What Does Spirituality Have to Do with Skincare?

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.31.31 PMI was very honored to be this week’s guest on Daisy Hernandez’s Pura Chica Natural podcast! I’ve done interviews about holistic skincare before, and about my own journey from lifelong acne and post-baby weight gain to pre-baby weight and clear skin–but I have to say that Daisy really asked some great questions!

We certainly talked about the benefits of holistic skincare, and how my own experiences have led me to the holistic path–but we also talked about something so important: balance. We talked about the concept of the 80/20 rule, and I shared strategies I personally use to?find balance in my?diet and also how I help my kids have healthy, balanced diets without being *that kid* who can’t partake in class parties or treats. I also shared how I find balance in my work-family life and still find time for self-care and adequate sleep.

Spirituality–the once taboo topic

One topic we dove into isn’t one that I’ve written about as much as others–and that’s the importance of spirituality in one’s overall health. And I’ll be honest–I haven’t written about it because it’s such a touchy subject for people. They either love it if they’re spiritually open-minded, or they’re revolted by it if spirituality has been a negative or missing experience in their lives. Other people really like spiritual topics but don’t feel safe expressing their beliefs in fear of judgment–especially if their beliefs now are fundamentally different from those they were raised with. That was the case for me–and it wasn’t until I went to holistic nutrition school that the topic was brought out into the open, and as I share in the podcast, I felt I was granted permission to discuss my spirituality and search for my own personal truth in the open.

11409024824_134ce6252b_bYou might wonder what spirituality has to do with the skin or one’s health?

I think skin is a very spiritual concept. On the mundane level,?of course the skin performs many functions–protection, cushion, houses nerve endings, regulates temperature, detoxifies, etc.–but I think it goes way deeper than that. If the skin was truly just?a mundane organ of the body, then why do problems with it affect us on such deep, lasting levels?

The skin is a representation of how we see ourselves, and how others see us. We can hide some of it, but the most important part–the face–is usually visible to the world. It’s what others see first of us–and it’s often one’s first judgment of another person.

Our reflection is one of the?first faces?we see in the morning, and the last we see at night. How we feel about that reflection–that skin–has a great deal to do moreso with how we perceive ourselves–the language and tone we use in our own inner voices–than it does with how others actually perceive us. How we believe others perceive us or how we want them to perceive us–well, that’s another question.

Think about religions and cultures around the world–some adorn the skin and consider it sacred while others consider it shameful and cover every possible inch of it.

These thoughts of self image, self worth, and self judgment are just as spiritual in nature as “Who am I” or “Why am I here?” As I’ve learned in my work as a health and image coach, skin issues often have spiritual roots–because you can heal the physical body, but until you heal the deepest scars–the ones left where no one can see–you’ll never be free of them. I came to this realization in my own healing experience, as well as with clients–and that’s one of the reasons I decided to go back to school again for metaphysical science–because I wanted to be able to help people find strength and heal on those deepest levels.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Look for more work to come from me about my concept of “spiritual skincare.”

But for now, enjoy my interview on episode 22 of Pura Chica Natural. Thanks for having me, Daisy!

*Image 2: “Woman in the Mirror” by Ley. Creative Commons License.

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