So What's in MY Skincare Regimen?

“What do you do for your skincare regimen?” is, by far, the question I am asked the most. After all, not only am I a licensed aesthetician, but much of my health and image coaching is centered around holistic skincare. And then there’s that bestselling (I just love writing that!) book I wrote called Love Your Skin, Love Yourself. Yep, I’m pretty used to people asking what I use, especially when I tell them I make most of my own products.
HHmoisturizerTo be honest, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to share my regimen with you! So today, I’ll share with you my normal morning and nighttime skincare rituals, and then I’ll let you know what SINGLE skincare product I take with me when I travel. That’s right…I only travel with ONE product. Shocking, I know.

My morning skincare regimen

First of all, I have to admit something: during the morning rush when I’m getting the kids fed, lunches made, and out the door for school, I usually end up leaving the house without washing my face, unless I have an appointment directly after drop-off. Why? It’s simple…I’m just not a morning person and I like to sleep to the very last second. Now this is just on a typical day–obviously if I have somewhere to be after, I get up earlier and do my skincare and makeup rituals ahead of time. But I digress.
NeoCellAs I’ve written before, I always start the day with a large glass of water followed by a mug of warm lemon water–this is when also when I take my vitamins–probiotics, Juice Plus +, and NeoCell’s collagen, hyaluronic acid, and resveratrol. I consider these to be part of my “inside out” skincare regimen.
Then I wash my face using my hand blended apothecary cleansing lotion. It’s divine. It smells great, gets the yuckies out of my eyes, and leaves my skin clean and soft without feeling dry or tight. Then I tone with either a blend of rose water and witch hazel or I like Clear from Osmosis.
While my skin is still damp, I put on my serum–I typically use my own “precious” argan oil serum. Get ingredients to make your own HERE. This serum is great for the eye area, so I don’t use an additional eye cream in the morning (my morning puffiness went away completely after I cleaned up my diet), as well as the entire face and neck–and I only need a few drops.
In the summertime when there’s more humidity in the air, the serum provides enough moisture that I don’t need more moisturizer during the day. My mineral foundation has sunscreen built in, and I take Harmonized Water (also from Osmosis) for full-body sunscreen when I’m going to be in the sun, so I don’t typically use a topical sunscreen anymore. I know…kind of surprising…but the Harmonized Water is very effective against UVA and UVB rays. However during the winter, I often need more moisture, so I use my own all-natural, organic hand blended apothecary moisturizer. It’s rich, so a little goes a very long way. Then I move on to my makeup.

My evening skincare regimen

After a long day, it feels so good to wash my face–whether I’m wearing makeup that day or not (I don’t wear it everyday–in fact I don’t have any on now!). I wash my face using my cleansing lotion usually while in a steamy shower. This cleanser is safe for the eye area and dissolves makeup beautifully.
skincare_05 (1)After the shower, I tone and apply my serum. Sometimes, I add a nighttime eye cream–I like Refresh PM also by Osmosis. Then I follow with my moisturizer. I always do the moisturizer at night regardless of the time of year.
If I need to refresh my skin or makeup during the day, I just give my face a few spritzes of toner (with my eyes closed of course), and it perks right up.

My on-the-go skincare regimen

When I’m packing for a trip, the very last thing I want to worry about is packing all my glass bottles of skincare products. They’re not the right size for air travel, first of all, and I also worry they might break. There’s also the concern that if I might leave them at my destination by accident, then not have them when I get home. So I only pack one skincare product when I travel: cleansing oil. Read about the Oil Cleansing Method HERE.
Cleansing oil serves many purposes–it removes makeup and cleans the skin beautifully and can also be applied to clean, dry skin as a moisturizer. Done. Plus, it’s liquid so I can pour it into a tiny air travel approved container, and if I lose it or leave it, I still have my regular skincare products at home.
There you have it! By the way…if you’re wondering if my products are available to the general public for sale, the answer at this time is no. However, ALL of my 90 Day R & R and 6 Month Full Circle clients receive custom-blended apothecary skincare products from me as part of their programs. Isn’t that fabulous? Click HERE to learn about all of my holistic skincare program offerings.

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4 thoughts on “So What's in MY Skincare Regimen?”

  1. Rachel. This is a fab post! I am going to begin your regimen. I already lemon juice/water (I like Meyer lemons) as soon as i hit the kitchen in the a.m. followed by a green drink of organic veggies made in my VitaMix. I am halfway there! But now I am going to try the NeoCell products. Regards,

  2. I’ve always wondered — is it definitely okay to take probiotics at the same time as a warm morning mug of lemon water? I always worried the acid from the lemon might destroy some of the friendly bacteria or something. But it would be so much easier to take them together!
    Great regimen!

    1. Thanks Tess and great question! Lemon’s only acidic before it enters the body–it actually produces an alkaline ash inside, so no worries!–Rachael

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