Join the Vintage Beauty Club, and learn to make updated versions of ancient skin remedies and vintage beauty products that nourish your skin type naturally.

Many centuries ago...

Despite the patriarchal church deciding what was “clean,” and “appropriate” for women’s beauty and adornment, women gathered to adorn themselves and each other in celebration of Divine Femininity. Our grandmothers used flowers, leaves, pressed oils from nuts and seeds, and even used gems in sacred beauty and bathing rituals.

In Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and islands of the Atlantic and Pacific, Earth-based and sacred beauty rituals remain in the Indigenous cultures who still celebrate them, and in the passed-on traditions hidden amidst European colonization.

Many of these ancient, passed-down vintage beauty potions still exist today–and we made some modern twists–now that we know more about what’s safe and what beauty practices should stay in the past!

Beauty Is Meant To Be Celebrated! It’s Our Birthright!

Antique Luxury

Dying For Youth and Beauty

When you see period dramas, like Downton Abbey or Bridgerton, you see the Hollywood version of aristocrats being primped and fluffed by their ladies’ maids, in the comfort of their own luxurious, velvet and silk chambers.

Whatever Her Ladyship’s special dinner or social obligation was, there were sterling silver brushes, satin ribbons, glistening gems, and magical little pots of cream (and maybe a smidge of rouge) that made her glow.

In reality, real Victorian women scoured the beauty ads from now-vintage magazines for magical elixirs and gadgets. They hooked up to scary contraptions and happily applied “snake oil” to their skin to reach society’s highest standards of light-skinned, flawless, and wrinkle-free complexions.

Many willingly risked permanent disfigurement from scorching hot irons, blindness from belladonna eye drops, or having their flesh (and health) literally deteriorate from white lead-based enamel foundation. For centuries, women have literally been dying to be young and beautiful. They believed they had no choice but to fit into the white European beauty standards set forth by the male-run church and society for centuries. Thankfully, we are at a place in history where we know better and don’t have to do that anymore.

Herbal Flower

Welcome to the Vintage Beauty C lub!

Humans have worked with herbs (flowers, fruits, stems, roots, seeds, nuts, barks, plant essences, and resins) to create beauty and wellbeing longer than modern science has been documented.

In the Vintage Beauty Club, you’ll learn how to create luxurious, vintage-inspired beauty products that nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin in a way that’s affordable, customizable, simple, and FUN to make!

But what about the scary side effects you read about in the history books and vintage beauty blogs?

Even today, many women endure risky and painful facial treatments in pursuit of unrealistic ideals, whether in the doctor’s office, treatment room, or even with dangerous DIY at home.

The beauty and fashion industries, Hollywood, and both mass and social media have done a very good job at convincing us that we NEED more and more products to look young and gorgeous. The lush film sets and costumes, glossy magazine ads, and nostalgic images have sold us the idea that beauty is a necessity–and that even if it hurts, the pleasure and social acceptance it brings is worth it.

But why when vintage-inspired herbal skin care recipes are safe, soothing and softening?

Good News:

Attaining Beautiful Skin Doesn’t Have To Be Painful or Expensive

(It also doesn’t have to be unrealistic, dogmatic,
racist, classist, and misogynistic either!)

Antique Makeup Pot

In The Vintage Beauty Club, we got you covered–whatever your age, skin type, or skin tone. You’ll dive into some of the most popular vintage beauty and ancient herbal skincare recipes that have stood the test of time. You’ll swap out those old toxic ingredients with the safe, modern, improved alternatives that are available today.

So if you actually love images of ladies, lotions, and potions from vintage books, magazines, and ads–then you will LOVE The Vintage Beauty Club! You get to keep the nostalgic, vintage fun AND have products that are safe, beneficial for all skin types and tones, and shelf stable.

Here’s What You’ll C ome Away With...

The Vintage Beauty Club is a growing collection of individual DIY skincare classes that each give a vintage beauty or herbal skincare recipe a modern makeover. Each class features:

Floral etching

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Each Vintage Beauty Club Class is available a la carte for the introductory price of $37. As our library of classes grows, you’ll have the option to continue to purchase them a la carte, or bundled together.

We are based in the United States. Though we do our best to recommend suppliers who ship internationally, we cannot guarantee that all ingredients will be available in countries outside the US.

Since you get instant digital access to your class once you purchase, refunds are not possible. Please be certain of your purchase before you buy.

Absolutely not! All Vintage Beauty Club products are appropriate for all levels, though some are more complex than others. Precise, step-by-step instructions are provided in each class. If you use the right ingredients and can follow a recipe, you should be able to make the products regardless of prior experience.

Nope! While the original recipes were made with perishable ingredients and lacked proper preservation, our Vintage Beauty Club recipes will be shelf stable outside the refrigerator for several months or longer (depending on the recipe--specific shelf life information will be given in each recipe) with proper usage and storage. That being said, it is your responsibility to create your products in a safe and sanitary way. Since every home environment is different, we cannot guarantee that the product won't get contaminated, or predict a definitive shelf life. We are not responsible for any contamination or adverse reactions that might occur from creating products in a home environment. 

These recipes are intended for personal use and were not designed for large batches or mass production. If you intend to sell vintage-inspired skincare products, we encourage you to put your own creative spin on the recipes and make sure you manufacture using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and run the appropriate tests to ensure safety, shelf-life, and stability.

Come to Rachael’s complimentary Herbal Skincare Tea Time Q&A calls every Friday at 2pm EST. Come to Tea Time and get your questions answered!

If you have a known or suspected allergy to any of the ingredients in a Vintage Beauty Club product, please attend Herbal Skincare Tea Time Q&A or contact us, and we can help you with a substitution. If you have an adverse reaction to your product (beyond minor skin "purging" that resolves after a few weeks once your skin adjusts), discontinue use and seek medical attention.

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Vintage Beauty C lub C lasses:

Virgin Milk

Milk of Sweet Poplar and Roses ~ $37

Milk of Sweet Poplar and Roses the Vintage Beauty Club’s remake of the ancient “Virgin Milk” remedy. This emollient, refreshing beauty milk has a light-as-a-feather feel that moisturizes and revives the skin.

It is the perfect all-in-one beauty product, suitable for all ages, skin types, and skin tones.

Its aroma is one that your spirit will remember—but from where is a mystery. It lifts spirits while also calming troubled concerns with its earthy, sweet, and floral bouquet that transcends time and place – bringing one to a serene state where peace prevails.

Everything's Coming Up Roses Cold Cream

Everything’s Coming Up Roses Cold Cream ~ $37

This rich, multi-purpose cream is a fresh twist on a luxe herbal cold cream recipe that has been deeply loved for nearly 2000 years. We’ve tweaked it a bit to make it better suited to a wider range of skin types, and to give it more stability and a longer shelf life. This rich cream is both hydrating and protective, made with all botanical and plant-derived ingredients, and can be used either as a cold cream or regular moisturizer. We’ve tested this recipe on oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin; teenage skin to seventy-something skin; light skin and dark skin–all with very pleasing feedback.

More Vintage Beauty Club classes coming soon!

Ladies, let’s take our beauty back.

Let’s do it for the ladies who suffered. Let’s do it for future generations. And let’s do it for ourselves NOW.