You Deserve a Spa Day. Wanna Join Me?

I don’t know about you, but there are times when life goes your way and times when it presents you with challenges and it’s hard to fit things in like a good night’s sleep, a workout, or a spa day. And let’s face it–while the idea of a full day at a spa with no distractions or noise from work or kids or electronics sounds amazing, it’s not always possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t make spa days a part of your life! A spa day doesn’t have to mean a day at a posh spa, soaking in mineral baths, getting slathered with mud, and massaged to sleep (although it certainly can mean that!). It also doesn’t have to mean a lengthy facial with extractions and steam that must be performed by an aesthetician. I want to invite you to start incorporating spa days into your regular weekly or monthly calendar. You can do them by yourself, or invite friends and loved ones (my kids and I do this together a lot), and they can be as long or as short as you like.

This week, I am in serious need of a spa day.

SnowmageddonNot only was I super busy presenting a series of educational webinars (which were awesome!), but we also had some crazy weather (and I was SICK–which, as a health coach, I hate to admit!). First Mother Earth teased spring with temperatures in the 70s, and blooms starting to pop up through the ground and on the trees. Annnnd then Winter Storm Stella decided to pay a visit. Apparently they’re naming snowstorms now. Who knew?
Anyway, Stella wasn’t the snowmageddon for us here in the Philadelphia area that it was in other parts of the northeastern and midwestern United States–we only got 6 inches in some places and a foot in others with the drifts. But it was enough for me to get a sore back and snowburned skin from shoveling (that’s what happens when I dig my car out whilst half asleep at 7 am, in my pajamas and robe).
After tending to my snow and windburned skin with some cucumber hydrosol, green tea (you know I love my green tea!), aloe vera gel, and cucumber seed oil, I realized that it’s been a long time since I given myself a spa day. I’m talking candles, relaxing music, and a full-length facial, with facial massage, and my full regimen, including my exfoliating treatment and a mask.

I figured you probably could use a spa day too (who couldn’t?), so I thought I’d plan a virtual one so you can join me!

So on?Saturday March 18 at 5pm ET,?I invite you to join me in the?Handmade Skincare Enthusiasts?group on Facebook for a nice, relaxing Virtual Spa Day. We’ll give ourselves facials, we’ll chat about green beauty and natural skincare, and I’ll demonstrate a simple at-home facial protocol that you can do right along with me. I hope you can join me!
Handmade Skincare Enthusiasts FB group
I’ll be using products that I teach you to make in my online course,?Create Your Skincare,?but I realize you may not have?made most of those yet (you may have made some if you took?Boutique Skincare Basics).

I’d love for you to do your facial with all natural and DIY ingredients and products though, so here are some things you can have on hand to use:

  • Raw honey
  • Sugar or salt
  • Facial oil (jojoba is my preference, but olive can work too, as long as you’re not acne prone)
  • Rosewater, your favorite hydrosol, or freshly brewed and cooled green or herbal tea
  • Shea butter or another moisturizer (here’s a simple recipe)
  • A mask (here?and?here?are simple ones you can make)
  • A large bowl of warm water and several washcloths and hand towels
  • Cotton pads or reusable facial pads
  • Your favorite essential oils
  • Anything else to help you create a?sacred skincare space

We’ll cleanse, tone, massage, exfoliate, do a mask, and moisturize–and we’ll talk natural beauty and skincare too. I hope you can join us–feel free to bring a friend, child, parent or anyone else you know who can use a spa day! Join us for the Virtual Spa Day here.

share-your-thoughts-2-150x150Do you do regular spa days either at home or at the spa?

What’s your favorite treatment? Please share in the comments below!


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