What Happens When Your Intuition is Wrong

Intuition is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s like a little bird whispering in your ear, other times it’s more like a punch in the gut.
Sometimes we think we’re listening to our intuition, but we’re not–instead, what we’re actually following is circumstantial or ego-driven emotion. In the practice of metaphysics and many branches of new age philosophy and modern non-dualistic spirituality, we’re taught that we don’t need the advice of others–that all we need to do is set an intention, meditate on that intention, and we’ll get the guidance we need from the Divine. Overall I still think that’s a good practice, but on the other hand, it’s not always possible.

Have you ever had an instance where you felt you were following your intuition…

Your gut, your conscience, your spirit guides, God, whatever you call it–but things still ended up going astray? Or have you ever felt like you were truly using the power of your mind to manifest a specific outcome, but your physical body was fighting back? This can come in the form of digestive issues, chronic fatigue, a massive acne breakout, a back spasm–any or all of the above and then some.
Have you also ever had an instant when you knew you were right about a decision or thought process, yet everyone in your life whose opinions you actually value is telling you that you’re nuts? Let’s be honest, there certainly times in life when you are the only person of sound mind in a sea full of crazy. But there are other times when, if people you trust are strongly advising you against a decision you’re about to make, they are seeing something you’re not because your judgment is clouded by emotion. These are the times where asking for help and being open to the fact that you might not love the advice you get might be what you actually need.
In business, there are times where you make a decision about putting a new offer out into the world, whether it’s a free gift, a new facial treatment, an online course, a live event, a book, or coaching program–and you put a ton of creativity and strategy into it, yet it doesn’t get the response you anticipated? Or you think you have a great idea, but really aren’t sure if it’s what your people will care about enough to make a purchase?
This is also a time where intuitive guidance might be blocked, either by emotion, or attachment to a specific expected outcome (this is often time and money related), or by the fact that many modern business and marketing teachings advise you to “feel the fear and do it anyway,” and that “done is better than perfect.” I do agree that it is better to start than to stay in limbo, and that many business decisions are similar to important life decisions like buying a house or having a baby in that there’s never really the “right” time. So you do it, and just find a way to make it work.
While I absolutely advise connecting to your own Divine inspiration within on ALL matters, it is also important to have your trusted inner circle of advisors to help disseminate and prioritize the guidance you receive at times. These are people, again, whose opinions you trust, and who you actually deem as qualified to give you advice on what it is that you need help with. In other words, don’t take financial advice from someone who doesn’t have their own financial house in order. Don’t take parenting advice from a non-parent. Don’t take marketing advice from someone who’s never successfully marketed a single product or service. You get the idea.

Back to using intuition about offerings in your business:

The most important thing–whether it’s a product or service–you can offer you potential clients is something that they actually need. Whether you’re providing them with information that saves them time and money, solves a problem, teaches them something they’d otherwise have to spend years of trial and error trying to learn themselves, or a product that makes their lives easier, your offerings have to be about what your potential clients want and need.
What’s the best way to know what your potential clients want and need? Well what some people do, is remember back to when they were in that potential client’s same boat–whether it’s a skin or health condition, or other struggle that you once had that you were able to overcome doing what you do. It’s good to have that insight, because it’s more personal, but what happens to us when we’ve been doing what we do for a long time, is that we forget. We forget the rawness of the experience. We forget the nuances. Our memories become the highlight reel of the experience, rather than the rockier behind-the-scenes. What we think we would have wanted in hindsight is likely not something that would have been helpful whilst still in the trenches.
What I recommend instead is asking your readers, your tribe, your audience–AKA your potential clients–for help with this. They are the ones who are currently experiencing or seeking solutions to challenges. They are the ones who have been searching, and who might be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.?Today, that is what I am doing!

Can you help me out with this?

I am so grateful to you and to everyone else who takes the time to read my blog posts, listen to my podcast, engage with me on Facebook, and read my emails, and I care that what I create is something that actually helps you. So I’ve put together a survey of 6 questions that will take you about 5 minutes to complete–and in return, I have a special gift for you as a thank you.
Would you help me out by clicking HERE to take the survey, and share with me honestly what’s been resonating with you, what hasn’t, and what you still would love my help with in the realm of natural skincare? I so appreciate it, and I truly value your opinion!

Your intuition is never wrong…

But you need to be sure that what you’re following IS actually your intuition. How do you know the difference? Pay close attention if what you’re thinking sharply contrasts the messages you’re getting from your body and/or your inner circle. Because that might indicate that what you think is your intuition is actually not. Keep in mind also that sometimes, a decision made that seems to be “wrong” is also a blessing in disguise, and served as an important stopping point or crossroads in your life’s journey. So it ends up actually being “right.” Still, sometimes asking for help is what you need in order to process your intuitive guidance, so you can make the next best decision for yourself, your business, and to help others.

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